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  1. This over and over, as well as the inside 100 yards....I shot an 82 over the weekend, and had 34 putts!! I was putting for birdie several times, but 2 putted each and every time. One thing I have done recently is any par 4 under 400 yards just hit my 3 wood, it's down the middle goes 230 yards, when you are consistently in the fairway it gives you more confidence and is obviously easier to hit the green in regulation.
  2. paying for a cart that is slower than one can walk.
  3. Someone needs to design a course with holes from previous US Open and PGA courses like you can do in the Tiger Woods video game, for instance create the 17th hole, create the par 3 from Pebble Beach, and 18 would be number 18 from Whistling Straits.....this course would have a wide variety of style and design and would be a lot of fun to see.
  4. What was stupid was the ruling came a day after IIRC and he got DQ for signing the scorecard inncorrectly
  5. Age: 22 Height: 5'9'' Where are you from: Indianapolis, Indiana How Long have you been Playing: 3 Years Best Score:78 Favorite club in the bag: 60* wedge Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: none yet, may do a book this winter Where do you play: NW Indiana mostly Best courses you've played so far: Crooked Stick, Brickyard Things you enjoy most about golf: Shooting the bull, being outside, the challenge of every shot Goals for 2K10: improve consistency, break 80 more often
  6. 26 for me since I've kept track...probably should have had 2 less but that could go either way too
  7. purduegolfer


    2 in my life, 300 yard par 4 on the green in one and rolled one in, and a dog leg left par 5 where you can take off 70 yards if you go over the trees, still not the magical hole in one though. I'm still in my 20's so I've got plenty of time to get a few more.
  8. shot 80 with 3 birdies, an OB, and 2 other doubles, one of the better ball striking days i've had, beside 2 or 3 bad holes.
  9. had 2 chip-ins for birdies, one on #2 and again on #5, first time I had chipped in twice in one round
  10. On long Par 5's, hitting my driver off the deck and reaching it in 2
  11. Oakley's do it hands down for me, the flak jackets are awesome, I have the orangish lens and have never had a problem playing golf with them, or running with them, the fit is perfect and style is great, plus the lenses you can choose from to fit your style are nice as well.
  12. I have the same 56* as well, Nike with 14 bounce, I have the 60* with 10 bounce as well and freaking love it. I use the 60 anywhere around the green and can stop it on a dime, my father in law gets pissed cause he can't hit his lob wedge so he always has to do a bump and run shot that usually runs past the hole, while the 60* is just so versatile.
  13. Wow, hitting 6 of 7 fairways and coming away with a 45 would be dissappointing, but also promising because you did have a positive long game. Something that helps my buddy friend putt well is to just try to get it close (inside 2 ft). Pretend the hole is a 2 ft wide circle and just try and put it inside that each time, you will be amazed at how many 3 putts you eliminate and how many 1 putts actually will roll in.
  14. Ditto for me, I play my PW 135-143 range and my 56* carries 105-110, 60* carries 90-95, so without a 52* some par 3's or approach shots are really touchy feely swings with a PW.
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