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  1. Do all best buys carry golf gps? I'm not aware of the one near me having them.
  2. I will be in Annapolis this weekend and wanting to play a round of golf while the wife works haha. I seached the site for annapolis area courses and found a link from about a year ago. The one course that I think looks really cool Renditions people said wasn't in very good shape. As I said this was a year ago so I was wondering if anyone has played recently and what the conditions were like. It really looks like an interesting place to play but if it's in bad shape I don't want to play it. Thanks in advance
  3. I am also shocked by the negative comments on oyster bay. I played it and loved it. Have also played moorland and prestwick. Enjoyed both of those but both are very challenging.
  4. My club has a weekly 9 hole mens league where they try and change the format every week. One week coming up will be everyone only has 3 clubs in there bag. I've never done this but sounds fun. If anyone has what clubs you pick? I was thinking 3hybrid 8 or 9 iron and putter. Also thought about putting with hybrid and adding a 5 or 6 iron maybe. Any recommendations?
  5. x-man


    Thanks just wondered if it was something else or just an unlucky day on the greens or maybe a little bit of both. They say the more I practice the luckier I get. Another thing that could have effected it is that the greens at this course were quicker than the greens at my home course. So the putts may have had a little more pace than usual. thanks for the replies
  6. x-man


    Is it possible that some cups just aren't as receptive as others? I played a course today I don't play often and I had a lot of putts lip out on me. Probably happened 7 or 8 times. I know this happens I just never have it happen to me that much. I was hitting the putts solid too. Just wondered if some are worse than others or I just had a bad day on the greens. Thanks
  7. I talked to callaway customer service yesterday a they told me there hoping for next week sometime. The only good this is we get 5 free pro mode courses for the delay. I'm hoping it's sooner than later
  8. I have been thinking about upgrading my skycaddie 2.5. I was first looking at the SGX the I saw the new upro mx. Does anyone know how the accurate the upro is? I know with my skycaddie most times when I stand on the sprinkler head it's dead on or only off a yard. Also not sure about how everyone else maps but skycaddie. I'm assuming these maps are very accurate or companies wouldn't use them. Let me know what you think. The MX is cheaper and no yearly fees but also I've always heard you get what you pay for. Thanks
  9. I was having this same problem last year. I made a small grip change and a set up change that fixed it for me. In my driver setup I was leaning shaft forward at address. I'm now maybe slightly the other way leaning back at address. Also I was putting my right thumb (right handed) down the shaft on my grip. My thumb now goes around grip like my other fingers. I'm NOT a pro but this is what worked for me.
  10. Thanks for the help. Just curious how much did your distance improve by fixing the lack of lag? Distance isn't my primary concern care more about being a better ball striker but I'm a guy so of course would like to hit it was far as possible.
  11. Sorry didn't explain this well but yes my wrists are unhinged very early. With the swing app you can compare your swing to a pros. I know I'll never be close to the amount of lag they have but I'm not even close.
  12. Thanks for the help and I'll get another video an post it. My 8 year old shot this one for me so it's a bit on the wobbly side lol
  13. Hi I recently downloaded a swing analysis app for my iPhone. The quality certainly isn't the greatest but it does give me a clue as to what's going on. One thing I noticed right away is that I have released 80% of my power prob half way down in the back swing. Does someone know of any good drills to help me fix this power robbing problem? Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the input. And I love BBQ so I'll defiantly check that place out. I doubt it is but would that place happen to use a vinegar base sauce? Most places up here don't. I used to live in Wilmington NC and theres a place down there that uses a vinegar sauce and is the best I've ever had. Regardless I'll check it out.
  15. Hi was going to be making a trip down to Frederick Maryland and was wondering what course you guys recommend? I know of at least 4 courses I've heard are very nice there. Maryland National, PB Dye, Musket Ridge and Whiskey Creek. Has anyone played those? If so what one do you recommend?
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