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  1. I picked up some of theses including the mat that you hit off of. They really are so neat. I've used them plenty of times and they work wonderfully
  2. Im in the market for some new golf shirts and pants/shorts. Whats a good place to look besides the obvious? Im looking for some stand out colors like neon orange and neon green... Thanks for any suggestions
  3. A buddy on mine had back surgery late last year. He still has some discomfort if he turns a certain way. Long story short, he was invited by his girlfriend to go play with her and her father at Trump National. Supposedly there is a large outdoor dining area looking over the first tee box. So he was last to tee off, he takes a few practice swings, feeling pretty good. and then he lets it rip. he hits on top of the ball and it goes about 20 yards. His girlfriend and her father were already at their carts waiting to go after their balls while he is hunched over, still at the tee box, not able to
  4. I would try using maybe a '63 quarter, maybe you can go really low
  5. I think it might be where i position the ball in my stance. at the range today, i played it closer to my back foot and got more distance on all my shots. im gonna try to get a video up soon.
  6. 9 iron about 120 PW about 100-110
  7. Let me start out by saying, Im not a long hitter with most of my irons/wedges. My problem is hitting my wedges correctly. I hit my 50* and 54* the same distance, both about 75 yards. Now would you say im hitting my 54* to long or my 50* to short? Also how can i put some distance between the 2? Thanks
  8. Yeah i use the PW. For a while its the only wedge i used for any distance within 100 yards. I bought the sand wedge, but its not that great. I replaced it with a vokey
  9. ibigler

    Green Fees

    It also seems like something fishy is going on at my home course. we have an automated tee time system. so you can call up to 6 days in advance. so you'd call on monday to make a tee time for sunday. and only so many people can call at once. So i usually try to call at 12 am on monday so i have a good selection of tee times. the past few months i call at 12:05 am and every tee time is taken but the 4pm times.... how is that possible? that means 128 people had to have reserved a time in 5 minutes. or if they all made times for a foursome thats still 32 calls in 5 minutes... impossible... Wha
  10. ibigler

    Green Fees

    wrx_junki yes im in North Jersey. and the course that i play isnt that nice, its just the closest. The fairway are usually covered with brown spots and there's always at least one temporary green, usually like 2 or 3
  11. ibigler

    Green Fees

    I searched the forum and couldnt find anything on this.... Im just trying to see if Im getting ripped off.. What are the greens fees at the local courses you guys play? For 18 holes with a cart on a weekend midday, its like $60. Thats also if you have a county card which costs $35 to begin with.... Just curious what you guys pay to play?
  12. although i normally play whatever ball i can find, i never spend more than $20 on a box, but i just read an article in golf digest recently that said... Its like the guy that is going hunting for the first time and buys more than enough camo for himself, a very expensive German shotgun, then goes out and buys his shells from piggly wiggly. If youre going to spend a lot of money on the weapon (clubs), you should spend enough money on the ammunition (balls) to get the job done.
  13. So here's the deal. Recently i've taken my driver out of the bag because i cant seem to consistently hit it straight. So now i'm using my 3 wood or 5 wood. There's only about a 10 yard difference, give or take, between my 3 and 5 wood. I only use my 5 wood when i feel that im starting to hit my 3 wood a little off target. So my question is... Should i try to get a 4 wood and swap out my 3 and 5 wood? And what is a good 4 wood? Thanks
  14. its about $31,000 a year based on location
  15. at the closest range to my house, its $10 for 110 balls. but its a mat range so im not a big fan
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