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  1. Here are a couple of CS putters which have been pretty popular with a few guys. 4.0- 4.30 toe hang gives it a nice combination with the centre shaft.
  2. I am using a Lajosi KLP5-CS- carbon steel -Raw. 360g, 70* & 2.5*, deep face milling, bullet sole. I just started using it - my first CS and I love. I've always been a PN guy, but this thing is just working for me- my arc must not be as big as I thought.
  3. Nothing beats the soft feel of cabretta leather..
  4. I don't know what's all the fuss- DJ didn't read the notice on his locker- so there's no one to blame but himself- and maybe his caddie.
  5. I doubt there would an issue with the course or pin placement's if Tiger or Phil had done it!!
  6. Great stuff "Apples" - 59 on sunday to win was awesome!!! - After 11 straight weeks it was well deserved mate!! If your worried about the low scores, maybe they should stop serving up these wet receptive greens.....
  7. "I think if your ball lies within a putters grip or so to the cup, count the stroke and pick up." Unfortunatley you can't do that in our weekly club comp- probably explains our 4.30min rounds.........
  8. Tiger talks about adjustment for the pace of the greens- he doesn't need as much with the Method- what happens when he plays the faster US greens, - he's going to have to make a big "adjustment" with the "hot" Method face- or maybe go back to the SC......
  9. He's won 2 opens on the same greens using the SC- and now he needs a new putter because they are slower- yeh right!!
  10. The LPS1-CS is pretty good- 340g-360g weight range & V-groove option give it a great feel.
  11. If you put a tube/pipe over the grip when you blow them off you won't have any bubbles- Ideally the tube should just fit over the grip- blow till you hear a POP and the grip should come off nice & easy...
  12. I'm looking for a good workout for a more seasoned golfer(older body) - something that can work in with your working & family life.
  13. I have a regular playing partner at my club who is very slow walking to his ball, slow to get a club and slow to hit it , takes forever on the green and then when he's playing bad, tells us to hurry up and hit on the tee- "it's your honor" You might ask why he is a regular playing partner- he's a mate I've known for 30 yrs.......
  14. Thanks James, I have a few new things I am trying with the face of a putter - some practical- with v-groove milling and also a bit of art- with my lizard face and some diamonds & pearls. Hope to get a chance to put some pics up soon. Kari
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