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  1. I played yesterday and need update this. It would appear we are back to normal on the course. Rakes in the traps, water in the ball washers, no single rider golf carts in sight, and flags can be pulled. The one exception is masks and distancing in the clubhouse and pro shops still in place.
  2. When I wear shorts, I use sunblock on my legs.
  3. No, masks still required in the club house, most courses don't have rakes at the traps, and many don't have ball washers, and almost all on course drinking fountains are secured. However there are a few, and I mean a few, that have totally opened on the course. But I don't know any that don't still require a mask in the pro shop/clubhouse.
  4. After a couple of three skin cancers I have become pretty good at protecting my skin from the sun. I prefer the sun sleeves to long sleeved shirts in summer. At the high altitude where I spend summers the sun is pretty intense. Sun Block is good and I use it on my legs, when I am in shorts, and face/neck/ears areas all the time, along with a big brim hat. I do reapply it at the turn like the container tells you to do. I would prefer to not have to do this, but I've lost a couple of golfing buddies and an uncle to melanoma cancer. In my personal case I've had two cancers (one sq
  5. I voted the course were "just right". However having said that I'm not against setting the tee boxes for the Ladies such that their second shot on par 4s and par 5s, on average, is the same club as the PGA tour would be. I recall a passed off season exhibition event held in Nevada somewhere called the 3 tour challenge (I think) where players from all three tours were invited and they played in threesomes. The tee boxes were set as I said in the first paragraph, second shot was about the same club for everyone on par 4s and 5s. I tried to find the history of this event, but no luck as
  6. Yes and it isn't necessary. I won't dispute his right to say whatever he likes, but I also have a right to not like it. Like a lot of things we have a right to do, just because you can doesn't mean you should. Lot of ways to express anger, profane language is only one of them.
  7. I voted yes. I believe public cursing is offensive. I know it happens, understandable at times, but not OK. But that seems to be a minority opinion, but it is mine.
  8. Often scrambles are played in a 4 person team format. Like ABCD events. But certainly in 2 person team format, letting the opponent decide would work for me.
  9. It is all interesting. But I would not play this for money because who decides what the worst shot is? I know we all assume Golfers are honest and I believe that. But as someone said, yes I know who said it, "Trust but Verify".
  10. First of all I have to say I concur the definition of Chip and Pitch is not precise and therefore some caution reading advice is advised. I personally, and I'm not a pro, I never pitch a ball if there is a viable chip shot possible. Hitting high lofted clubs off of tight lies with less than a full swing isn't something I do well. Much easier, for me anyway, to just let the ball run if that is possible. I try to use different clubs, normally a 6I to PW, depending upon distance and conditions, as this seems to allow me to use the same swing thought, more or less anyway. I find this easier
  11. No I admit I didn't do much other than a quick look as I had several tasks for this day which I why I skipped my normal Monday round and did a 9 hole walk at sunrise. But you're correct if one invests some time they will likely remember it longer. Thanks for the response. I was amazed to see this is directly addressed in the rules. Must have happened to others. But first time I happened to me and since I'm close to 80 I am sure the ball didn't break because of my excessive swing speed. Again, thanks for your response.
  12. I've never seen this before, but on the 16th tee this morning I hit my drive and it felt good. Well after about 75 yards of travel it just took a nose dive to to right and fell out of the sky, or so I thought. My buddy was telling me it went left not right. Anyway I found about half the ball when I saw it land and my buddy found a piece on the left side of the fairway. There was a third piece somewhere that we never found. So what is the rule regarding a ball that comes apart in flight? I have been golfing a long time and I have never seen this before or even heard of it (other than th
  13. I owned a house on a golf course for several years. Being a golfer I knew the possibility. But it was located well behind and right of the 4th green and well behind and left of the fifth tee box (tips). I can answer a couple of questions from above posts. Yes I play and knew it was possible to lose a window or tile off the roof. But the location was such that didn't ever happen, losing a window, and maybe I found a half dozen balls a year in my back yard. Also to purchase the house I was required to sign a paper that I was aware of the possibility of errant shots and waive liability
  14. I don't have a favorite club for short game, but I do prefer to chip and let the ball run as opposed to throwing the ball up in air (pitch) and trying to drop it softly. So I am probably using and 7-9 irons more than the wedges for short game. But I try to let the situation dictate what I do and what club i used to do it with.
  15. In the US the threat is about 69 deaths per 100,000 population (Johns Hopkins University). Pretty small but expect it would increase some if we just unlocked everything. I am not in favor of lockdowns, they do more damage than the virus would do. I am in favor of reasonable (problem is who defines reasonable) restrictions on some activities. In the specific case of golf, I mentioned what is being done in this area in my first post. Seems like these are reasonable and not much of an effort for the courses to do.
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