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  1. We've lost a few of the tourists on snow machines through the ice. Lake Winnie is not frozen very solid in some areas....
  2. Played video golf this weekend and worked on swing speed a bit. I had a lot of good drives according to the simulator. Stated I was averaging around 166 mph ball speed. I don't know how accurate these relic simulators are. I guess I am asking for a lot to increase my speed at this age but it doesn't seem like it is out of the question. I will see if I can put together a video of my swing but there really isn't any room in the simulator.
  3. You have nothing compared to us this year. We had 4 feet of snow in 8 days. This weekend was a godsend to melt some of it. It is supposed to be 60ish Thursday and Friday here. This kinda makes me a little nervous about the girl scout ice fishing trip on Thursday...
  4. ouch
  5. I don't think Bubba trains like this at all, if he does, he just started doing it. Bubba figured his power out all on his own. Strength training only mildly changes distance. Distance deals more with leverage and creating momentum, aka lag. It is talent, technique and timing. Talent to do the second two, talent also allows you to recognize what gives you your power and repeat it. I am far from long but I do utilize what I have pretty well and can feel where the power is in my body. I know I have more in the tank because there are times the planets align right and I hit it another 20 yards more than my longest drives. If I could only repeat this... Technique in knowing what makes that power and utilizing them all in your swing so nothing is "left on the table". Timing to make sure that all power points are all hit at the right time. These "smaller" guys just have the ability to generate power, have be coached to optimize their talent and practiced it a lot.
  6. I'd like to see the black on in play, just for fun...
  7. Ugh I would love this. They have "cat toilets" on the market but I have heard horror stories about the "drying" mode baking cat crap on the side. I guess there is no comparison to the smell of baked cat crap... Actually it is the opposite. Cats love their owners and are very loyal to them. A lot of them could care less about other people though. If you get a kitten and leave them at home by themselves all day and don't pay much attention to them while they grow, they are more independent and usually less affectionate. I have always had exceedingly affectionate cats. I am however tired of the responsibility of the litter box and pets in general so when my two cats pass on I am getting nothing for a (long)while (unless my daughter works me over for something). Dogs are more of a pain in the ass imho. I have a black lab by association and you can't do anything away from your house without having it attended to. Plus it eats everything, like your food when you aren't looking, awesome aged eggnog, sticks of butter, tissues, tampons as well as cat stogies. Too much work to keep a dog. @jkelley9 FWIW I have one big litter box. I don't usually have any problems with peeing outside of it until recently when my oldest cat has had thyroid issues or occasionally my other cat has urinary tract infections.
  8. I had a MTB forever this year that played pretty nice. I just didn't care for the finish on the ball but it didn't affect the play. Played very short stints with the Vice ball, lost right away and really didn't get to see it's performance. Had 2 Volvic S3's, was able to play one for a while and had reasonable performance. I don't think you can go too wrong with any of them.