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  1. I didn't see anyone mention this but Phil has Psoriatic Arthritis. I don't know a lot about this disease but it is an autoimmune problem. It Like a many other autoimmune issues they can be controlled but not cured. It is my suspicion that this flares up now and again and would certainly affect Phil's game. So for whatever it is worth my opinion is the arthritis is the issue with Phil. I'm sure aging doesn't help but I doubt that is the big issue with Phil.
  2. I play the round whether I am playing well or not. Why would one quite just because you don't have your A or B game?
  3. Thanks, I didn't know that.
  4. Well, like most others, I try to not hold up play and usually do whatever the rules say. So normally that is a net par that gets entered. But I admit if the ESC on the hole is 8 and am laying 6 a 150 yards out or more AND holding up the group behind me, I'll pick up and enter the ESC score (the highest for me is an 8). Yes I know that is not rules.
  5. There is a book I liked that was published years ago. It is called "the Inter Game of Golf" and was written by Tim Gallwey. Probably have trouble finding it. Mr. Gallwey was a teaching Tennis pro and decided to learn to play golf. It is about how he applied his tennis teaching techniques to his own learning to play golf and swinging the club. I found it interesting and some of his techniques helped me. But as @iacas said earlier in the thread, it, like most books on the mental side, tell you how to get out of your own way when playing. But sometime saying the same thing a different way can make more sense of it all.
  6. A lot of good suggestions on this thread. One I didn't see, probably because it isn't "manly", is use an umbrella to stay in the shade when you're not swinging the club. Could improve your game and avoid some skin cancer later in life.
  7. I voted something else. That's because I don't know but I do care. Most of my "single" rounds were in Winter and there is only one course open within driving range. Very few play here in winter so finding a partner is difficult, but there are a few "nice" days so out I go when I can. The course is usually in tough shape and even nice days might get up to 45 50 F, but with cloudless skies and sunshine. So if I had to guess I'd think my handicap index is higher when I included the Winter rounds because of the less than perfect course condition and cold weather. But since I can' turn the rounds in anymore, I often don't keep score and I practice a lot on the course so any score I might keep would be meaningless.
  8. I can't imagine why this would bother anyone.
  9. Sounds like a lawyer's dream set up. Especially if the rules are not consistently enforced. For the record I'm not a lawyer.
  10. Thanks and after some thought I believe I should have posted net par on both 10 and 11. But it would have been only one stroke difference from my actual score.
  11. I has some unexpected spare time a week or so ago and I decided I'd drive to a course I don't play often, but like, to play. I called and they accepted singles so off I went. I went as single and was paired up with a twosome. After 9 holes, the two fellows decided to not play the back 9 as it was very windy and they were not playing well (or maybe they just didn't like me, who knows?). But I continued on and played 10 and 11 by myself. When I arrived at the 12th tee, the threesome in front of me waved me up and ask if I'd like to join them. I did and finished the round playing with them. Now the question in my mind is, should I post this round as I played two holes by myself and none of the "witnesses" can attest to the entire round? Also, if it is legal to post the score, what should be the scores of holes 10 and 11? Should it be what I actually scored or should I enter a net par since they were not played by the rules, i.e. I was alone? I tried to find out what was proper but guess I just don't know where to look. But, to be honest, I entered the score and I used my real scores on 10 and 11. In the scheme of things it won't make a rat's rear end influence on my handicap index, but am curious what the rules say about this or if they address it at all.
  12. Here is a subtle form of cheating. I know a fellow who will play the members tees, then input his score for handicap indicating he played the forward tees. Do this most of the time and you will likely get a stroke or two on your handicap you don't deserve. Not enough of an advantage to get caught, but enough to turn the trick in a tight match.
  13. I guess my only comment here is I object to the sandbagger label. There are some, but some just play better when there is more money on the line than the usual $5 Nassau. They don't cheat, as sandbagger would imply, they just are more focused when more is on the line.
  14. I am visiting in-laws in N Central PA and it is rain rain go away. I did manage to play at Kane CC one day. But weather is iffy. I will be glad to head for home, heat or not.
  15. I don't want to poor mouth anyone but, while I am not poor I certainly am not wealthy either. Also, it isn't just one friend a year that asks if I would invite them, it is usually several a year. I just can't really afford to pay a dozen green fees a year for friends to play. The charge at our club for guests, if you play with them, is approaching $100/round + cart fees if they choose to ride, If I don't play with them it is even more expensive. Amen! I joined the club as the nearest non par 3 public course is 20 mile away and a 40 minute drive (one way) and I really don't like that course. So the nearest public course that I enjoy is 28 miles from my house. If you're playing 3-4 times a week the trip gets old. So, after a few years of doing the trip and in spite of propensity to not like spending my money, I opened my wallet and joined a private club 5 minutes from my house. I have not really regretted the decision, but it can be a stain on the budget at times.
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