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  1. gators13

    Golf USA

    Thanks for the help guys, I guess i will feel safe ordering from them
  2. gators13

    Golf USA

    The price was decent and i could have my loft and lie set and custom shaft and grips cheaper than it would be at a box store
  3. gators13

    Golf USA

    Does anyone know if golf USA is a trusted site to buy clubs from?
  4. I thought it might be something for putting, but it has a standard Cleveland grip on it.
  5. Found this the other day, has anyone ever seen one, or have any idea what it is used for? It is about the length of a 7 iron and has a regular grip on it. It is made by Cleveland .
  6. I am a huge Gators fan and a huge Tebow fan and i will be the first to say that he is not a great QB, but he is a winner. He finds a way to get the job done, and i think the most important reason that he is winning is because he has inspired his team.
  7. I am looking for a set 3-pw of Titleist 695 cb or possibly a set of 710 cb. i have a set 3-pw of AP 2"s i would be willing to trade
  8. I have a titleist 910 5 wood that i don't like, i want ti get a 910 hybrid. My question is do they sell just the hybrid heads? and if they do, is there a reason why i couldn't put it on the shaft if the 5 wood
  9. Did anyone else notice that before the show, they say this episode is brought to you by Bridgestone. And he is all of the sudden wearing a Bridgestone hat. Seems a little weird to me
  10. I carry a 2 iron, and love it whenever my driver is not acting right, i can pull it and hit it about 240-250 down the middle
  11. There are alot of people against Tiger here, but awhile back when there was a golfer elimination thread, didn't Tiger win?
  12. The only time I have seen Bubba cry is when he is talking about his dad or when he thought his wife had cancer. That does not make him a crying baby. he's human cut him some slack
  13. I could see that, but it has a factory cleveland grip on it, not a putter grip
  14. it looks nothing like the tour striker that they advertise on tv. the head is half a steel golf ball
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