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  1. Why not the Panthers? Obviously having the game in Florida would be a bad idea, but my point was to give other teams a chance to participate first before having the same team play twice in it in 3 years.
  2. I'm new to this forum but have been using BerryBlab to check another golf forum. Any plans to make this forum available to BerryBlab users?
  3. It's one of my favorite "cheap" courses. Weekdays in the Spring and Fall, they usually have 18 holes plus cart for $15.
  4. I also have the BB Curve from Verizon and use nRange. You have to turn the GPS on first.... - Go to 'Options' on your main menu (the BlackBerry logo) - Scroll down to 'Advanced Options' - Go to 'GPS' - On the 'GPS Services' menu, change from 'E911 Only' to 'Location On', and also change 'Location Aiding' setting to 'Enabled' Hope this helps.
  5. Any courses near you let kids play free with a paying adult?
  6. EDIT: Got a catalog in the mail today for Dick's- they've also got Z-Stars on sale @ 2 for $59.99
  7. Even though I'm a Pens fan, I gotta agree with you there. There are 24 other teams that haven't had the chance to participate yet in the WC. I was hoping for the original rumors of the Rangers playing in the new Yankees Stadium. And what about the teams in warm weather cities? I get the whole marketing idea of having them play outdoors in the cold and snow, but how about have those teams host against teams in warm weather cities?
  8. Usually bad driver, bad iron, and even worse putting...it's at least consistent.
  9. Usually play the cheap courses around here... Bedford Trails in Coitsville , Deer Creek in Hubbard , Links at Walnut Run in Cortland, and when I'm broke Buhl Farm , the free course in Hermitage No offense taken
  10. Already made a couple posts, but just now taking the time to "check in". Just a little about me...I'm Ken, age 32, from Austintown,OH. I work as a shipping supervisor in an aluminum plant, and have been playing golf now for a little over a year. 2010 was my first full year of golf and while I'm nowhere near a respectable handicap, I'm at least making progress. Went from shooting in the 120s beginning of the year to mid/upper 90s and have piece-by-piece improved my bag from the starter set I bought for $80 on Amazon. Until I can post my 'WITB' signature here (10 post minimum?), here's what I
  11. I believe Srixon has a new ball coming out next year- a lot of places have reduced the prices to make room for the new model, kind of like they had the TriSpeeds at 2/$30 at a lot of places earlier this year. TourStop.com has had them for $29.99 a dozen for a few months and Golf Headquarters has them at 2/$59.99
  12. Great posts...going to have to use a few of these...here's a few a friend and I use: Early Christmas Present- A poorly hit shot that ends up under a tree (usually a pine tree). Abducted by Aliens- "It looks good, it looks long, it looks straight....it loo...where the hell is it!?" "That's why they're sold by the dozen"- Said after losing a ball. "Heeeeee shoots and scooooores!" - After sinking a really good putt, said in the voice of Mike Lange (Pittsburgh Penguins radio announcer) "Juuuust a bit outside" - after a hook or slice, said in the voice of Bob Eucker
  13. That's an awesome policy. I myself am a big fan of walking, but I realize not everybody can.
  14. I've been playing the TriSpeed now for about 2 months and they're working for me. As a beginner, I just recently starting using a 3-piece ball. Starting out using the Bridgestone e6, but for me, the Srixons work better. Not as good with the short game as the e6, but noticeably straighter and way more durable; consistently driving them 200-225 with little or no slice/fade. Also loving the price compared to the e6. Both Dick's and Golf HQ are selling off the older models at 2dz for $30.
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