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  1. In the practice area at my club here near Los Angeles there was a Volvik tour van and they were working with some Korean pro's, men and women. After watching them for a while one of the Volvik reps asked me about my game and the ball I used, and I told him I really like playing the Srixon Z Star. He asked me my swing speed, and not knowing, I just guessed it in the low to mid 90's. Hitting in the same setup that the other players were hitting I soon found out my REAL swing speed averaged 84mph. They make the "Vista" which is their 4 piece tour ball, but he had me hit their "Crystal" and
  2. Hello, I won a Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2.6 black milled putter at a tournament. It has a shaft band with "34" on it for the length, and one other band that is rainbow silver with a serial number on it. My question is my other Scotty I have used for a while has a shaft band that shows length, loft, etc. Did Scotty stop using this style band? Thanks!
  3. Couldn't agree more! Golfhoy...before you spend the cash on a set of clubs that LOOK good, hit every kind you can think of. Check out the local courses you play and try playing a round with each brand of rental clubs they use. Borrow a friends' set and play a round with them. Hitting clubs on a simulator or a driving range just doesn't get it done! MOST IMPORTANT...don't let your ego...or other's...get in the way of finding what's best for YOU!!! I hate the headings they use when the golf magazines do their reviews of clubs, especially irons, and put them in catagories of "Player
  4. Never found ANYTHING that could compare to the 1/4 Zip Mizuno windlite...but the ones I have are about 3 years old so I can't say about the new ones. Warm, comfortable, absolutely NO restriction when swinging. I had a navy colored one, and finally found a beige one and a black one USED on EBAY....never bought "used clothes" before, but I wanted them soo bad and that's the only place I could find them.
  5. I live near San Diego...golf 4 or 5 days a week year round...today it's raining and I'm staring out the window thinking about a wasted day. You guys back East that have real winters with snow...how do you do it?????????
  6. Perfectly fine for your skin...not only is it non-allergenic, but it doesn't have the toxins or chemicals that spray insect repellants have.
  7. Sounds crazy...but it WORKS!!! Played golf the other day with an older Gentleman that joined our threesome. The three of us are going nuts after a while with all the gnats buzzing in our ears, eyes, and noses...but not the old guy. He shared his secret with us. He uses one of those Bounce fabric softner sheets you throw in the dryer. He takes the sheet and quickly wipes his face, ears & neck with it, then throws it in his hat! The next day I tried it and it worked GREAT! I could feel the gnats buzzing my arms, so I took the sheet out of my hat, wiped my LEFT arm only and tossed it back
  8. I posted this photo of a bag I had seen on the golf course. I checked with a few embroidery shops here in the LA area to find out how much it would cost to have my company logo done. They all said about $500.00, the majority of the cost is preparing the artwork. Sounds a little outrages dosn't it?
  9. Was playing in Los Angeles this morning and caught up with the group in front of us on a par 3. One of the guys was a member of the band "Santana" and I took a couple of pics of his golf bag...the custom embroidery work was awesome!!!
  10. I have a TaylorMade TMX r11 TP Tour Staff Golf Bag and I am trying to find out where to get a replacement "front-belly-panel" to have customized with embroidery? I contacted Taylormade Customer Service and they were NO HELP...just told me the bags come as an "assembly" and they don't offer a replacment front panel...even though it was designed to be removed for personalization? Any one else out there having better luck than me? Thanks!!!
  11. If your looking for a VERY reliable and EASY to hit club off the tee...WITHOUT loosing distance...try the RBZ 3W Tour model. It's a 13* degree loft that will rival most drivers for distance AND control!
  12. The RBZ woods are great! FIRST time in all my years of golfing that I had a club make THAT kind of difference! The regular 3w is a 15* and the 3HL is a 17* degree. I was using the the RBZ 3W 15* and hitting it soo far I decided to try the RBZ Tour 3W. The tour model is a 13* degree loft. After one week of using the 13* degree RBZ I ended up sticking my DRIVER in the garage and now use the Tour RBZ off the tee!!!
  13. Very interested in how you like your new Spider. I use an Odyssey Backstryke and my only complaint is the insert is too soft. Seems like the Spider would have more of a solid "click" coming off the face?
  14. I have an RBZ 3wood and RBZ hybrids...luv 'em! Do you think Taylormade will eventually come out with an RBZ driver with the same type of "velocity slot" as the other RBZ woods have?
  15. I'm over 60 and I hit my 10.5* driver about 230. I just went to a RBZ 3 wood and every shot off the tee box is 240-250 and i RARELY miss a fairway! Have "retired" my driver to the garage!
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