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  1. Sorry guys I have been away from the forum for a little while....but whats all this "Evolvr" talk?
  2. I want some pants straight out of Tin Cup. Like the ones Kevin costner wore on the final day of the US Open. They were definately a Parachute-esk.
  3. Same here. You can play golf the rest of your life but organized baseball you can't.
  4. The first time I ever listened to music on the golf course I shot a 79....I am a decent player but the music helped me keep my tempo and kept my mind off golf.....yeah Im a headcase..... I now have a small speaker that I plug into my iphone and I pop on the pandora app and start off on my round. It works great for me.
  5. Ok, I have read every post on here and so far refused to post, but I do have a few points. Let me give you my background as well I currently work in the Golf Industry (and no I do not work at Dicks sporting goods or golf galaxy as "pro") I am currently registered in the PGA program to become a teaching professional. With that said here are my thoughts. 1. Cargo Shorts- could care less.....Golf is a business and if "johnny" wants to wear cargo shorts when he plays and has the 60 bucks to pay the fee...I could care less. Khaki's are khaki's unless they are mesh shorts.... 2. There is a r
  6. I concur with the fringe method of practicing. Another method that some pros use is looking at the hole while putting. Tried this a few times and it seems to help with the speed and more importantly the feel of your stroke. This allows you focus on both and many times you will be too strong. But line up the ball in the center of the clubface and stare at the hole and take your stroke this will help your feel over time.
  7. I don't think that there is many players out there who couldn't work on this. Avoiding the blow up whole becuase your dumba$$ is what kills my rounds. I try to play low percentage shots and it ends up screwing me. This is definately a learned trait and its something that everyone could use some work with.
  8. I think the things that you do very well are keeping that right elbow close to the body and the transition at the top coming into the downswing is very good concerning the pace. It looks like you have a very good smooth and controlled swing. The one thing I would try change that was mentioned above was lower body. Looks like there is a lot movement in the left leg especially making a very big hip turn on the backswing. Try to keep those hips a little quieter (you prolly hook a quite few from the looks) and worry more about the shoulder turn. but other than that it looked very good.
  9. Wow I hope those girls are of age.....And i hope like hell thats not a high school gym class.......
  10. I agree that someone is not an overly strong person is not going to be able to bomb it 290 yards just by changing their swing. But what I am saying is that a 15-20 yard gain in distance could be a result in a swing mechanic that generates a little more clubhead speed. (or a setup that allows a player to do something different with the body such as clearing the hips earlier and not blocking and this allows him to acheive his maximum clubhead speed at impact, just as an example) Regardless any change in the setup/swing/club/shaft could help an individual achieve a great clubhead speed but no
  11. Yup thats why I mark my Srixon ad 333 with a three leaf clover on the right of the logo. 1. not that many people play srixon ad 33's and 2. even less mark it with a three leaf clover. I think im safe here in proving my ball.
  12. I have an ok short game and really dont practice all the much. I am able to consistently shoot in the low 80s and high 70s with this but when i do practice I think its important to try all different kinds of shots. When I am at my club we have a chipping green with a high side, a low side, a fairway(fringe) side, and a bunker. I generally grab two or three bags of balls and scatter them all around the green (except in the bunker, but i will throw some behind the bunker and play some flops) I also have the green to myself most of the time so it makes it easy. I practice chips from the roug
  13. Lets not forget that the golf swing is mechanical method that has been studied for years and years. And changing on little thing in a swing path can "kind of" increase club speed. What most ametuers do and this results in a slower clubhead speed at impact (which is the key word in all of this) is come hard from the top (creating the highest club head spread at the beginning of downswing). A smoother controlled swing generally results in the the club head speed topping out at the impact point (which is ideal for more distance). So techincally CPT is right, one change isnt pro
  14. I would say I hit about 3-6 downright crappy shots a round.....Not that all of those other shots are good but they are managable. Those 3-6 shots are ones that i know im completely capable of doing fairly well but I just F*ck em up so bad! Nothing more makes me angry in a good round. I think its just a lock of concentration when your playing well and you think its an easy shot and then POOF there goes my score in the 70's. What can I say its golf.
  15. It is true that weather makes it tough but when you combine courses running low on funds they are less likely spray as many times as they normally would with a decreasing budget. Not saying that the economy is the only reason why courses are struggling to keep up with the weather, but it is definitely another to factor to our playgrounds not being in good enough shape.
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