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  1. $2 Nassau, If I could figure out how to post my video you would see our finish is just about the same, thanks for showing your video. It just seems like after looking at all the pictures of the PGA pros we could do it too! LOL.... Maybe someday we can figure it out.
  2. For sure looking for a earlier hip turn, my son tells me I have a great finish position but I guess it not soon enough. Sliding the hips toward the target, then turning them? After playing golf for over 40 years I have learned how to play with poor impact and loss of distance, only saving grace for me is my short game. Most par 4's I am short of the green in two then have to rely on my 56 degree wedge to put it close and get a par. My two sons are 18 and 20 and both murder the ball, I am not trying to hit it as far as them, but would like to at least have the proper swing technique. Thanks for
  3. I do have a video that really shows my swing, pretty bad! LOL..... I will get it on youtube and then post it. Thanks!
  4. Looking at my swing on video my hips are pointing sideways to the target and then after I hit the ball my belt buckle is at the target. Any drills or suggestions for me to get my hips turning sooner?
  5. Have been working on curing my flip and its been much better thanks to Manzella and the sand trap guys. Now have noticed that I am pulling shots with my driver, am I turning my shoulders too fast? Really working on getting to my left side more now, and don't really have the problem with irons, only the big stick. Thanks!
  6. Lost 4 balls playing yesterday, thanks to lostgolfballs.com I hardly feel bad! LOL......
  7. Once you buy from them, they send emails about special prices and free shipping. Check them out, I think you will be impressed!
  8. New to the sandtrap and really enjoying the information on the site, I have learned much from my new friends. You all may have talked about this before, but for the last year I have been getting my golf balls from them, www.lostgolfballs.com They have great prices on all brands, but I play with Pro V1's. They do a star rating, 4 and 5 are the best, with the 5 being just like new and they are selling the 2009/2010 ball for $22.95 a dozen, 4 star are still a great ball and those are $17.95. When I hit one in a pond it does not hurt so much as when I paid $45 for new! My 2 cents for the day
  9. Same for my MP57's you have to be careful with them or get covers.
  10. Amazing what a swing change can make, my flipping has been killing my distance off the tee and with all of my irons. Yesterday was my first full round and it went great, did have one shot on 18 that was a flip, but was thinking about my score! should have been a 74, I am getting greedy now! Also helped me to not have so much of a wrist hinge on my backswing, then just think about a good pivot with weight on the left side and keeping my right arm close to my body on the backswing too. Thanks guys for the tips and videos, one happy camper here!
  11. Making more progress but not there yet. Played the back nine at our local course, chipped in on the first hole for birdie then went par, bogey, bogey, Eagle!, par, par then flipped my drive on 17 in the trees took a double then double 18! Oh well, had it going for most of the round, feel like I have a new swing, not giving up on this one.....
  12. Working my way up to the driver with the "new" swing thoughts, pretty tough to do but had one last night that was a bomb! Even my 20 year old son was impressed. The next hole though I managed to slice one to about 200 yards! Work in progress for sure but I am going to stick with it. Glad I found this forum. Thanks guys!
  13. So far just getting my wrists cocked and then feeling the shoulder pivot seems to help, also have tried the towel bit too.
  14. Even par tonight on the back nine going into 17 and make a double, then bogey 18! Made some great progress tonight though, for the first time I can feel what a pure shot should be. Thanks to all for the help, Manzella rocks!
  15. Got the Manzella download for confessions of a flipper, happy to say that with some practice I am hitting the ball much better. Keeping my wrist cocked is a little tuff but when I do and just pivot with the shoulders its like a religious experience! Man what a change when you swing correctly. Its going to take some getting used to, but I am hopeful that I can never worry about flipping again! Thanks to all for the tips.
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