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  1. And well you should be afraid. Of all the rattle snakes the Green Rattler has the most deadly venom.
  2. Might work if golfers cooperate. I worked a place that had an elevated test platform about 30' above ground. Every time we went to use it we had to clean off the Pigeon leavings (how's that for a delicate description?). So we put up some plastic owls and that worked for week or so but even pigeons will eventually figure out they are not alive. So we upped our technology to fake owls that had motion sensors and make noise when the pigeons showed up. That helped, but even that eventually failed. We finally had to just make all the landing areas (railings mostly) very unfriendly with plastic spikes. Also one of the local courses had Elk problems, especially in Winter. They put up scarecrows and other things to protect the course from the Elk. Helps some but not effective longer term. I guess my point here is, these dumb animals are not as dumb as one might think, especially animals that are prey, and fake anything doesn't seem to work long term. Barriers seem to be the only longer term solution and don't know how you do that on a golf course.
  3. I am well into the "senior golfer" range and so the first thing I do is shorten the course by playing the senior tees. I also have a plan of attack on each tee that I want to follow, I admit sometimes the plan doesn't last passed the tee shot, but good to know what your trying to do before you hit shot 1 on that hole. For example my course has a long par 5 I can't reach, but can get to about 50 yards or so in 3. But I don't because the green is elevated and you're going to have to pitch the ball up. You can't chip the ball up as it is a steep bank. So I deliberately lay back on the second shot so I have a full wedge as I am a lot more comfortable with that than trying to hit a half wedge off a tight lie. I read somewhere, I believe in "Zen Golf", that you should always play the shot you know you can execute and never the shot you don't know whether on not you can execute" (or words to that effect). My last advise is to have fun, it's a gift to be on the course and not at work.
  4. ghalfaire

    What a Day!

    👍 Wow! That's one for the books for sure. Congratulations.
  5. I am not really a hybrid fan. I only carry one, a 3H which I use more for chipping off a tight lie around the greens than for anything else. But it can work out as a driving tool on shorter par 4 holes. My personal problem with hybrids is the "go left" thing which many posts mention. My observation is the hybrid Vs long Iron is a Ford/Chevy argument. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but for me I like my 4 and 5 Irons over any hybrids I have owned.
  6. When I started playing golf, decades ago, it was not uncommon to play with a half set of irons and usually they were the odd numbers for some reason. I do believe it encourages you to develop your "shot making" abilities as you often find yourself either tying to bust a 9I or shorten a 7I. I play with 14 clubs these days but do have a Sunday Bag with less than a half set I use when wanting to get in a practice round and walk. No way these days I could walk and carry (or push) for 18 hole with a full set. So my Sunday Bag is 3H, 5I, 7I, 9I, 56 Degree wedge, and a putter. Pretty short set but light weight and I enjoy it. I don't keep score so I can't compare this with playing with my foursome other than I like walking alone on the course, even on days I can't make all 18.
  7. I voted NO. While I understand the need for emergency communications, people who use their phone on the course for "important business" annoy me. I know my phone can be set to accept only messages marked "urgent" while I'm on the course and I suspect most can be set this way. My phone can all be set to only accept calls from specific people in your phone book.
  8. When playing with others I don't know well I usually remove my hat and shake hands. But if with my usual group we often just go have a beer.
  9. Only once. I was visiting in-laws in PA and drove to St. Mary's to play Bavarian Hills as a single. The starter paired me up with a young woman, I'd guess about 35 or so. Turns out she was the Women's club champion at the course and very good. It was a pleasant round and the Lady was friendly and help me navigate the course as I had never played there before. She had intended to play single, wasn't a busy time there, but seemed to enjoy the company. That is the only time I ever ran into a female that intended to play single and I am sure would have if I had not shown up. Must have been about 2000 or so.
  10. I didn't read all of these so if I repeat an answer you already have, I apologize. But most 18 hole courses in my area have a 9 hole rate. However, 9 hole play is limited to either early, before the first tee time is making the turn or late in the afternoon when sunset will limit the number of holes you can play. I would have thought that was the standard everywhere.
  11. I do it for fun. There are other things I am a lot better at that I do for money.
  12. I voted something else. I did once, but not purpose. Snow wasn't in the forecast when we teed off.
  13. Well I watched and as I expected, it was entertaining. Worth the $20 in my opinion. I was a little disappointed in that neither played as well as they are capable of but, a $9M purse is a lot of pressure, even if it isn't your $9M.
  14. I lived on a golf course for several years. I was luck in that my back yard faced the area between a green and the next tee box. So you had to be reasonably "unskilled" to put one in back yard. It was a busy course in winter so I did get about a dozen or so a year. What I hadn't planned on was across the street behind my neighbor's back yard was a dog leg left par 5. I never imagined that one could hook a drive 50 yards left (or left hand slice) and still get it over my neighbor's house (bounce off his roof) into my front yard. But they did and so I got around a dozen or more a year in the front yard too. I just lived with it and repaired the stucco damage once a year of so. Never had any broken windows. The HOA wouldn't let you put up nets without permission and if you didn't have solar on roof or could show significant damages, you didn't get permission. In my case it was OK as due to my location relative to the course, I never had any significant damage. Some in my neighborhood did put in unbreakable windows and roof tiles that was more durable. That was about all you could do. Have to say though, speaking only for myself, the views were worth it.
  15. I guess I am just a simple fellow who doesn't see any deep meaning in this match. But it ought to be entertaining and I'll fork over the $20 to watch it. I am pretty sure for the competitors that at least as important money is winning. I can't imagine either one of these guys wanting to lose to the other now or ever. I'm not saying they would do it for free, I'm sure they wouldn't. After all this is their business. But, both are such competitors I suspect they will be giving it their best efforts.
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