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  1. And I'll echo this. I had a good friend and a single digit handicapper that finally agreed to this surgery as the pain was just interfering with his life. Well he never got his single digit handicap back, but he played and enjoyed and told me "I don't know why I didn't do this years ago".
  2. Fair enough, no offense taken. Perhaps I over react to comments about addictions as I have had ample examples of addiction up close and personal. It is terribly sad what these addicts do to themselves and their families and friends.
  3. No it is not like gambling addiction. In the case of Alcoholism the addict is consuming a drug, alcohol.
  4. I believe the rules say if a putt is conceded you cannot refuse it, But a better question is, "why would you not accept it". I don't know about you guys/gals but I have missed a few two footers.
  5. I believe John Daly is a victim of an illness called Alcoholism. I don't have a thing in the world against wine, women, and song. If it interferes with you being in control of you life however, you have a problem. I believe that to be the case with John Daly.
  6. I am not sure I should post this here or start a new thread called "your authentic swing". I was watching a LPGA tournament the other day and Judy Rankin was discussing Inbee Park's swing. Her comment was, paraphrased here, find a swing that works for you and learn how to repeat it. I like this advice, perhaps controversial but since we are all individuals it would seem to make sense. I have seen a lot of non classical swings over the years by some pretty good golfers and believe Ms. Rankin has a good point. Seems to me It is all about how to achieve the correct impact conditions.
  7. The OP didn't answer but I assumed the OP intended to convey that they have maybe 3 different company's cards. There is a good reason to carry more than one card and that is not every merchant will accept your preferred card. For example American Express is not accepted everywhere nor is Discover. Probably Visa is the most accepted card but even it is not accepted everywhere.
  8. I see this is an old thread. I recently obtained an I7 phone and downloaded the apt "SwingXSwing". I just downloaded the basic apt and not the extension for stats that you have to pay for. I might do that if I like the apt. My first, and only so far, use showed that the yardage was always consistent with the marking on the home course and the pictures are, I assume, satellite views of the hole you're playing. As you get closer to the green the view zooms in some. Anyway, at first blush, it would appear this might be a low cost replacement for my aging sky caddie. So I thought I'd post this and see if anyone out there has used this apt and has any thoughts they would like to share.
  9. My thoughts are the difference between a game and a sport (English) is that a sport involves physical skill and a game does not. Both can be difficult to master the mental aspects. I have never thought that a game was necessarily easier to master than a sport. But I'd have to say watching someone play chess is not as interesting as watching a basketball "game". Maybe that is why the public elevates athletes over chess masters.
  10. I guess the man believes you have to have a "defense" to be a sport. But I would disagree with that and here is the definition of Sport I found. SPORT: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. There are lots of other sports were you're not competing directly with other players/participants but rather a clock (some sorts of racing) or a distance (pole vaulting or high jumping). In golf stroke play it just happens to be number of strokes taken to complete a round on specific course. So, in my opinion, what Mr. Kellerman says is just not defendable, no pun intended.
  11. Well I read many of the comments and responses and though I'd add my WALKING SINGLE experience to mix. I never walk more than 9 holes as I am chronologically advanced and just can't do 18 afoot anymore, especially here in the Mountains. But my experiences seem to vary with the course and the folks you run into. I belong to a private club and often walk 9 holes in the afternoon and usually single. Since we can't turn in the scores anymore I use the time to practice and often will refuse an offer to play through unless I am bothering the group ahead of me. One of the public courses I play some is very welcoming of singles but will pair you up with a short group if possible. They will actually look at the tee sheet and schedule with a two or threesome if possible. You are welcome to walk but if your desire is to play single it isn't likely to happen unless you show very early or late. The other public course in this area isn't very welcoming of singles and will discourage you from showing up if you call to see how busy the course is. If you do show up they will let you cool your heels awhile even though here are twosome and threesome teeing off. Strange. I don't go there often as you might imagine, but sometime it is the only option to working in the yard. As to how the other golfers treat me while playing single, pretty well I'd say. I have never been hit into to the best of my recollection. Sometimes when the group in front of me ask if I would like to play through and I say no, I have been ask would I play through as I somehow bother them playing behind. I always have complied with such requests. So I like playing alone on occasion and it has mostly been good experiences.
  12. Best advice is to call the club before you go about dress codes. I too belong to a private club and cargo shorts are fine. But each club has its own set of rules.
  13. It is getting close to Spring.
  14. I love to fish, mostly fresh water although I have some fond memories of fishing with my Dad off the coast of Mexico. I can't think of anything more soul soothing than walking a bubbling stream in the forest with a fly rod in hand and fish (trout) in the creel. Unfortunately age is catching up with me and this is getting more difficult to do in the mountains around here. So I am seriously considering buying a boat and trying fishing in the small lakes that dot the area I now live in. I might have to invest in a heavier and longer rod as the fish are bigger in the lakes.
  15. I read the book and enjoyed it, found it interesting. Not sure as teaching tool just how useful it is. But it did get me started on the road to a more upright swing as I was persecuted by a hook for years.