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  1. Lambos actually increase in value, in most cases but flying would be fun too. Flying probably will cost you more than a Lamborghini.
  2. He would be better off with the Lambo.
  3. Nonesuch has been open for about two weeks. I've played two courses in my area so far. Nothing close to Portland though.
  4. Hey there neighbor! Welcome to the trap. We have a few courses around open depending on how far nawth you are.
  5. Really is it worth the 10 bux?
  6. I reported your post as trolling...
  7. It actually was looking really nice. This course keeps the greens rolling great year around. If I lived closer, I would be a member here. I have not played the ledges yet. I keep trying to get there. We will have to get out sometime.
  8. I just played for the first time today.
  9. My backyard still looks like winter but I am playing at a course a little over an hour from my house tomorrow!!! You should come up to the The Oaks and meet us @boogielicious for the morning tee time!
  10. Learn to be humble.
  11. Hey nice apology by the way.
  12. Great outcome. Glad Sergio pulled it off and got that monkey off his back.
  13. Welcome to the dialogue!
  14. Try being up here in the cold and rain (thank goodness it is rain this time).
  15. geez, let's move it to the grammar thread...