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  1. Driving Range Etiquette

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. I don't mind a little chit-chat, but do object to extended conversations.
  2. Score keeping

    This is the way we do it at my club for any formal competitions.
  3. Driving Range Etiquette

    The only driving range etiquette I wish folks would observe is if you and your buddy are going to have an extended conversation in the tee next to me is "don't". I really don't care how others dress or what their swings look like on the practice tee, greens, or chipping areas. I don't expect compete silence on the range but would appreciate your recognition that I don't need to hear a 5 minute catch up with your friend on the adjacent tee.
  4. Don't text and drive folks

    My phone has a feature that you can set that disables receiving Text messages when the phone is connected to the Truck's blue tooth. It automatically sends the message "I am driving and can't receive your message until I arrive" to the sender of any text message. Nice feature but of course you have to enable it.
  5. Probably a generational thing but I said El Nino. Tough for me as Rahm played for my Alma Matter. But no one was better tee to green than Sergio in his best days. If he could have ever mastered the putter he would have been one of the best ever.
  6. What type of golfer are you?

    Difficult to define but I'd say the best adjective for me would be a moderately serious golfer. I play for fun but make an effort to observe the rules but am not a rules Nazi, I behave on the course so as to not endanger anyone or cause them to not enjoy the game, I have a temper but keep a lid on it when on the course, and I make an effort to spend time on the practice facility trying to be the best I can be. But most important I know I will have bad shots and bad rounds but recognize that being on the course is still better than my best days working for living.
  7. When your son out drives you.

    I am so old I have grandsons that out drive me and delight in pointing it out. Of course neither has managed to fire a lower score yet. I keep telling them them game is about how many, not how far.
  8. which club is more difficult for you?

    Since the driver was disallowed as an answer, I would say my 3 hybrid.
  9. The Importance of a Trouble Shot

    Yup this is me. Punch it out with a 6 Iron to about 50 yards short of the pin, a distance I practice, and wedge it up and hope for a one putt par but for sure take a double off the table.
  10. When ball is out of bounds.. Private Property

    Yes that is true and usually you have to sign a document stating you understand the potential for damage to your home and personal injury due to living on a golf course. You do not however give up your private property rights and any golfer on your property without your permission is subject to trespass laws. So if a homeowner allows you to walk onto their property and retrieve your ball you should thank them because they are not required to do that.
  11. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    True enough. But it is not unusual for someone to quote statistics to "make a point" even though they are misusing what the statistics represent. Especially if they are selling things. Being an engineer I am sensitive to wanting to know sources of data or the raw data. Or as we said in the trade, "statistics don't lie but liars use statistics". Just so no one is insulted sometimes, maybe even often, misuse is through ignorance or overly trusting statements because "it is supported by data".
  12. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    I don't have a problem with statistics but like to know the source. if from the USGA you're talking about golfers that post rounds and keep a handicap. Those data are certainly different from "all golfers", many, if not most, who do not keep a handicap nor in general know or play by the rules. If you ever play a weekend at a municipal course you won't have much problem in believing the average putts per round is 40. Having said that the statistics of a group don't necessarily represent the attributes of an individual in the group. But I'd admit that before being beset by various physical problems this last 18 months my putting performance matched fairly well with the 85-90 scoring golfer. However the other statistics don't seem to resemble my game much. BTW I think the putting diff is supposed to be 1.26 for that group.
  13. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    I guess I am just overly honest. I would agree that 40 putt average sound high to me. This summer I have been averaging between 34-35. Fast greens and lots of wind this year as most years I do better than than and hope to return to the deserts of AZ this winter where greens tend to be slower and flatter.
  14. When ball is out of bounds.. Private Property

    Having a home on a golf course I don't advise trying to get your ball back by trespassing. In my case all the course homes have fences that make it unlikely anyone would climb to get their ball. Six feet of wrought Iron so even a Pro V1 isn't worth it. When I find a ball in the back yard I usually throw it back onto the course, unless of course it is a Pro V1.
  15. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    Well here in the hills we have had a mild Summer and our greens are very undulating and tilted, in general. Since it is a mild summer the greens supervisor has kept them fast this year, about 11.5 on the meter. Pretty easy to do 40 putts if you're having a bad putter day. I've seen a few four putts this year and did one myself.