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  1. This guys swing is nothing like like anyone who plays in the mid 80's. I haven't been to a pro tourney to see a pro swing up close but I have seen enough conjoballed swings that shoot near scratch that are nothing like Dylan's. This guy reeks of talent on the golf course. This was my impression in the way back. If anyone cares...
  2. Haha the picture of the range in the article is my range...
  3. I do. I mentioned his book a couple of years ago in the book section. I have also played golf with him. Hit a very long ball. On @krupa note, he is a fairly nice guy and not at all arrogant or cocky.
  4. Happy Birthday @iacas Don't worry, your body doesn't start going south until about 43-44...
  5. After a cloudy day in the 50s I wake up to about a half an inch of snow...
  6. Your priorities are out of order!!!!
  7. I guess the overwhelming consensus is to only use the staff bag for bling and stick with the cart bag for actual use. Thanks for the responses!
  8. 58° today! Melt melt melt! I really hope we don't get our annual (nor)Easter storm...
  9. I feel pretty much the same as @deadman except I am extremely driven to hit the best shot out of the group. It's just my people pleasing nature. Most of the time I am the best player in the group (which is not saying much). That being said I still prefer to play a regular round.
  10. Men ignore the signs and choose not to listen or think that they know what they are doing (it's kind of like a guys golf game). I am not sure there is anything else to do here but let it play out. I have some great youtube links for this but you won't be able to get him to watch them. If you tell how you feel about this, the fiance, who is already alienating your brother from @No Mulligans gets wind of the conversation, will eliminate your relationship all together.
  11. Most fairway woods have heavier shafts and I would gather it would be better to use one for the driver to maintain swing weight. I trimmed a pro launch red a while back and just didn't enjoy the light feeling afterward.
  12. Is that the Highlands? They do like to open early but that would be a miracle!