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  1. I'm a very new golfer, but I actually find my 5h much harder to hit properly than my 6i. I just can't figure it out as the hybrids were supposed to help my game. I bought a set of Adams A7 ideas to get started.
  2. Thank you. The two SUVs are the daily drivers, and of course leases, but the Challenger is my baby for life (better known as mid-life crisis car, lol).
  3. I wore a pair of Nike Dri-Fit slacks out yesterday. 108, 56% relative humidity (monsoon season, ugh). Drank four bottles of water while I was out there (usually drink two), and lost five pounds (usually lose about two). Think I'll hit the range in shorts this afternoon.
  4. I took the "usually always" to be a statement equivalent for "average." No doubt, you are correct in the rest of your post. It seems dedicated forums always have two or three topics that are done endlessly.
  5. The thing is, the OP did say he averages 300+. In fact, he said this wasn't even his best drive of the day:
  6. I already have an RPG launcher by Bushnell, with a nifty little clip to attach it to my bag.
  7. Meh. Could I have just ignored them? Sure. Did I get a little testy at being ordered to wait vs. a "Hi, sorry about this, we'll be right out of your way"? Sure. Did I escalate it? No, I just stopped talking and went about my thing (which, btw, did not involve hitting into them or over them). Have we all done something that maybe wasn't the most diplomatic? I'm willing to bet.
  8. We have these little things called arroyos in Tucson. They are basically dry river/stream beds that become raging torrents during our monsoons. There is a small wash between the two fairways with the white stakes on either side. Other golfers do not bother me and yes, it was the attitude of the other group that bothered me. It's why I just detached from the verbal escalation. I find it funny you would say something about other golfers bugging me, considering we seem to have entire threads dedicated to how other golfers bug people here. ;)
  9. Yes, two sets of white stakes (one bordering their fairway, one bordering mine). I'm starting to think this is a screwy game that facilitates odd behavior.
  10. So I'm out doing 18 last Sunday. Again, pretty new to the game. A foursome from an adjoining fairway are smack dab in the middle of my fairway, as I pull up to the ball I have just driven from the tee box. One of them actually tells me to wait while they "play through." I told them to get out of my way, they were quite clearly out of bounds (being in the middle of my fairway) and that if they wanted to continue playing like that, they could just wait until I took a swing and had them behind me. Same guys says, "We were here first, wait for us to play back to our fairway." Not wanting to
  11. I would guess the "r squared" is pretty darn high between swing speed and driving distance. Any engineers on here have some regressions?
  12. I swear there's another thread just like this on the board. Either way, I have a 2010 Mercedes GL550 and an 09 Dodge Challenger R/T. Wife drives a 2010 Audi Q7.
  13. This is kind of funny. A guy that thinks a polo shirt is a "dress shirt" is admonishing the rest of us on attire? Puh-leeze. I bet you wear an OCBD with loafers when you have your notch lapel suit on too? ;) FWIW, I played Sunday at 108 degrees and 58% relative humidity. Come try that in any long pants! Even with all my clothes being made of technical clothe, you still get hot. Yes, Arizona gets humidity AND high temps. Monsoon season here right now.
  14. As a new golfer, I got into a discussion of driving distances with some seasoned golfers recently. Every one of them maintained their average distance was 300+ yards. Except for one guy...the acknowledged best golfer in the group (scratch or under). He said his average carry was about 245-55 with another 20 or so for roll. He then went to the PGA website and pulled up some driving distances. Basically, all the other golfers were maintaining their drives bested the best of the PGA. I suddenly have a whole new view on self-reported golf abilities. :)
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