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  1. Valleygolfer

    Winter Depression Thread

    Rain and 40° thwarted my chances for golf today and the rest of the week looks poor for a game as well.
  2. Valleygolfer

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    Nah, passive aggressive... 😁 I play with a guy that never shuts up and gets me rather irritated with his chatter during shot setup. I have been trying to limit play with him but the last time I played he tagged along. I decided to use it. I just decided that I would ignore and focus on the shot. If I was having difficulty, I would wait until I felt like I was immersed in the shot.... worked well.... this time. We'll see if it holds water.
  3. Valleygolfer

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    Yes, push it all down and squash those feelings... 😁👍
  4. Valleygolfer

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    He will always be once he gets in your head a messes up your game....
  5. Valleygolfer

    Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain - undiagnosed

    It sounds similar to my injuries. I would say it is TFCC damage, (I know it has been ruled out) only it has healed enough to not show up on the MRI. I have injured both wrists myself. They have healed as much as they are going to but they will never be the same. I can play golf and have found work arounds to stabilize them for all other activities. I would be wary of surgeries because the outcomes may not be much better than just letting them heal in the first place, but if you are having a lot of pain, you may not have a choice. The few things I did was to wear a brace for awhile until they stabilized, especially at night because I sometime had my wrists in positions that re-aggravated the condition. I also noticed that I could do activities more comfortably with a closed fist verses a open flat hand. Obviously there are different degrees of possible damage and I think your best option is to have the area "scoped" to see if the TFCC is damaged if you haven't already.
  6. Valleygolfer

    Got $110 in Pro shop money that needs spent, what should I buy?

    I realized that I need new grips so that is the route I'm going.
  7. Valleygolfer

    Winter Depression Thread

    It's true. Gloating from warm areas is unwelcome on this thread.
  8. Valleygolfer

    Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain - undiagnosed

    Do push ups hurt? Or anything you do with a flat extended wrist?
  9. Valleygolfer

    Video Game Thread

    I keep hearing good things about it... Debating on Black Ops 4... Cross platform play will be interesting.
  10. Valleygolfer

    Got $110 in Pro shop money that needs spent, what should I buy?

    Colonel Mustard was asking me to pick some up... We have a small shop but I will have to consider that. I don't think we have anything until next year.
  11. Valleygolfer

    Got $110 in Pro shop money that needs spent, what should I buy?

    Don't have a wife so... Carts I occasionally use and that might work. Clothes are a possibility....
  12. Valleygolfer

    Anyone Know If This Guy Eventually Hits the Ball?

    He needs to widen his stance up.
  13. Valleygolfer

    Got $110 in Pro shop money that needs spent, what should I buy?

    I wanted to do that but the driver I want is priced at $499 and I don't want to pay that for it, let alone $399... I have 2 push carts already and need to sell one of them (brand new) to supplement the over priced driver. Technically so could I...that maybe the buy... I would let you use it if we play together again...
  14. Valleygolfer

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I keep sorting out the driver but will hit 3 wood on the holes that I can't afford to have a bad drive on. This last weekend I didn't start this soon enough but my driver had been pretty solid in rounds prior so I thought I would get it to come around.
  15. I have some money from some tourney's this year and have to spend before the end of the year. I really only need high dollar items like new irons or driver. I can order something through the shop as well. Maybe you guys can remind of something I haven't thought of or don't have already. I know this is mindless drivel but you can humor me or not.

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