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  1. I hit my taylor #3 hybird inplace of my 5 wood. It,s much easier to hit out of the rough and very accurate.
  2. I tried one out on a fairway wood ,, it was,nt too bad but I like the older tour rap better. So I,ll stick with the Winn DSi,s.
  3. Years ago I would of agreed with most of you guys. But, In this modern Golf world Drivers have huge 460cc heads and are much more forgiveing. All the 3 woods are small heads and are not forgiveing at all. I use a 3 wood but have 40+ years of playing. You would be much better off with a good used driver with a 460cc head and reg. flex shaft
  4. I guess it would be like comparing a Ford Pinto with a Lexus ES 450. The Mizunos would be a great buy just for the investment purpose.
  5. Every steel shaft club I own has been waxed with the same wax that goes on my car. I ,ve never waxed the club heads though. Gee,,,, I thought I was the only person on the planet that done that.
  6. I have Mizuno Fairway woods and Mizuno wedges. When I decide to retire the Clevelands I will definately buy a set of Mizunos. I,d demo all of them and which ever felt the best is what I would buy. My personal opinion is Mizuno builds the highest quality irons on the market. Which ever ones you end up with will last you many years.
  7. When I was young getting custom fit golf clubs was not heard of. So I learned to play with standard loft and lie clubs. I would not recommend this for everybody but for me it still works for me. At my age and handicap I don,t really want to change things to much.
  8. I have a Taylor Made Rescue Mid #3 19* and it,s one club that I could not live without. If I could only find a #2 16* I would most likely retire the Mizuno #3 wood. I like the older 06,07 Mid rescue models better than the newer ones.
  9. Cleveland CG 4,s , The only other irons that feel this right to me are the Mizuno MP 52,s
  10. Instead of running out and buying one, Play golf with someone that allready owns one and use theirs. Thats the best way to find out if you,ll really want to make the splurge and save yourself some money. I use mine ALOT. And would,nt want to be without one.
  11. Nice Buy, I don,t know how that one slipped by everybody. Thats the way to buy golf stuff now days. Wait a year or two and they are a fraction of the cost of when they were new. I,ve hit the 975s and they are a very nice driver. It should last you for many years.
  12. Ping just come out with a new grip called the tour wrap G2. I tried one on a fairway wood and seemed pretty good. And they are very cheap to buy also. About $3.50. But I don,t think I,m going to replace my Winn DSI grips. I don,t use a glove. And here in NC it,s pretty hot not to have good grips.
  13. I,ve used my Taylor Made R5 XL for over 3 years and find it hard to replace because I hit it strait 99.9* of the time. The only other driver I,ve hit that good is the Ping G15.
  14. You have to be pretty darn good to hit them ( 1s ) very good. I play the ( 4s) and thought I was doing well enough. They are a beautiful club though. Very underated. VJ Singh plays the CG 1s.
  15. I know there is a big hoop la on Hybirds. But I allways say whatever works the best for you. I myself have played all this year with no woods other than a taylormade driver and a mizuno 7 wood. my 3i see,s alot of use this year. Last year I don,t think even hit my 3 or 5 wood a half dozen times. So unless I go to a course with at least 7000 + yards I,ll leave my 3 and 5 wood home.
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