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  1. ghalfaire

    Assigning Credit and Blame in the Cups

    I give the players most of the credit (90%+) for the outcome. They are the ones with the stick in their hands, not the Captain. As to the course set up. Both sides have to play the same course under the same conditions. These guys are professionals and I would think they have the ability and experience to "adjust" their game to conditions. I think the course set up had little if anything to do with the outcome.
  2. ghalfaire

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    Probably late to the party here but I was surprised at the results of the poll. My personal experiences is that not very often do I have any problems with slow play. I'm not a slow player or particularly fast ether and my foursome averages about 3:45 minutes if not held up anywhere. I do play the munis and do also belong to a club. Pace of play at the club can be slow too at times and don't see a big difference in the pace there Vs the munis. If the poll is representative of the golfing population I would guess than just makes me lucky in not running into traffic very often.
  3. I too cover my head and duck any time I hear "fore". I have only been hit by another golfer once. It was drive and it caught me in the left shin, on the fly. I went down like I'd been shot with a 30-30. Certainly hurt and the fellow did yell "fore", but I didn't hear it. Anyway the fellow was very apologetic and I was able to walk after a minute or so, but didn't finish the round. It hurt.
  4. ghalfaire

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Well I'd say that knowledge of the players, the sport, venue are probably necessary to be a good captain. But apparently not sufficient to produce a winning record. Europe is 9-3-0 the last 25 years. Do you believe we're just that over matched? I don't. I don't put it all on the captain either, but I would say being an elite player and being a good captain are not the same thing. Also worth of note is it would seem somehow the European team seems to be able to raise their games for the RC, while often several of our players don't even play to their abilities (I'm not saying they don't care, I'm sure they do). I don't pretend I know the answer, but I know when you consistently get beat by what would appear on paper less talented teams, you're doing something wrong.
  5. ghalfaire

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    For a set of random thoughts, I assume that was tongue in cheek also, you're pretty much on the mark in my non-professional opinion. I would add that for some reason the Euro's seem to be able to raise their game for the RC, especially in Europe. My conclusion is that for some reason winning is more important to the European team than to the US team. I'm not saying the US team doesn't care, just a matter of degree. If this isn't true how can one explain how the dominance of the European team over the US teams recent years when on paper they often are the lesser talented team? I really liked your comment on playing the course. No reason the big hitters don't hit irons off the tee to keep in on the short grass. The distance penalty wasn't nearly as severe as penalty for being in the rough.
  6. ghalfaire

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Certainly that's the way to bet. But I've seen some unexpected results in match play, so you never know. I know Tiger surely does take his legacy seriously, not sure just how important it is to him to win an exhibition match compared to a PGA tournament. Also I think Phil's arthritis is a factor. My experience with arthritis is every day your body is different. Sometimes really good and sometime not so good. Not like either one needs the money to pay rent. I believe Lee Trevino said "real pressure is playing a $5 Nassau with $2 in your pocket. Playing for other people's money is no pressure". Or some sort of words very close to that. But it should be an interesting match to watch and if I can, I will.
  7. ghalfaire

    Favorite Thing about This Time of Year

    I live mostly in the hills here in AZ, ~7400' ASL. In my opinion late summer and early fall are the best times of year here. Most the summer tourists are gone, weather is still warm (50s lows, 70s highs), monsoon is over and the course is drying & humidity is low, lots of sunshine, and fall colors are beginning to appear in the high country. The only thing not to like is Winter isn't far away. 🙄
  8. ghalfaire

    Dustin Johnson Hits Jack's Old Clubs

    I hear the argument a lot the modern equipment doesn't benefit the good ball striker very much. Maybe a nit but if you believe Jack as as accomplished a ball striker as DJ is then I'd have ask why is is driving average 14% greater than Jack's. I see 14% as significant but maybe not everyone does.
  9. ghalfaire

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    A good point I hadn't thought of. I have satellite TV, can't receive any broadcast stations up here, and the satellite TV provider surely doesn't donate it to me.
  10. ghalfaire

    Dustin Johnson Hits Jack's Old Clubs

    I seem to have left the "not" out of the ball striking statement. I certainly believe today's players are as accomplish as those of decades ago when it comes go ball striking. . As to how far Dustin J can hit a driver his average is 314 yards I believe. But that certainly not the limit of his capability or or anywhere near his longest drives. Although I admit 390 might be a over statement. I thought the comment about the ball may be more appropriate to the distance, at least if we are trying to compare today's player with old equipment to the years ago players with that equipment. And yes I believe like @Vinsk that today's players would still be breaking par with old equipment. Would their scoring be as good, who knows? Probably not but maybe better than the players of the day.
  11. ghalfaire

    Dustin Johnson Hits Jack's Old Clubs

    I wouldn't think anyone would believe that today's players are as accomplished at ball striking as those of decades ago players. But worth of note here is that DJ's drive with Jack's driver is 100 yards less than with his own driver. That with a modern ball I assume.
  12. ghalfaire

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    👎What a sourpuss. This is just a business deal someone is putting together betting they can pay out $9 million plus and still make a buck for themselves. This is what free markets are, take a risk, make money or lose as the case may be. It isn't costing you a dime and isn't harming you in anyway I can see. Why do you care?
  13. ghalfaire

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    I can't imaging any serious golfer not wanting to see this match. Yes Tiger is the better golfer, his record shows it, and I suspect he is the odds on favorite. But Phil is not a bad stick himself and as they say, "on any given day". So I would not say Phil has no chance. After all the NY Jets & Broadway Joe beat the MN Vikings and the Eagles, with a backup QB beat the Patriots. Sometimes in sports strange things happen. Before anyone offers me a bet, I do believe the race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but that is the way to bet.
  14. ghalfaire

    Thank god for the wonder cure of golf..

    For me mechanical thoughts, like keep the left arm straight, just don't work. I know they do for some, but not me. I try to follow a routine of stand behind the ball and pick a line, try to "see" the shot as best I can, step up to ball from behind and take my stance, check grip pressure (I tend to choke the club), then swing. My only swing thought is either a song in my head or (this sounds stupid, but works for me), "be the ball". No I'm not putting you on.
  15. ghalfaire

    Par 3 etiquette

    I have seen this a number of times. The reasoning is it speeds up play. I'm not sure that is true however. Like a chain is no stronger than the weakest link, you can't play faster than the slowest group in front of you. But I wouldn't argue that it speeds up the flow on that Par 3, it probably does. Then you can sit on the next tee waiting to tee off as up there somewhere is the slowest group on the course.

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