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  1. Thanks Erik. That makes sense. I thought the "bench" came into play if one of your picks, WD just before the tourney...Congrats! 180 pts. Ya beat me by 8... I had Stricker on my bench.
  2. I should of read the rules better, but I thought I saw somewhere on Yahoo, that u can change picks between rounds? If it's true, that's nuts. If someone was 10 strokes up after round 2 or 3, everyone would change. I'm pickin' 4, and go all the way.
  3. I'm up to 5th this week!!!!! Got 172 pts. I went 75% South African. Els, Goose, Sabbatini, & then Cabrera. Goose on Sunday definitely saved the day, for sure.
  4. They are expecting their 3rd child, so he is taking 3-4 weeks off.
  5. I'm a bit biased being Canadian, but I agree, the US team looks, well, not that strong! (I'm trying to be polite here). Anything can happen, but this would probably be "the upset of Hockey history " if they won. Some of the European teams have GREAT goaltending. Russia, if they can put some of their egos aside (Ovie - Malkin) are strong, as is Sweden...Doesn't look good, boys. All the best though, it should be a good tourney. (Even Burke was kinda giving in a bit, after the announcements. Probably a bit of a ploy, but stemmed from truth...)
  6. I love this show. My wife even watches it, and she's never golfed? I thought Tony would win, he's pretty classy, and would be good for any tour. Kevin, nice guy, but sheer luck he got that far? I liked Andrew, pretty cocky/confident, but could back it up... then there was Blake. He would be an embarassment on any Tour, in my opinion. Not so much skill wise, but how he acted. You could make a "'How not to act in Golf" video starring him. Mike was getting close to Blake status at times, but his "hissy fits" were short lived, and aimed mostly at himself. Can't wait for the next one.
  7. Finally got this resolved & signed up as "BirdieBoyz"...
  8. Couldn't sign up! Kept telling me to turn on Java Script. It is? I'll try again tomorrow.
  9. Just went today to Golf Town today. It's -40c here with the windchill (-40c is -40F) I bought a stand bag, Daytek Vapor ($50) for going to the range. The Bennington (Quiet Organizer) that I normally use is huge...also bought an Under Armour glove ($10), and a doz Wilson Zip balls ($16). Now, in 3 - 4 months, I can finally use them!!!!!
  10. I think I would go with Ping's. I like my irons alot...never used their drivers or putters, but I'm sure I could manage.
  11. I have the Sophia as well, & love it. Not very forgiving though, but when u strike it sweet, it's awesome.
  12. I'm like you. I'm not that great, but i love the game. Practice, practice, & more practice! I live on a golf course now, & i walk out in the evening & practice pitching, chipping, & putting. What a difference. Most high handicappers lose it around the green. That is where the "feel" shots come in. It's hard to practice this stuff during a round of golf when it's busy, & most people @ the ranges put the emphasis on the "big drives". The pressure of having that "one" shot to get it on the green gets the nerves tingling, & the skulling starts. I realize that not ever
  13. I dumped my 5 wood, & 3-4 irons for 2 hybrids. I brought back the 3 & 4 late last year, but yanked them not long after, probably for good! A few hybrids in the bag is awesome. The 3 wood will always be there.
  14. I swapped out my 3 & 4 HL irons , plus my 5 wood, & added a Cleveland Halo 3i (22°) & Cobra Baffler 2/r (18°). I also added a 60° CG10. Much better setup for me. Both these hybrids are awesome out of sand, thick stuff, just about anywhere. The weight makes them pretty versatile. I like the Baffler a bit better. It was hard the first few times for me to NOT play them like woods.
  15. Yes it is a Bennington Quiet Organizer, i believe. I've had one for about three years now, & love it. Lots of people have commented on it over the years. It's pretty big though. I have to scrunch it over to accommodate another bag on a power cart.
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