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  1. If I lived in a golf course community, I would want to own one for my personal use. But I can see courses not wanting to own them for customer rental.
  2. I like the idea because it would speed up play, and would probably be kind of fun. But people would kill themselves on the courses I usually play because the hills are so steep and the cart paths in such disrepair.
  3. You can get that TM M2 HL 3W for under $100 on ebay. I paid $89 including shipping. I like it on the range so far, but have not played with it due to recent surgery.
  4. I almost hit my son, who would have been about 6 at the time, while he was sitting in a cart. Sounds similar to this story.
  5. 1. Play more golf than last year. Lame goal to be writing now because I have already done that, but it really was a goal at the beginning of the year. 2. Develop a serviceable driver swing. I have historically hit down with my driver and hitting off the top of the club. I will correct that and get my driver average up to 225 in the fairway more often than not. Measurement might be a problem with attaining this goal. I just had my gallbladder removed last week and haven't been swinging a club lately. I feel like time is slipping away this year. 3. Join a league. It might be too late for this year unless there is a new league forming for fall. I used to play in leagues many year ago and I always had fun, even if I did not improve appreciably. 4. Break 90 again. My best scores ever are from beer fueled tournaments that only allowed the use of 2 clubs and a putter. I scored 87 both times on 2 different courses using a 3i, 8i and a putter. I should probably try that again on my own. 5. Beat my son at the end of the year. My 16 year old is playing on the HS team for the first time this year. He is very raw right now, but can hit it a long way. I can currently beat him, but he will be playing much more often than me and I expect him to improve quickly. I need to improve just as quickly as he does.
  6. You might consider driving 1.5 hours to Waverly to visit McGolf Custom Clubs. Not that it matters, but Jim is left handed too. He can get anything you want, although he might not have it on hand. Check out his blog and Youtube about how he does fittings.
  7. Woot! has Oakley Flak 2.0 for $90 today. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses
  8. We have a 3 hole pitching course in the backyard. The 2 furthest pins are about 75 yards apart, with one about halfway in between. We only play the 75 yard hole going away from the house to avoid the errant shot hitting the house. There are no holes, just old bike flags stuck in the ground with the grass mowed as short as possible. My wife even mows it for me now. The biggest green, furthest from the house is a 12 yard diameter circle with the one closest to the house is about 8 yards diameter. The middle one is long and narrow (3 yards wide). When my son and I play we are just trying to get within an arm and a club length. Sometimes we hit BirdieBalls first and then chip/pitch with real balls to the pin. Sometimes it is just practice. It makes for an enjoyable evening.
  9. I have played 2 courses in Gatlinburg, Bent Creek and Gatlinburg Golf Course (actually in Pigeon Forge). GBGC was 18 years ago, so I don't recall much about it. Bent Creek was last year. When we go to GB we usually stay in Brandywine Condos, an old complex that is on the 15th fairway of Bent Creek, but is not part of the resort. My son and I have played it maybe 3 times. Due to the steep hills, there are several quirky holes with blind shots and 90 degree doglegs with iron tee shots. The course was in OK condition. Lots of gnats. IIRC GBGC was similar but maybe nicer, but it was so long ago it is hard to remember. I wouldn't go to GB to golf, but if I happen to vacation in GB, I would play golf there.
  10. Cool overlap of Wolff and DJ https://www.instagram.com/p/BzrHHCll8kP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. I have been playing around with the Joe Dante magic moves swing and I think it helps, but I need a lot more practice with it. I played my best 9 of the year 2 days ago with only 2 bad full shots, although I pulled a few iron shots. No bad drivers though, but no really long ones though. I hit a lot of 7 irons today with half swings trying to get the feel for it. Most of them felt good, but there is a long way to go with it. Once I moved to the driver I hit 1 bad shot where I hit down on it and popped it up. After that I focused on keeping my head back and felt like I hit every shot after that pretty well. I think I need to add that head back hips forward focus to my irons too. The chicken wing is still present, but seems less obvious. Still a long way to go but I think I have made a tiny bit of progress.
  12. It was a great game, but getting home after 1AM reminds me why we don't go to many games.
  13. In my rural economically depressed area in southern Ohio at 3 courses have closed in the last few years and the remaining ones struggle to make enough money to maintain the courses properly.
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