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  1. I don't know about your college, but a lot of colleges have their own golf course and it's likely they have student rates. I know they did when I was in college. Also "municipal" courses are generally less expensive to play than privately owned courses. Additionally stay, if possible, away from courses that force players to take a riding cart - it should be a lot cheaper to walk than to take a riding cart.
  2. I disagree; I think the moderators let some things slide that they shouldn't let slide. But it's not my forum so I don't have any real complaints. I'm not sure I'm comfortable coming to a forum that's 100% free, is probably a lot of work for the ones who own and run the forum, and then complaining and, sort of going behind the owners/runners/moderators backs to try to change things that have probably been considered by the owners/runners/moderators. Just my 2-cents worth.
  3. According to the December 6-13, 2008 issue of Golfweek (which arrived in my mailbox 12.17.08), Mollie Frankhauser and Charlotte Mayorkas "improved their status, which opened two cards won by Choi, Wigger." I must be pretty dense because I don't see why Mollie & Charlotte "improving their status" would open up two cards. I would understand if Mollie & Charlotte improved their status to Category 11 (which appears to be the case) it might open up two cards for Category 16 or Category 17, but why would Mollie & Charlotte improving their status to Category 11 open up two more Category 11 cards? D
  4. Here is a link to a review I found: click here .
  5. Sonartec is out of business; I guess it's been several months now, maybe almost a year.
  6. The Lions are now 0-14 after falling to the Colts 31-21 on 14-DEC. Next up - New Orleans (7-7) at Detroit (0-14) on 21-DEC.
  7. 1. Two years ago I bought a SkyCaddie SG4. For several reasons I won't go into now I became very disenchanted with this unit and with SkyCaddie customer service. 2. On 11.07.08 I bought a brand new GolfLogix GPS-8 off eBay for $234.99 (+ free shipping) with the intention of using the SkyCaddie until it dies or until I play a course that is not on my SkyCaddie or until the 20 courses that are currently loaded on the SkyCaddie stop working (and I don't know whether that will happen). Because I "tried out" a GPS-8 while playing with a friend who had recently replaced his SkyCaddie with the Golf
  8. The Hooter's incident is now long behind Long John. But, of course, the soap opera is far from over. Now there's the "smashing a spectator's camera into a tree" while shooting a 78 incident in Australia. Here's the link .
  9. Clearly the LPGA still hasn't answered the question/s about why there was a playoff for two more Category 11 cards! It's now December 11 and here is a snippet from Hound Dog's LPGA 12/11 blog entry - the blog can be accessed by clicking here . "So if no one vacated any of the Top 20 spots, why was there a playoff among the four tied for 21st? If you want my opinion, somebody on-site at Q-School f---ed up royally."
  10. I apologize for being so goofy, but when I see R&A; I think, voila, Royal & Ancient and when I see H&B; I think Hillerich & Bradsby (who makes Louisville Slugger baseball bats & used to make first line golf clubs - PowerBilt Citation among other products) Then, of course, B&H; would be Bell & Howell). Great post Golfgal - I was pretty sure H&B; got to four points and that the match was match-play from the git go, but I was too lazy to go back to the DVR and check it out. OBTW, a few years ago I went to Whistler/Blackcomb for a skiing trip, my only visit to B
  11. Q.Q.Quillume


    Frequently at the courses I play in N.C. and the Myrtle Beach area, the guys "helping" by getting the clubs out of trunks & putting the bags onto golf cars are generally closer to 70 than 40 - to say nothing of 16 - 18 - 20.
  12. I'm not a soccer fan; I'd rather watch paint dry. That being said, congratulations to the UNC Lady Tar Heels for beating Notre Dame 2-1 Sunday to win their 19th NCAA Women's Soccer National Championship!
  13. Q.Q.Quillume


    Here's a link to a recent thread - same subject although the title of the thread is not the same. Click here for link.
  14. To me this is kind of strange. But, hey, it may not seem strange to youse guys! For a limited time TaylorMade is selling certain models of their golf balls with the customer being allowed to select the number of the customer's choice, from 00 (Sergio's #) to 99 (J. Rose's #). In the event any SandTrappers are interested, click here! Me? I'm not interested; I'm a Titleist man.
  15. Not only that & what Hound Dog & Awsi Dooger said, it seems to me that Bivens has one of those personalaties which grates on people (well, me anyway) rather than making them comfortable. Maybe it's just me . . .
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