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  1. I will agree with those that advise against a spinning chip shot. To get consistent roll-outs, you really want to eliminate spin on chips as much as possible. Not to say that certain circumstances may call for a bit more aggressive plays, but for a standard "get it rolling as soon as possible" chip shot, less spin is better.
  2. Thus starts yet another "rag on Haney" thread.
  3. I don't play much outside my home course, except for tournaments. I really liked Waldorf-Astoria, Falcon's Fire and Champion's Gate National. I think they are top-notch. Guys I know, whose opinion I respect, have mentioned Grande Pines and the Grand Cypress courses. Plus, the Disney courses are nearby although they may be pricier year-round. Here's a good listing of courses, with lots of reviews for the Orlando Attractions area, which is where you will be staying: http://www.golfnow.com/orlando/tee-times/golf-courses/fl---orlando-attractions/search
  4. I think you will like it. It's centrally located to all the Disney/Seaworld/Universal stuff. Lots of golf courses nearby, and if you are there in the Summer months, the prices will be relatively reasonable.
  5. I thought you were mainly here to tell us your pedigree as a marshal, and that you are currently at the "must-play" course in whatever state you're in. Isn't that the truth!
  6. I was talking to a friend on the range the other day, who I have been helping out a little with his swing. He said that he gets frustrated with his game, but now he is shooting in the low 90's. He said he pulled out some scorecards from a year ago, and saw that he shot in the 110's and 120's. Lots of improvement in only a year. He hasn't had any "official" lessons but is pretty diligent on working on the things I've showed him (for what that's worth). And if he continues to work on hitting the ball before the ground, he should be in the 80's in short order. He was striping it on the ra
  7. Never really played much golf (maybe 3-4 rounds a year), but moved to an apartment complex that was on a golf course. Started playing a couple times a week. No practice, except walking a few holes in the evening. Joined the mens club and played a few tournaments. Looking back, I had a lousy swing, no knowledge of course management, old clubs, etc. Took about a year and a half to get my first GHIN card with an index under 10. I thought I was hot stuff at the time. Little did I know.......
  8. Thanks for your service to our country. And maybe this should be a little lesson to those who post before they think. Thanks again.
  9. It seems that in the past week I have read something like the following from at least 3 different posters: "Me and my buddy did so-and-so..." or "I seen so-and-so". I just can't take any post seriously when the poster can't grasp even the basics of the English language.
  10. 5.5 should be just fine. That's what I have & my driver speed is around 105.
  11. It's not about how fast he is or isn't. It's about whether he improves his lie. I have noticed it in the past, and saw it again yesterday. He definitely improves his lie in taller grass. I've also noticed that he presses his iron down onto the ground just outside, and parallel to, his target line. It seems like it could leave a slight indentation in the grass and potentially help in his alignment.
  12. OP didn't say where this Golfsmith store is located, but I've never had that kind of experience at any Golfsmith I've been to. The guys I've talked with, and those I've seen interacting with others, seem to be quite knowledgeable. But given the intense discussions on here about cast vs forged wedges, I guess there are differences of opinions out there as well. And, to be sure, the sales staff are there to make a sale so they MIGHT be inclined to steer customers toward more expensive clubs.
  13. Well, I guess you have your answer then. But I'm not sure you'll drop your score 10 strokes by swinging harder. But that's just me; I guess we see it differently.
  14. I think you may be interpreting the graph incorrectly. Those with low handicaps generally have higher clubhead speeds because they have better swings. Just swinging hard will not lower your handicap. You should swing as hard as possible WHILE STILL BEING ABLE TO HIT THE CENTER OF THE CLUBFACE. If you can't do that, you are probably swinging too hard. Depending on the trouble off the tee, hitting less than driver is common. If there are bunkers right and left at 240 and my regular drive goes 250, I'd be stupid not to hit 3-wood. Just look at any tournament on TV. You will routinely see
  15. You're 20 so I assume you either have a job or go to college, right? When would you carve out the amount of time to practice and play enough to drop 12-15 strokes from your current game? Unless you are independently wealthy or currently on a college golf team, that is. Questions to answer: How much time do you currently devote to the game? What does the pro at your course think of your chances? Have you ever talked with him, or showed him your talent level? How well do you do in the tournaments you play in? Do you currently play with top-level amateur players and/or pros
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