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  1. I bought a Sun Mountain bag partly because it doesn't match and never will match the brands of any of my clubs. This way any club i'll ever have will look good in my bag. I think Sun Mountain and Ogio bags look better than the club maker bag brands anyway. Plus they're better quality.
  2. In the past i have had a few different types of gloves including the brands Footjoy, Nike, and Taylormade. All of them were the cheap, synthetic rubber feeling kind. I think one was the Footjoy WeatherSof. Anyway, my grip just doesn't feel comfortable with these gloves on. I don't know why, but it just doesn't feel right. When i grip the club without a glove, my hands feel in sync, like they're one unit. So is it worth it to get the more expensive, better leather gloves? I'm guessing it is, but i just want to hear you're opinions. What type of better leather glove do y
  3. i recently tried a few of them out at my local golf store and was pretty surprised. The red dot line-up system worked really good. The feel was just what i was looking for also. i was sinking lots of putts i never normally make. I do though, have a few questions about them. Most of the seemore putters have a straight shaft in the middle of the putter head. Does this require a different stroke, or can you get the same performance with this type of shaft as with a normal plummers neck shaft? Also, they are quite pricey. do you think they are worth the cash. For as much money they are i
  4. Lately my swing has started coming together. During my practice sessions, practice rounds, and practice swings, my swing really feels good and i am confident that it will produce a good shot. The only problem is, when i actually stand over the ball and start to swing, my swing feels out wack. It usually feels like it has to do with my grip. When i get to the top of my backswing, sometimes, the club slides around in my hand and causes all sorts of bad shots to happen(usually snap hooks). When i try to keep the club from sliding around, by taking a shorter backswing and holding on to club m
  5. I Just wanted to thank everybody who helped me out with my swing, especially iacas. His simple tip of stretching out the right side of your body Om the backswing finally let me actually point my shoulders at the ball. This tip has not only made my swing look a lot better , but preform better too.
  6. i was talking about woods that was not out of bounds, or red stakes. also, he said he learned at golf camp(said in first post). haha I don't know what he was thinking.
  7. Lately when i play with my brother, he has been using this new rule, he said he learned in golf camp, that i find hard to believe. The rule is, when you are in an unplayable lie(woods,tall grass next to water, tall grass) that is unmarked, you can have a clubs length to move your ball out. This only applies if you are not farther into that unplayable lie than a clubslength. So if you are into a woods that is unmarked, but are not farther than 3 or so feet into the woods you can take the club you will use on the next shot and lay one end where the ball is and the other in a safe spot and yo
  8. Both great wedges. The main reason I choose the vokeys was because they looked better. Plus once you get used to the feel of a vokey, you start to like it more, just my opinion
  9. Looks like I win so far, only because I'm on the high school golf team. I (my parents.lol) only pay 75 dollars a year for a membership(less than 10 dollars a month). If you are on the golf team you get a big discount. For other people it's like 350-400 a year. It's a bad course though with no driving range. Still it's great though for the price
  10. Do you think the wrist should be bent(cupped) or straight at the top of the backswing. I have had lessons with two different teachers in the last year, and one told me to keep it flat and the othe told me to keep it bent with my knuckles pointed toward the sky. What do you think? I sliced it when I went to my first instructor, and he told me to keep it straight. I then was hookin it when I went to the next instructer, an he told me to bend my wrist. Could my ballflight be why I got two different answers. Also do you think there are any advantages of doing one over the other, because after
  11. here is my swing again. can anybody please help me out again. I have been really been doing bad lately. the only reason i am still doing ok is because of my short game. thanks
  12. After reading about this book in this forum I decided to buy it. After only a week of reading and practicing things out of this book, I think I've already improved more than I did when I took 4 lessons with an instructer. This book is awesome. there are a few questions i have though. 1. Did anyody else who changed there grip from an interlocking grip to an overlapping grip( like me) get a bad blister on top of the right pointer finger( joint closeest to fingernail). Am I just gripping the club too hard or is this a common thing when you switch grips? 2. My main question. What do you think
  13. Lately my swing has totally felt out of wack, but luckily I know why. I am having a really bad habit of starting down with my arms, instead of with my feet or hips. When I do start down with my arms, for some reason I hit shots fat and hook the ball. Unfortunately, I don't know how to stop doing this. I have done a drill I've seen in a golf digest, but this only worked for awhile. Is there any tips you can give me on proper rotation or some drills to keep from starting down with my hands an develop a good rotation. Thanks
  14. I'm not sure if offset is the correct term, but I know there are two types off hosels on putters(example below). I am looking to buy a blade putter, but I'm not sure which type is the right for me. I'm not necessarily going to buy an odyssey blade putter, but here are the two types of putters i was talking about below so now you now which type I'm talking about, i'll tell you my main question. Is there any reason besides looks on why you would chose one type or the other? If so, how do you determine which type of offset is for you. Thanks also if you can't answer my main ques
  15. I agree. go with option 1 for sure if you really want to have that many wedges. my setup goes 45* PW, 50* GW, 54* SW(vokey), 60* LW(vokey). 4 wedges. i really don't need the 60*, but it really comes in handy. By the way a Pitching Wedge does count as one of your wedges.
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