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  1. This is one of my major flaws. I get the hands too far behind me. I feel like my right hip starts back too quickly, leaving an easy path for the hands to get way inside. I sometimes feel like I should restrict the hip turn to prevent this from happening. What shoud I work on to get the proper turn you show, rather than the second image of way inside? Thanks.
  2. Why was I given an avatar that I didn't select? I replaced it tonight when I got home from work. I never had an avatar, yet there was a photo of a man that I never posted or authorized. I also went to close the listing when I got home from work, only to find that done, too. What's going on?
  3. Sorry, I just sold them. I stopped checking here after getting jerked around by a couple of potential buyers.
  4. For sale is a short set of Titleist AP1 710 irons. They are standard length and lie and are right handed. The set consists of 6 irons- 6-gw. They come with upgraded Aldila VS Proto 85g graphite shafts in R flex. They have upgrade Lamkin white grips. The clubs were used for 6 or 7 rounds and are in great shape. They were an experiment when I injured my wrist, but hit too high for my swing. These sell for $125 a club new. I am asking $275 plus shipping. I also have an Adams Idea Pro 4 hybrid and A7 5 hybrid for sale at $20 each if irons purchased. Please note these hyb
  5. These are right handed clubs.
  6. For sale is a like new short set of Adams CB2 irons. The set consists of the 6 iron through gw, for a total of 6 irons. I also have a demo 6 iron that I can include. These clubs were used twice. They are right handed, standard length and lie and have the KBS90 shaft in R flex. I love the look and feel of these irons, but need a different shaft for my swing. Price is $275 plus shipping. I also have an Idea Pro 4 hybrid and/or an A7 5 hybrid available at $20 each if irons purchased. I don't have pics presently, but can take some with my phone and forward them upo
  7. What a fabulous game! The U.S.A. showed they are for real, though I'm sure that's little consolation to the players. How about Crosby? What does he do for an encore? How about another Cup here in Pittsburgh! Congratulations to Canada.
  8. The R7's look better, feel great and are fine for our handicap. The T Step shaft is o.k., but does hit the ball high. I don't like the looks of the X20, and hate uniflex shafts. Callaway has great customer service, however, if you have any club issues. You may want to also look at the X20 Tours. They look much nicer than the X20's, are not much harder to hit and have better available shaft options. A friend of mine with a similar HC has these and really likes them. Check out Callaway Preowned.
  9. The Czechs look really good so far. Russia and Canada-too many stars, not enough pucks? It's hard to find cohesiveness in a week, but other than the Sharks line, Canada is still searching for some chemistry.
  10. I bought a couple things from them, without any problem. I always read the feedback carefully before buying from an EBAY seller.
  11. It will be fun to watch. None of Canada's goalies have been particularly sharp in the last couple weeks. All 3 can be phenomenal when they are on, but so can the goalies for Russia, Sweden and USA. You have to wonder whether any of them will stand on their head and steal the show.
  12. It seems slow compared to mine! In all seriousness, your tempo IMO appears to be average. I'm no expert, but you have a nice tempo to your backswing. Mine is too quick- I'm working on making it smoother. I just read in one of the golf magazines to imagine your downswing like a roller coaster. It reaches it's fastest point at the bottom of the hill. Leadbetter says in March 2010 G.D. to make the 1st part of your downswing as smooth as last part of downswing. Club should pick up speed as it moves through impact, according to Leadbetter.
  13. Crosby has matured into the best 2 way player in the NHL. He has 41 goals already this year, the Pens' power play has been terrible and he doesn't have the same caliber of surrounding talent on his line as does Ovechkin. Ovechkin is the best offensive player in the league, however. His propensity to run players from behind and to regularly commit charging penalties that the officials ignore doesn't endear him to anyone outside of D.C. Crosby has class and by all accounts is really a good guy. We have been extremely fortunate here in Pittsburgh to have seen some of the best players in the
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