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  1. I'll be devil's advocate and say threats towards their families?
  2. This is what I mean by him being as much of a "headcase" as I am. It was hilarious to see him doing that though.
  3. Tried the club this weekend at the range. The three wood would help eliminate the need for 3 of my clubs into one. I really hit this club well and it felt great too. I don't really like the $299 price tag for the fairway wood. Anyone want to buy a G10 three wood?
  4. This really isn't a "requirement" like you make it sound. Some clubs have their own website for their tee times. If this site was available, someone has to pay for it and it is not going to be done without profit. Most courses like control of the tee times in house. I am hoping to have member accessibility to setting tee times online at my course someday but I don't know if it will be feasible.
  5. https://youtu.be/88qrriKcwvlY
  6. I hope so. I hope they use it to calm him down. Yelling at his iron was down right silly.
  7. Fear of being killed off I suppose. Seems like you would be right but "accidents do happen" and it might be enough to keep people quiet.
  8. Good thing Grellar was there to help hold the wheels on. I hope so but as a fan, I rarely get comfortable with his leads, like in the past. I think if he hadn't made that sand shot Berger might have taken the tourney. Jordan's confidence in his short shows so much and his lack thereof shows through in his tee shots. Almost every tee shot I am wondering where he is going to put it this time...
  9. I had some issues with missing short putts briefly. I realized I was taking too long of a back swing for them. Take it FWIW. Maybe you should see a sports psychologist?
  10. Funny I was just reading about this today. Does seem plausible. C.H.U.D.S Eh? I don't necessarily believe it but the "flat earthers" intrigue me. Part of me says that I believe "what they told me." Every school has a globe in it. I've never actually seen anything but pics of a round earth so I am going by what they told me.... so if they told me it was flat since kindergarten, I guess I would think it was flat. Math says it is round and I believe in math.
  11. The statements saying the man got what he deserved is not the same as he deserved to die. Darwin's law prevails here. If you make a decision that has an overwhelmingly high chance of a poor outcome you can't be upset about it, too surprised or people thinking you are an idiot with little sympathy. Just like if you are leading the tournament at Sawgrass, and take out the driver for 17th hole... To me, that would be like taking a trip to North Korea.
  12. I pretty much just call people on behavior if they are being annoying, not that it happens a lot because I don't play with jerkasses. As far as rules go, I'm with @RickK and just let it go unless we are playing a match. I would probably say some smart ass remark to the guy doing it. I'm am a golfing narcissist though. You could be cheating like a banshee and I would be so focused on my game, I would never notice.
  13. Marks from the ferrule? Goof off might remove it.
  14. Warmbier recently made it back to the US, albeit in a coma which he died in a few days after arrival. Of course it was Obama's fault and then Trump's fault and then demands that Trump does something about this... I swear people are morons. The Kid paid the ultimate price for his decision. Had to be hell in there.