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  1. Well the first thing you did wrong was let me pick a date that most people couldn't make . Kidding...sometimes it just works out that way. No worries.
  2. Since I have to update my travel accommodations, I'm going to assume this isn't going to happen and make my changes now. I probably won't be available for a winter outing, so maybe I'll see you guys next spring. Thanks for trying to organize this.
  3. ol 3 putts: My condolences. Perhaps next time. All: Seems like we're down to 6 tentative confirmations, which seems like it's still a viable outing. If it drops down to less than that, do we want to consider a different date?
  4. I looked up Santa Margarita and that seems to be Central Valley?
  5. I'm still in. Sounds like time and place is still fluid though, as some folks are tentative.
  6. Looks like we have 8 people either committed or tentatively interested in this outing/date. Is Tijeras Creek a workable location for those interested? FYI, it works for me. @ol 3 putts @spider @jefkve @Shindig @bmartin461 @Golfingdad @Lihu @bplewis24 Did I miss anybody else who was interested?
  7. I will be in Anaheim (right next to Disneyland) for a Yardi convention. So I think I'm flying into Santa Ana. I planned on grabbing a rental car after the convention anyway, so I can drive wherever I need to for the golf. Ideally I would fly back out of the closest airport to the course, so that's the only reason I'm asking. I'll check back when we have more people committed.
  8. So it sounds like only a few guys are committed so far, but what location/area are you guys thinking of for this one?
  9. I gotta admit, I love watching tournaments where pros don't get the roll in the fairway they've come to expect. I was giggling when the announcers were so befuddled by the proximity to the hole numbers in the final round and how not many of the top guys were going low or having a lot of easy birdie opportunities. Compare that with the tourney last week when it seemed like the average drive on certain holes was in the 350-375 range, and it's like watching a different sport almost.
  10. I'm flexible on other dates. Dates that I know I'm unavailable are: 8/13 10/1 I'll actually be in Socal on 9/23 for a work conference...so if you happen to have it that weekend I can make it
  11. Consider me a maybe for this one. Since I'd be coming from NorCal, I'll keep checking back to see if a group of guys are committed before I make plans to head down there. But I'm open that weekend and flight rates are still reasonable.
  12. bplewis24


    1) No, the conservatives have not always been guided by the bible and the constitution. And to suggest such is pure delusion or ignorance of history and the present. 2) Anarchy and socialism aren't "leftist themes" any more than they are far-right themes. Just more delusion. The bible is a hodgepodge of contradicting themes, which religions of many denominations latch onto when they are convenient, and conservatives are no different. The bible has guided their ideology no more so than any given politician. And if the bible guided it this year, Trump wouldn't be the nominee. As f
  13. While I got a chuckle out of that as well, I think it's important to remember he now had a perfect lie when he blasted it over the tower. If he tried to do that from the rough, there's a possibility (or maybe even a likelihood?) that he wouldn't have been able to get the ball that high coming out of that lie. And maybe then it actually does hit the tower...which would illustrate why that type of rule is in effect for a temporary immovable ....whatever. Maybe, maybe not. He could have missed the green and still gotten up-and-down for par. He also could have made quintuple-bogey. We
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