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  1. Struggling with shanks

    Speaking of shanks, I get them all the time on the range. 99 percent of the time I don't bring them to the course. Except for yesterday when I shanked my driver and fw's all round. What a fiasco.
  2. My Swing (Valleygolfer)

    I managed to achieve the previously thought unachievable....I had the shanks with my driver and fairway woods. My worse round of the year. Possibly due to the let down of not being able to play in the club championship. Maybe a test of my mental game which I have been working on which is to trust my swing and think less. I believe I need to find some sort of happy medium here.... A little concerned about the Sable Oaks trip this Tuesday now.
  3. Mizuno MP 18 Irons

    Very nice. I tried out the jpx 900s and thought they were really nice. The M18 MB's are yummy.
  4. Struggling with shanks

    Yes he should be able to tell you. Post a video in your swing thread and maybe we can point you in the right direction.
  5. Driving slowly in the left lane - stop that.

    Mass has the "creepers," @boogielicious should know what I am talking about....
  6. Driving slowly in the left lane - stop that.

    Were you in Massachusetts?
  7. Portland Maine Trip, Looking for a Course

    Back nine is def challenging. The internal o.b. gets me about every time. Dave will be able to tell you where you need to hit and what to watch out for. Def narrow course.
  8. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Said today on the golf channel that his court hearing was today but he was not attending. His lawyer is entering a not guilty plea.
  9. Can an LPGA player win on PGA tour?

    No. None of this. Impossible for 140 players to shit the bed. Even Willet would still beat the best LPGA pro. Give it up. This isn't a random draw so chance is not an option. There is no chance.
  10. Bug with old threads

    Happened again, if you care.
  11. It will go great between my velvet "dogs playing poker" tapestry and jackalope mount....
  12. http://www.printobjects.me/catalogue/ulaser-putter-attachment_288433/ Best I could do.
  13. Portland Maine Trip, Looking for a Course

    @billchao and @boogielicious my buddy Dave is going play with us. He used to be a member at Sable so he can help us with the track. He's a super nice guy and fun to play with.
  14. 2017 WGC - Bridgestone

    By your definition, Hideki is just a "solid tour pro." He had a impressive round yesterday but was lack luster in the major. Spieth goes wire to wire at "The Open," who does that? Oh yeah, player of the year...