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  1. First of all I have to say I concur the definition of Chip and Pitch is not precise and therefore some caution reading advice is advised. I personally, and I'm not a pro, I never pitch a ball if there is a viable chip shot possible. Hitting high lofted clubs off of tight lies with less than a full swing isn't something I do well. Much easier, for me anyway, to just let the ball run if that is possible. I try to use different clubs, normally a 6I to PW, depending upon distance and conditions, as this seems to allow me to use the same swing thought, more or less anyway. I find this easier
  2. No I admit I didn't do much other than a quick look as I had several tasks for this day which I why I skipped my normal Monday round and did a 9 hole walk at sunrise. But you're correct if one invests some time they will likely remember it longer. Thanks for the response. I was amazed to see this is directly addressed in the rules. Must have happened to others. But first time I happened to me and since I'm close to 80 I am sure the ball didn't break because of my excessive swing speed. Again, thanks for your response.
  3. I've never seen this before, but on the 16th tee this morning I hit my drive and it felt good. Well after about 75 yards of travel it just took a nose dive to to right and fell out of the sky, or so I thought. My buddy was telling me it went left not right. Anyway I found about half the ball when I saw it land and my buddy found a piece on the left side of the fairway. There was a third piece somewhere that we never found. So what is the rule regarding a ball that comes apart in flight? I have been golfing a long time and I have never seen this before or even heard of it (other than th
  4. I owned a house on a golf course for several years. Being a golfer I knew the possibility. But it was located well behind and right of the 4th green and well behind and left of the fifth tee box (tips). I can answer a couple of questions from above posts. Yes I play and knew it was possible to lose a window or tile off the roof. But the location was such that didn't ever happen, losing a window, and maybe I found a half dozen balls a year in my back yard. Also to purchase the house I was required to sign a paper that I was aware of the possibility of errant shots and waive liability
  5. I don't have a favorite club for short game, but I do prefer to chip and let the ball run as opposed to throwing the ball up in air (pitch) and trying to drop it softly. So I am probably using and 7-9 irons more than the wedges for short game. But I try to let the situation dictate what I do and what club i used to do it with.
  6. In the US the threat is about 69 deaths per 100,000 population (Johns Hopkins University). Pretty small but expect it would increase some if we just unlocked everything. I am not in favor of lockdowns, they do more damage than the virus would do. I am in favor of reasonable (problem is who defines reasonable) restrictions on some activities. In the specific case of golf, I mentioned what is being done in this area in my first post. Seems like these are reasonable and not much of an effort for the courses to do.
  7. I don't suppose to know the correct answer to this pandemic. But, like most, have an opinion. My opinion is that closing golf courses is not going to do much to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Especially if the proper measures are taken by the course management to avoid the contact with the virus. Almost all of the courses here have pool noodles in the holes, no ball washers, no rakes for the traps, allow one person motorized golf carts (trollies?), and masks required to enter the clubhouse/proshops. I have also observed a change, not mandated by Government, in golfers' behavior. No
  8. Amen. Priority one is don't have to hit this shot a second time. Get it out of the tall grass. Sometimes you just have to take what the course allows and in this situation a shot that leaves the ball on the green or short grass is good. Close to the pin would be a miracle.
  9. I read the article. I voted yes although, as the article says, it is sort of murky with respect to the rules. But I do believe it slows up play and doubt it allows very many if any to putt better.
  10. I voted no. We are old and my Wife has some immune system issues, so I try to not take chances.
  11. You can usually search Google (whatever search engine you prefer) and find how to do this on most cars.
  12. I used the word homogeneous as a way of saying the obvious of that you cannot assume that because a person belongs to the same race as another person, that they all believe the same things or want the same things based on that one characteristic, race. The fact that not everyone wants the same thing make solving the problem of racism more complex. So with that I'll really retire this time. The subject is just to explosive and, to me at least, difficult to discuss without angering anyone. BTW: I did learn some new perspectives reading some of the previous post. So glad you starte
  13. Here is why I said BLM is a political organization: black+lives+matter - Bing I suppose one might say it isn't political, but the description of BLM sounds political to me. I do realize there are various factions that attest to that banner, but none-the-less it exists as an organization and looks political to me. When you exist to make changes in laws, you are a political organization, by definition. Finally I'll say it is ignorant to believe that any race is homogeneous. Just because you belong to a specific race doesn't mean you are just same as everyo
  14. I have read most of the posts on this thread. I will say that I believe Black Lives Matter and there clearly is a problem in the US that needs solving. Having said that I comment the Black Lives Matter is a political organization and so I don't really know how to speak to this issue without politics which is banned on this forum. So I will retire and just repeat that Black lives do matter and hopefully we as a society can come to some consensus solution in country.
  15. Things are looking up it seems, at least as far as the Pandemic goes.
  16. I believe I enjoyed this telecast as much or more than most PGA tournaments. It was certainly entertaining, too bad the weather was not good. I particularly like the modified alternate shot format on the back 9.
  17. I am certainly in favor of opening up. However I have some suspicion that people will remain cautious and handshakes might not be the thing right away. Wouldn't be surprised to still see some with masks and gloves in newly opened businesses.
  18. If you're serious better hurry. It is likely to get to 100 degrees this weekend.
  19. Well we do need to begin opening up and I hope the best for those that are the first to report for work. But the fact is that until there is a vaccine, we won't stop the virus cold. Also worth remembering is the quarantine was intended to slow the infection rate so we didn't overwhelm the Health Care systems. It was never intended to be a solution to anything other than that. It would appear it has done a good job of slowing the infection rate. But we cannot stay quarantined until a vaccine is available. That's estimated to be a year or more. We now seem to have a few treatments that a
  20. Well I am thankful to be living in AZ right now. Our Governor seems to understand that some non essential activities are necessary (is that contradictory?) to the well being of the population. I have my differences with our Governor at times, but have to say he has done a good job with the shutdown. Situation here is some courses have shut down voluntary rather than adopt the modified rules, but most are open for play, both public and private.
  21. Amen. Although I note some Phoenix Metro courses have voluntarily closed. After the snowbirds left of course.
  22. I've been doing all those things I said I'd do if I ever had time. Wife is pleased.
  23. I belong to a private club that is seasonal and we pay our dues in Dec/Jan. It just did open for play albeit with lots of changes to normal operations. But so far no talk of refunding any part of the dues. Maybe if this lock down and modified operation continues into the Summer that will initiate the discussions on annual dues. We'll see.
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