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  1. Using back side of club

    I am a "lefty" playing "righty" and I do this. Works well but take some practice to figure out trajectory, direction. I have never tried to use the back of the club but sounds/looks more difficult. Maybe I'll try it at the range.
  2. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    I have read a lot of these and also have some concerns about the new system when and if it occurs, and I think it will occur. I worry some about the definition of "competitive round". Most of the golf I play is friendly rounds and yes there usually something on the line. A couple of the "leagues" I play in the winter time, there is an entry fee and "the pot" is redistributed according to results after the round. A lot of my summer rounds are at the club and are $5 Nassau type round with your buddies. Will those rounds be considered Competitive Rounds? The Club does have monthly tournaments that I am sure will qualify. But enter fees are considerable and I don't play those often. So I'm not losing any sleep over this but just curious about what rounds will qualify for handicap and if there will be a requirement to play a minimum number a year to qualify to have a handicap. I suspect however the specific definitions are not decided or public yet.
  3. Have you hit yourself with a golf ball?

    Once and it involved a few trees. I had hooked the ball into some trees on the left but had a good lie and what I deemed to be a adequate opening and path to the green. It was a dog leg right hole and I was playing well so decide to go for the green. I don't remember what club but something like a 5 Iron for me. Anyway I managed to hit the right hand tree and like a ping pong machine it redirected the ball to the left hand tree which immediately redirected the ball to the middle of my chest, the breast bone. Not a pleasant experience. While I don't condone foul language I think maybe I said darn or something close to that. Ruined the round and bruised me so bad I couldn't swing the club for a week or so.
  4. The Great Debate. Lob or Run?

    Assuming the line was clear and I'm on short grass, I'd take my 4 hybrid and putt with it. I I'm in the rough and the line isn't clear I'd take an 8 or 9 iron and chip it,
  5. John Daly and the Hall of Fame

    I voted no and I am a John Daly fan. But his accomplishments just don't seem to measure up to those that are in the HoF. I voted someone else. However I don't think I can make a pick as the equipment has changed so much that the long hitters of decades gone, those guys' length wouldn't qualify as long today. But today's golfers, I'd pick Dustin J. Long and accurate.
  6. How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    Well I got curious so since I keep track of all my outgoing $ I looked it up. I spent about $2,000 on green fees. But not nearly as much golf this year as usual because I had some physical difficulties that kept me off the course.
  7. Crypto Currency (Bitcoin)

    I suppose I could be missing out but I just don't see what supports Bitcoin other than there are people willing to pay money to get purchase it. With conventional currencies there are governments who has a vested interest in maintaining the value of its currency. Governments own things of value so in some ways having cash is like owning stock. But there is nothing of value supporting Bitcoin that I know other than investors perceiving value. But there is no physical assets or special services that I know of that support Bitcoin. I am not a financial expert but I don't see how that works long term.
  8. Would you play a non-conforming (illegal) driver?

    Nope. Wouldn't knowingly play non-conforming equipment.
  9. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    I voted 2 and 0. The man is an exceptional talent but the tour today is a lot of very good young golfers who are not afraid of Tiger. But I believe Tiger is good enough to win a couple of tour event if his body holds out. But I have my doubt about a major. Only 8% of major wins have been by golfers 41 and older, per the Golf Channel. There is some pretty big names in the 8% but still the odds are against the over 40 set. But I admit applying these data to someone like Tiger, who without question is an exceptional talent, is iffy. But he needs to get the rust off and in a hurry and that means playing tournaments. Over 40 that can wear you down some.
  10. Etiquette

    I guess I was just brought up in a different time than most of you, i.e. I'm old. But we certainly knew how to use foul language, but didn't very often and never in polite (read female, no I'm not sexist I'm explaining how it was then), at least not on purpose. Today I listen to the younger set and it would seem about every third word or so starts with F or M and there are a few other. Regardless of how I feel on such conversation being acceptable in public I would to say when the words are so common they lose their impact. But I see foul language in public as just another example of how our population just doesn't have respect for others of differing values. I understand the teen set, they are just trying to "fit in" and show they are all grown up, just like we did as teen. But young adults and even a lot of middle aged adults that use these words as just a normal way of communicating, I don't understand at all what they hope to accomplish by offending a significant part of the population.
  11. Buying Premium Used Golf Balls - Survey

    I voted yes. I already do play with used balls I purchase on line from a well know supplier of such items. I buy new balls when I have some shop credits or just feel flush. Frankly I can't tell the difference in the balls' performance. This supplier sorts the balls by quality and I do buy the best quality ones. BTW many of the pro shops on the courses I play have a jar of "used balls" and you can purchase these one at a time.
  12. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    I admit to ignorance of the CONGU system as I seldom play outside of the US. I was under the impression however that only scores from tournaments were submitted for handicap purposes. That would be much fewer scores than the typical USGA handicap golfer would submit I suspect. But as I said in the post I like the idea of using the daily scores to determine the "daily slope". Especially on courses like my club where I suspect the impact might be 3-4 strokes depending on conditions.
  13. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    I like this idea as I play a lot of golf at a course where wind, green speed, and pin placement can wreak havoc with your game and/or cause your best score ever. Such a system that uses the daily scores to account for changing course conditions would be of benefit to me. But to implement this system I see a lot of data manipulation that now isn't part of the process of determining handicaps. Read that to mean significant computing horsepower will have to be developed/procured along with new software and none of that comes free. So while I like it I won't hold my breath. But as someone once said, "if you're going to eat and elephant, you have to start with the first bite". So I am supportive but sceptical about the implementation dates.
  14. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    I believe that if rangefinder/GPS is used correctly they speed up play. Much faster than looking for range markers then stepping off yardage to your ball.
  15. I don't think it is biased either in the sense that what is shown isn't real. I believe the results of the demonstration are real and repeatable. I was saying that finding a ball that has all the dimples on one hemisphere being different than the opposite hemisphere in a specific way is an unlikely event. I don't purchase refurbished balls as I would agree the performance is probably degraded by the refurbishment process. I worked a development engineer for long time in industry and my experience is when Marketing pays for a test it is with the intent to sell more of the company's product. That doesn't mean the test were not honest in that given the test scenario the results were real. But the scenario was sometimes carefully selected. For whatever it's worth I believe it would be difficult to find a better all around performing ball than the Pro V 1. If I could play golf as well as you do I might fork over the $50/doz myself instead of looking in the rough and ponds on courses I play for them. Of course, if I could play as well as you do Titleist might offer them complimentary.

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