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  1. About 1/3 of tour players chose Mizuno if no sponsor

    Haven't seen you for a while, welcome back and geez multisets? I really like my Mizzy 3 wood I got this year and enjoyed trying out the JPX 900 irons. I would really consider the MP 18s this spring.
  2. which club is more difficult for you?

    Putter. Only because I can't seem to nail down a consistent pre putt routine and I'm green illiterate.
  3. Maine fall foliage

    Yes it is warm and the driving is definitely more courteous here.
  4. Maine fall foliage

    Should of said hai. You could have driven through Mount Washington.
  5. Maine fall foliage

    Where were ya? Sugarloaf?
  6. My buddy for 7 weeks...
  7. Trying to Hit the Ball Picking Cart?

    I know most of the guys that pick up the golf balls on the range, so if I am trying to hit them, it is just a mess with them. I've been to ranges that have targets on the range to aim at and they are a lot more fun with certain clubs. Since I rarely aim at the cart guy, he's pretty safe. Mostly I go about my business, shanking balls into the trees.
  8. On a positive note, I just got off the phone with my surgeon and he is on board with taking my splint off early this Saturday.
  9. I don't which is worse, typing left handed or using the voice recognition software on my laptop...
  10. Thanks guys, everything went well unfortunately I will be out for three months. I'm not sure when I will be able to start using my arm more hopefully very soon. It's very hard to maintain your excitement about golf when you know you can't play. I don't know how @cipher did it. I am on day 2 so only 88 more days to go.
  11. Although my injury really didn't completely stop me from golfing, it caused me to be apprehensive with my swing. However, tomorrow's surgery will leave me in a cast for a week and a brace for at least 8 weeks or maybe more. This surgery is going to be a test of my fortitude. I don't know if I will be able to work, I know I can't lift weights, drive a stick or golf for 3 months. We shall see if I survive. It sucks to be self employed in these circumstances. I will keep you posted...
  12. Do you play a "winter ball"?

    Most of the summer I play a ProV1 but when fall is here and I lose balls due to leaves or sunlight in my eyes, I switch to ProV1x's. Similar quality and I always seems to have a lot of them at the end of the year that I have picked up and don't mind returning them to the golf course.
  13. Garage gold?

    Interesting stuff. Value to me is nil since I don't collect anything but tools that I use. It seems like the Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer mark could be rather saturated. The balls are originals? Or copies? I don't know that they were packaged but maybe your dad had bought something to protect them. Any way thanks for sharing.
  14. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Caption on some article I saw, I think it was on the golf.com, said Tiger is unlikely to come back to competitive golf. Not sure if it was just click bait or not. I didn't have a chance to read it.