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  1. Debunked Theories

    That is certainly open for debate, however, the laws of physics should not apply here. This guy Dalton McCrary teaches a swing that utilizes "The 40 Inch Zone of Squareness". Perhaps you should check it out: http://www.mccrarygolf.com/straight_shootin_golf.htm I have found Furyks swing to be the closest to his teachings. Just to note: I have watched his tapes but have not had a chance to try it yet because we have way too much snow on the ground here in New Mexico.
  2. best golf courses played

    I was once in Vail when there was no snow around. I played Eagle Vail and it was a decent course. Also played Copper Mtn course. They both have a lot of elevation changes and drivable par 4's. I think it was end of August so the snow was gone!
  3. You can only pick one female sports broadcaster: Jeanne Zelasko Suzie Kolber Kelly Tilgham Stacey Dales (Schuman)
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Funny ipark, I thought it just might be from the Billy Joel song: ....A house out in Hackensack....is that all you get for your money......
  5. What Do You Do for a Living?

    same here, but I do it with partners! Hey, I used to live in Hackensack...
  6. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Congrats to you for the changes you are making in your life and let me thank you for the service you provided to our country. To a Happy and prosperous New Year for you!
  7. best golf courses played

    Oh yes - " The " Pine Valley Golf club, rated #1 every year by golf digest for the best golf courses in the world. I'm sure it must be awesome but noone can get on it. I heard they only have about 180 members and they rarely play. I used to live in NJ and never sniffed an invite to play there. I did however get to play a hole from there. I played the tour 18 in Dallas and they had a duplicate of one of the holes on the back 9. It was a cool hole. I can only imagine what the rest of the course would be like.
  8. Michelle on Ryder Cup Team !

    She is only 17 and is better at this point than Tiger was. Anything is possible!!
  9. best golf courses played

    Wow another 146 slope course. Man they are tough. I played Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney Texas (where they qualify for the US open and make it with a score of 73) and that was the most difficult I have seen (146). The 18th handicap hole was a par 3 - water along left - tree 60 yards from tee on right - and 206 yards long. That was ranked the easiest!!
  10. Makena is a very nice course also and still in the upscale price range of the 3 we have mentioned. I agree on Kaanapali. It has taken a drop since the champions tour no longer plays there.
  11. Yes the noise was definitely a factor to consider. It almost sounded like I was back at my old softball games hitting with an aluminum bat!
  12. I'll have to check with him but I think it may have been something like SG2 (or SV2) model. I know he had an Aldila stiff shaft in it that was nice. I never did hit the "real" thing but I know so many of these clubs are all the same but just have different logos on them.
  13. Debunked Theories

    I would think with the success of Jim Furyk last year that he has proven the golf swing can be unique and still work. The primary theory of keeping the club square to your target 12 inches behind the ball and 12 inches in front of the ball still applies.
  14. A friend of mine put together a knockoff of the new Nike Sumo driver. I hit 4 balls with it and they were all straight and long. It has an interesting setup to it and may just be the best new design creation for this year! What do you think?
  15. It all depends on where you are staying. The top place would be the Plantation course in Kapalua. That is where they start the PGA season and play the Mercedes Open next week. Kapalua also has the Bay course, which I think is an awesome track. Wailea on the other side of the island in the Kihei area is also beautiful.