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  1. Valleygolfer

    Putting Tips

    You are implying that you know his course? Make more putts by guessing?
  2. Valleygolfer

    Putting Tips

    Your statement earlier implies that your referring to all courses.
  3. Valleygolfer

    Putting Tips

    I don't like guess like that personally. @Dunit507 I don't know if what I do will work for you. I try to keep the putter back and thru the same plane while keeping the right hand towards my target. I decided this year to hit putts as hard as I "feel" needed. These things have been a game changer at times. All this and a consistent routine has made me love putting.
  4. Valleygolfer

    How often do you buy new irons?

    I just saw a commercial that Wilson's new irons are promoting their clubs by announcing that they have "two rows of power holes." @billchao you better get your wallet out for them! Geez it is no wonder Wilson's golf business sucks.
  5. Valleygolfer

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I was having a good round today and thanks to some great reads and putts I was 6 free until the 14th hole... I pushed my drive right but had a shot, hit my 3 iron to the front berm of the elevated green. I had a relatively easy uphill chip to the ⛳ that was 40 yards. I thought, easy five, maybe four if I get it close. I duff the chip 10 yards. I hit the second (past the hole of course) to about 15 feet. Great read and missed the putt by a quarter of a turn. The only 6, went par-par-bogey finish.... Golf is hard.
  6. Valleygolfer

    How often do you buy new irons?

    I agree with the loft components compared to very old irons. The i10s I had were relatively new but I am not sure how they matched up to ap's. The was no real promise of more distance with the AP's ad wise. What is different is materials and weighting. Tungsten inserts and thinner more reactive faces.... supposedly... or maybe I'm just buying what they are selling... They also "feel" really nice to hit.
  7. Valleygolfer

    How often do you buy new irons?

    I wish I was rich like you.... 😁😂
  8. Valleygolfer

    How often do you buy new irons?

    Not sure anyone needs new irons if you know your distances. That being said, I purchased some AP2's about 4 years ago and I had i10s for 4 years before then. I increased yardage by 10 yards with the AP's. The benefit for you would most likely be yardage with the same swing. Some of it will be loft and so will be a "hotter" face (read technology.) I would expect that you would probably say to yourself, "why didn't I do this sooner. "
  9. Valleygolfer

    Rx for Lost Swing

    Consulting your pro periodically is a good idea. I have similar issues but I usually go to the range and sort them out in a few minutes. If consulted a pro every time I had swing issues, I would have to get a second job...
  10. Valleygolfer

    Wedge gapping

    A 62° wedge is a bit of a challenge for someone who has not nailed down their yardage for their current set up. I don't know your skill set but even for the slightly more experienced golfer, 60° is the generally maximum you should use. I personally use 50/55/60. 3/4 swing results in 90/100/110. Most clubsets increase 4° but you can play anything you get used to. You really need to figure out your distances to be able to utilize another wedge.
  11. Valleygolfer

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Down from 9.6 to 8.8.
  12. Valleygolfer

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I have to say this have been tough for me all year to try not to have a six on the card. I was curious and going through all my score cards, I found one from exactly 4 years to the today where I didn't have a "6." It was extremely surprising that I didn't have one sooner considering some of my low rounds but I savaged scores with more birdies.
  13. Valleygolfer

    Shane Lowry Upset With Ruling at PGA Championship

    Don't hit it off course and accept you lumps when you do.
  14. I know the northwestern clubs are worth nothing. Usually if you have a few cheapo clubs in the bag, everything else is probably worth very little.
  15. Valleygolfer

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    There were people talking to me about Tiger and they never talk to me about golf, yesterday and today...

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