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  1. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    I voted yes. I already do play with used balls I purchase on line from a well know supplier of such items. I buy new balls when I have some shop credits or just feel flush. Frankly I can't tell the difference in the balls' performance. This supplier sorts the balls by quality and I do buy the best quality ones. BTW many of the pro shops on the courses I play have a jar of "used balls" and you can purchase these one at a time.
  2. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    I admit to ignorance of the CONGU system as I seldom play outside of the US. I was under the impression however that only scores from tournaments were submitted for handicap purposes. That would be much fewer scores than the typical USGA handicap golfer would submit I suspect. But as I said in the post I like the idea of using the daily scores to determine the "daily slope". Especially on courses like my club where I suspect the impact might be 3-4 strokes depending on conditions.
  3. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    I like this idea as I play a lot of golf at a course where wind, green speed, and pin placement can wreak havoc with your game and/or cause your best score ever. Such a system that uses the daily scores to account for changing course conditions would be of benefit to me. But to implement this system I see a lot of data manipulation that now isn't part of the process of determining handicaps. Read that to mean significant computing horsepower will have to be developed/procured along with new software and none of that comes free. So while I like it I won't hold my breath. But as someone once said, "if you're going to eat and elephant, you have to start with the first bite". So I am supportive but sceptical about the implementation dates.
  4. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    I believe that if rangefinder/GPS is used correctly they speed up play. Much faster than looking for range markers then stepping off yardage to your ball.
  5. I don't think it is biased either in the sense that what is shown isn't real. I believe the results of the demonstration are real and repeatable. I was saying that finding a ball that has all the dimples on one hemisphere being different than the opposite hemisphere in a specific way is an unlikely event. I don't purchase refurbished balls as I would agree the performance is probably degraded by the refurbishment process. I worked a development engineer for long time in industry and my experience is when Marketing pays for a test it is with the intent to sell more of the company's product. That doesn't mean the test were not honest in that given the test scenario the results were real. But the scenario was sometimes carefully selected. For whatever it's worth I believe it would be difficult to find a better all around performing ball than the Pro V 1. If I could play golf as well as you do I might fork over the $50/doz myself instead of looking in the rough and ponds on courses I play for them. Of course, if I could play as well as you do Titleist might offer them complimentary.
  6. That's difficult to believe that 0.002" in dimple depth can make that kind of difference although admit I am not an aerodynamic engineer. I am suspicious as the tests were performed by a party that has an interest in selling their golf balls. So for the test they produced a few balls with all the dimples on one side being different by .002 inches. Even if the test results are accurate I wouldn't think any major ball manufacture ever allow balls like this on the market. For the sake of full disclosure I play Titleist balls, not Pro V1 they are too expensive for a hack like me, but I play the NXT tour S and like them. I don't play with refurbished balls so have not clue what the refurbishment process is or how it might affect the golf ball performance.
  7. PING - MAP

    I don't know but my experiences say no. I have tried at times offering I'll pay cash if you'll split the credit card fee with me, and that has never worked. Also I don't know of anyone creditable who has managed to negotiate a lower price from a retail store. Ebay, but then you might get counterfeits.
  8. Lexi Misses Two Footer, Loses Player of the Year

    It was and if the two notable no-wins had been normal losses I'm sure she would see it as a great year, as it was. But I know for most the two disappointments certainly kept it from being an exceptionally good year. I would think this might weigh on her mind some over the off season. Who knows, maybe she will use these as motivation to have a even better year this coming season.
  9. Lexi Misses Two Footer, Loses Player of the Year

    It has been a tough year for Lexi.
  10. Skins Game Question

    I believe I made the same point in an earlier/different thread, that large tournaments should be separated into flights.
  11. Skins Game Question

    I probably said more than I intended and was intending to say that the handicap system doesn't work well for skins games. Yes the handicaps work in fourball groups well enough I didn't mean to imply that they only work for two man stroke play. I only meant that the further you get away from that scenario, the less "equal" the footing becomes. An extreme example is a tournament with a 100 players and large handicap variations leaves little chance for a low handicap win.
  12. Skins Game Question

    Interesting discussion(s) here. I agree the handicap system doesn't work very well for a small group skins game. The handicap system was designed to permit two players to compete in a stroke play match on a "more of less" equal footing. When handicaps are used in other formats or in large groups it doesn't seem to work nearly as well in obtaining the "equal footing" goal. At least that is my experiences.
  13. I have found this to be true at most courses. But if you get a neighbor you can move if the range isn't crowded, although this isn't good for making new friends. I too, as someone earlier said, look for the least dug up and level spot and if that is next to you, you got a neighbor.
  14. Does Sports (Golf) Teach Life Lessons?

    I voted yes but concede that it might depend upon how one defines "life lessons". I have played all sorts of sports over my life time and believe that doing so has taught me much that has help in some of my other pursuits. In particular golf has a lot of lessons to teach you about yourself. Being primarily an individual sport maybe the most important lesson is only you can fix you. Other people can help, but only you can change you. No one else can do it for you. There are other lessons but I believe that is the most important.
  15. Skins Game Question


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