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  1. I often hit fat shots that can land several inches early (before the ball) if I start the transition/downswing with my arms rather than my hips. When I start with my hips first and then have the arms follow, I usually hit it pretty well.
  2. I don't know my swing speed, but I usually hit my 8 iron between 130 and 150 yards (depending on how well I made contact with it). I have been playing the maxfli noddle "long & soft", it really has a nice soft feel, and it seemed fine around the greens (at least in somuch as someone with my astronomically high handicap could judge). I would agree that it doesn't have as much distance as some of the other value distance balls I have hit. I am in the same boat as you trying to find something a litle bit better, so I recently picked up a box of the Bridgestone e6 and the Top Flite D2 "Feel"
  3. I agree with joey, I would also go with costco nicklaus set between those two options.
  4. I wouold stay away from the RAM product, especially the "G-force" line. I got the 'G-Force' complete box set (included driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, 4i-pw, putter & stand bag). The driver shaft was so soft you could twist the head 90 degrees from the handle with your hand ~! (making it impossible to hit). In a year of playing these clubs, both my 5i and PW broke (snapped at the middle of the hosel) and the heads went flying down the fairway (lucky I didn't kill anyone). Upon closer inspection of the broken heads/hosel, the hole boring was really off centre, creating a strong side and a weak side.
  5. Sun Mountain C-130 is what I have (the '07 model) and it is great, although not perfect. As long as you don't anticipate having to carry it to far I would go for it, but if you might have to do a fair bit of walking to/from clubhouse or whatever, then it may not the be the best option. There was an excellent discussion on cart bags you should read in this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6660 Here is what I had to say about the C-130 in that thread:
  6. When you get fitted for clubs, what do they do exactly? Is is specific to one type or line of clubs, or is it generic and applicable to any clubs? After you get fitted, say you want to buy some new irons based on your fitting. Do you have to custom order them, or can you take a stock set of irons of the shelf and then adjust them? If they have to be custom ordered, does this cost more than the same set of clubs off the shelf? Thanks
  7. I don't know what the official rules say, but in a casual game you could really have some fun taking this to an extreme... Can you imagine the possibilities? - Golf Glove - Bottle of Water - Driver Head Cover ! Seriously though, anything larger than the size of the actual golf ball is pretty pointless. I use a small plastic ball marker that is the size of a dime (but flatter), and has a small plastic spike in it.
  8. I don't carry my Driver on the course at all, and since I don't have a 3W, I tee off with my 5W for longer holes. I have been working on my driver at the range and it is improving, but definitely not to the point where I would trust it on a course. My 5W goes around 160 yards and I can usually keep in on the fairway. With my driver, I can't hit it any further than the same 160 yards I get with my 5W, and it is way more likely to have a huge slice or hook and costing me far more strokes (and balls) than just hitting a shorter straight shot.
  9. As a high handi-cap player, I would definitely go Callaway. If money was no object and i had to outfit fully with only Callaway product it would be the following: DRIVER: FT-5 WOODS: Big Bertha '07 5i-GW: X-20 3h-4h: X Hybrid SW: X-Tour Putter: Odyssey Black #1 I would also be fine with the Callaway selection of balls, bags, gloves, umbrellas and even golf attire!
  10. Good tips here, especially the one about the height of the tee impacting the height of the ball flight (and hence distance). I have noticed that aswell, although if I tee the ball too high I tend to run my iron right underneath it and it dribbles away from the tee a couple feet. Usually I just go with a hair above grass height. If you do want to tee the ball a bit higher for more height and less distance (and more stopping power), do you need to move the ball a bit more forward in your stance? Normally I hit my irons with the ball exactly in the centre of my stance, regardless of if I am
  11. How important is your swing speed to the ball selection? My swing isn't very fast, although I don't know the exact speed as I havn't ever used a launch monitor. I usually hit my 9 iron around 95 yards. I know some people use the 5 or 6 iron distance as an indicator, but unfortunately my iron distance seems to max out at my 7 iron, which goes around 115 yards. After that, my 6, 5 and 4 are about the same ~120 yards (assuming I can even hit them). I hit around 150-160 yards with my 5 wood (and the same with my Driver). Obviously I would get no benefit from the high performance balls, but
  12. I bought a "new" Callaway FT3 Driver last summer from an ebay online store located in Canada (as am I), that had a 99.9% positive rating with thousands of feedbacks, which was supposed to be shipping from Canada. When I received it, it actually had shipped from China (not Canada) and was fake. I might not have noticed (it was pretty authentic looking with a serial number and everything), but the shaft had a very small crack in it, which lead me to suspect a problem, and I discovered it was infact a counterfeit. I went down to my local retailer and carefully looked over one of theirs and not
  13. Thanks everyone for the advice!! Clearly the overwhealming concensus is that a tee should most definitely be used... advice which I will be using! Thanks!
  14. I should have also asked how high you tee the ball, I have been teeing it very low aswell (just about the grass), when using a tee. Are you still supposed to hit down on the ball when it is on a tee, or should it be more of a hit through like a wood shot ?
  15. When using an iron for a tee shot, especially the short and mid irons - do you use a tee? I have tried both with and without a tee, but my swing isn't really consistent enough to be able to to tell if one way is better than the other. I know that when using a tee, I don't get the nice "click" sound I get when the ball is just on the ground and I hit down on it properly, but otherwise I can't notice much difference. How do you all decide when to use or not use a tee, and what effect does using a tee have vs. no tee (only talking iron shots here).
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