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  1. And I am worried about what happens when people run out of money and food and the ban on evictions/repossessions ends.
  2. For me I walk often on some of the courses in the Phoenix Metro area. Most are flat and not too much distance between greens to the next tee. But I am in my late seventies and there are some courses I just can't walk anymore because of the up & downs and/or they spread out with significant distances between holes. In my summer place here in the mountains of AZ I don't walk more than 9 holes. Just too much up and down for an old guy to handle and enjoy it. Maybe if I would fork over some bucks and get one of those electric powered push carts I could walk more. Pretty expensive on a retire's budget. But I'll think on it. To answer the OP question No I don't think I'll change much when we get back to normal and I somehow doubt many will. Too bad as I like walking better and those that could walk more seem t want to ride.
  3. I thought I'd add to my golf experiences in Metro Phoenix as I had posted my experiences at the course on Tuesday. Got bored yesterday afternoon and went out to walk 9 holes at a small 9 hole course near here. A low end ($15 after Noon) course but something to do and an interesting layout. One par 5, four par 4s and 3s. Unlike my Tuesday, at this course there were ball washers, sand bottles, and all the usual stuff without anything to keep the ball out of hole and no warning about touching the flag sticks. The restaurant was closed but the take out window as open as was the patio where a few had gathered (less than 10). From this I take it that not all courses are following the guide lines. Going out again today to a 18 hole course in another suburb near here, I'll let you know how it goes with the restrictions.
  4. I played yesterday for the first time since the virus alerts. As of yesterday there were no mandatory course shut downs here. But at the course there were changes. No sand bottles, no rakes at the bunkers (or anywhere), PVC pipe had been put in the holes such that the ball could not drop to the bottom (in fact the top of the ball was slightly above the rim of cup) and you were told to not remove the flags, no ball washers, and no cash accepted in the pro shop. The restaurant was open but no seating inside, only outside and limited menu. Since I was out I missed it but a neighbor told me the city had declared "State of Emergency" yesterday. So not sure you can play today. But I'll check and see if true and update Y'all if that is so. It would seem futile around here unless all the Metro Phoenix municipalities followed suite. But then, what do I know, I'm not a Doctor.
  5. Absolutely it has affected my golf. One of the leagues I belong to has an annual tournament in Nevada every year in April. But we had to cancel this year as, while the courses are open and in business, all the hotels and restaurants are closed. Also because no gathering larger than 10 are allowed the following award banquet is impossible. As to the local game we still play, but no shotgun starts are allowed and the courses' cafes are closed so no award lunch after the round, just go home. So the golf experience social aspects are somewhat eliminated, but we still play, so far anyway.
  6. That man said that "golf is a game played in the 6" between your ears". If you believe the ball makes a difference, it probably will. IMO
  7. I got a BS in Engineering in 1971 after I got out of the service. If you're old I must be ancient.
  8. I carry a small tack hammer. But sometimes the ground is so dry and cold you need a sledge hammer. On days like this I just hit fairway woods off the tee.
  9. I try to arrive about an hour prior to my tee time. I do fuss some before the tee time in making sure I'm ready to play. Things like having a wet towel, GPS is on and correctly set, Balls are marked, loosened some old muscles on the range, etc. But I do it so I am ready to play and not screwing around on the course with stuff I should have already completed. On the course I try to be ready when it is my turn and use my time between shots getting ready for the next shot. On the other hand, I make it a point to not feel "rushed" on the course, I try to be efficient when it is my turn, but not feel hurried. So, IMO, being fussy and taking some time to prepare prior to your tee time, doesn't indicate one is a slow player on the course. It also doesn't indicate they are not a slow player. I suspect there is no correlation at all.
  10. I have only played a few times. Sometimes it is one of the formats used in a multi-day tournament.
  11. Of course you're correct and I suppose I should have used more precise language consistent with the USGA rule book. But I only meant that I was in the bunker because I hit a poor shot and was now paying the price, penalty if you will, for such a shot.
  12. It has been my observation it is pretty quick for anybody, especially for a course that has significant walks between green to the next tee.
  13. As it turns out, I don't think many of the courses I play spend much on maintaining the bunkers as they can be very inconsistent from one to the next. But, a few courses do clearly spend some $$ on bunker maintenance. However I personally don't mind less than perfect bunkers (we all have to play the same course) and wouldn't care if the courses turned them all into "grass bunkers". I would like, in the latter case, for the maintenance crew to keep the grass short enough I can find my ball. As I remind myself when in a bunker, it is a penalty area and you shouldn't be here in the first place, so shut up and play.
  14. Indeed it does (ego handicaps hurt in Tournaments). When money is on the line, everyone knows the rules. Some even know rules that don't exist, which is why I carry a rule book in my bag. Don't hear me wrong, I am not a rules Nazi on casual rounds and don't, unless ask, tell people the rules. However when I fork over a couple of hundred bucks or more to play in a tournament, I expect all to play by the rules and I'll speak up if you are not and I see it.
  15. ghalfaire

    Pace Problem

    I read many of the posts since my last one where I stated a couple of courses I know will remove slow foursomes if they don't keep up. I don't really agree with that as a universal policy as it wouldn't work in many places. However what I believe is important to help control slow play is that: 1. the course have a policy on pace of play; 2. Player know what the policy is before they tee off; 3. The policy is consistently enforced, whatever it is. Certainly the policy should be reasonable and consistent with the course difficulty and clientele. So while there is no perfect solution I suspect, at least if all courses had a known policy on pace of play, everyone would know what is expected of them before they made the tee time.
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