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    I just seen a thread where a person was doubting another because they have been playing for only 10 or a year and claimed to be a 10 handicap is that realy that unlikely. I've been playing 3 months but haven't missed a day yet usualy hit at/east 1 bucket and walk 9 holes a day more on weekend n can usualy break 90 on good days someone told me eventualy everyone plateaus and if so when did yall plateau? ( I think I've hit mine but can still see 3 or 4 strokes I'm losing on 9 holes)
  2. Been looking at a set of snake eye club heads (irons) does anyone have any and which ones does anyone favor don't know much about club bundles lil info on me I got cheated on a set of used x 22 set but they. Have true temper s300 shafts fitted for me that I enjoy so I fiqure this be my best option is there any other companies like small eyes any recomidation would be greatly appreciated
  3. Pages 200 got em from a local store he custom fitted them they have a true temper shaft he said the guy before him didn't like the uniflex I would think a club maker should have spotted something before he sold it. The weird thing is I've played 2 rounds with em and hit well with them
  4. I just got a set of callaway x22 but was suspicious cause how cheap I got them I checked the number on the 8 iron and the lady at callaway said it was one of. Theirs but I checked it side by side with some at the pro shop andtheblue color. Looks diffrent an green outline andthe actual numbers are bigger than mine has anyone has had this happen sn match but somethin obvious looks wrong . And curious y they play well for me
  5. Thanks for responding I purchased them today and love em just got done walking 18 they have diffrent shafts than the stock uniflex maybe that's y they were so cheap and they still look great
  6. Sry typing on a phone guess Im not to good at this forum deal just lookin for advice
  7. I went to a local golf store and talked to someone fitted I have long arms for my size I think it was 32 anyways be said I was 3/4 longer than average. N tried swinging a bunch ofdiffrent irons and realy likes slightly used set of callawaye x22 ( still had plastic on theback) then ur told me theprice 207 dollars with fitting is this priceto good to be true this will finaly be my first set of clubs other than my top flight box set just lookin for advice on making a good choice and he had ping copies are copies just as good as th real thing or foradvice it depend on the club maker
  8. Is 23 realy to old? I'm new to this jw and to stay on topic sure but realistically would like to compete in local events next year been playing 10 weeks and love this game ain't missed a day yet since i got on unemployment and just found out my wifes pregnant but u can still dream wouldn't that be a Real sports with bryant gumbel don't most pros hit their prime in their 30's so 23 too old?
  9. Need a lil help just started playing lil over 2 months n I'm hooked ain't missed a day at the Course n now I feel good with my swing n my improvement(finaly can break.90) I play with a box set of top flite xl like the set but think I'm ready for a set of irons ill use for a while looking for any suggestions and what's a rough cost of. Getting fitted n trying to keep it round 400 or less hopefully less. Is there any mix of player/improvement clubs otherthan Nike split cavity? Any advice would be appreciated
  10. I just started playing a couple months ago and dropped my handicap 12 points I love t&is; game I'm at the course on a daily basis my 2010 goal id to try to bring my handicap to single digits don't know if that's aiming to high
  11. I shot a 91 first nine started out bad but I stuck with it and shot 43 on the back nine
  12. For my second shot I over shot the green on a par 4 I was looking at a 40 foot chip down hill took a nice roll and went in for birdie
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