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  1. was -2 after 3 but ended up shooting 39, had a bad triple it sucks
  2. one of my buddies is a thief too and goes crazy over prov's even though he isn't good enough to hit them. So one day we were on the first hole and this other kid we know hits into us and he was using a brand new prov1 and as this kid behind us was driving down the fairway my buddy blatantly picks it up them drives all the way back to tell the kid it went into a pond on the right hand side when his ball was really on the left hand side of the fairway. Another time he tried to pick up this guys prov1 when he was looking right at him and the guys like " you better not be doing what i think you're
  3. yeah the maxfli tours are really nice balls
  4. i always thought the RAC's were nice but for $75 more id go with the Burner Plus seeing as there what 4 or 5 years newer but both are a great choice for a high handicapper looking for alot of forgiveness
  5. then start mainly with compound exercises for each muscle like bench press for chest, squats for quads, curls for biceps, deads and rows for back and mix in a few isolation exercises prolly 8-12 rep range
  6. i workout all body parts regularly i dont know of any specific golf exercises but i can give you plenty of advice on a routine to get stronger all the way around
  7. it should but you could also think about shortening your swing ive found that will make you much more accurate and youd be surprised that you dont rlly lose distance
  8. 83 39/44 played shitty as hell on the back didnt hit the ball solidly at all 6/12 fairways 9 GIRS and 33 putts not very good
  9. well its more of not letting your upper body come up just make a smooth rotation around your body and turn back with your hips and shoulders dont use your hands until you almost get to the ball then you can rlly explode through with your hands
  10. your right knee is straightening and your whole body is coming up and you also start with your hands from the top
  11. in defense of the OP it really sucks when you dont do what you know you can on a golf course even though i think he's kinda bragging a bit
  12. i usally golf in whatever tshirt im wearing and shorts unless im playing in a tournament. Apparel is highly over rated to me and quite expensive, idk i guess id rather look like a slob and let my game do the talking then be a hack with all their fancy clothes and just look like an idiot. Once im scratch then i'll look real snazzy out there
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