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  1. Clearly. You should get a matching jacket with elbow patches too.
  2. Don't worry, I'll feel ashamed for you.😁 Well I just let you know corduroy is not okay. You're welcome 👍
  3. I wear a white belt if I am wearing white shoes occasionally. I tend to match shoes and belts. Most of the time my shirt isn't tucked in so no one would see it anyway. I don't really care what people think about it but@Piz I see a lot worse clothes worn on a regular basis on the golf course. Guys wearing jeans, corduroy pants, golf sweat shirts from 1981 and pleated pants! Pleated pants should be banned and burned in every capacity. People make a big deal about a white belt and there's million worse atrocities on the golf course.
  4. It would have been nice to watch the whole winner's ceremony online instead of getting cut off. Live feed goes dead it's over if you aren't caught up.
  5. Yeah, DJ is my pick for winner this year.
  6. Clearly that is the case, but not the question. You are giving me the result not the why,. See above.
  7. Well then I guess you are not one to ask about a golf shot.
  8. It's a matter of semantics. Of course the club face was open, he was in the sand. Blade/shank, he did something wrong. What caused him to hit it incorrectly is the question.
  9. Scratch that. It's online/pc where you can do hole by hole.
  10. The ghin app allows hole by hole entry already but I am not sure if it does any corrections at this time.
  11. Your opinion, it is shit. I am realist. Why should she give 2 f***s what we think. I'm not her support group. Do some research on something other than golf on this. I do hope she helps people with problems but the majority of people the really suffer from eating disorders are quiet and shy from help. Her announcement makes it sound like she has wore herself out trying to maintain a "fitness model" type body. Not an eating disorder. Sorry I'm not drinking the koolaid on this one. I won't post anymore on this topic due to unpopular demand. Scott, yes they can, if they really want t
  12. Maybe, but I do know something about psychological disorders. People who have eating disorders rarely publicly talk about the because they do not want people to interfere or stop them. Secondly, I am not taking them out on her. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....
  13. Well I have had plenty time with people like her. Yes she wants sympathy and she wants attention and tug at your heart strings... I say, never underestimate who you are dealing with. I do however agree that her mental health is of concern. Harsh viewpoints? Maybe just realistic vs band wagon. She is doing this to keep in the public eye, she got a taste of being a sex symbol and trying to maintain that is fatiguing. I really don't care what she does but she puts it out for us to read and yell go girl... I'm sorry that some suffer from disorders with food and body issues. I just don't think thi
  14. Yea I obviously agree. I think she just wants to eat Doritos and let herself go and not hear any shit about it...
  15. No thanks. The earlier it starts, the longer it takes in the spring to melt and dry out.
  16. I had like 3 today and of course, it's full on hurricane mode as usual.
  17. Another typical day here yesterday... A nice day, mid to high 40s except gale force winds starting mid morning.... I am so tired of the wind here if it's not raining and cold it is windy and obnoxious. Our whole October was ruined by wind 15 to 20 miles an hour on the course or rain. I still played in it yesterday regardless. My drives were blowing across the fairway at least 50 yards. This was back in a pocket before it got really windy.
  18. Welcome back and to the sand trap. It is amazing how little your clubs are worth as well 😀
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