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  1. I second the BirdieBall putting green. We have a 2'x10' that we use on top of Berber carpet. It is the medium speed one, which seems a lot faster than the crappy greens on courses around here.
  2. My "home" course (only remaining course in the county) as well as the next closest course have abandoned their bunkers to the weeds. I believe this was necessary for solvency and it appears to be working. Their FB page suggests they are getting record plays this year, probably due to hosting a lot of weekly scrambles and other events. I play these abandoned bunkers as a hazard, but I have no idea what the course's intention is. There are no rakes and the edges are losing definition. The surface is almost completely covered in crabgrass or other weeds, with occasional pockets of sand visible. I assume they weed wack them at least once a week. It doesn't bother me much (not that I have much choice). My preference would be to fill them in and grow real grass there. It would be nice to have at least one maintained bunker (perhaps on #18 or somewhere close to the shop to make maintenance easier) just so you can get a little practice for when you go play other courses.
  3. Jordan Spieth attempts to hit off a root, fails to move ball a single inch
  4. Doesn't this just change your waiting place from the tee to the fairway? Does it really save any time? But yes I tee off as soon as the group in front is out of range. It gives me more time to look for my ball (doesn't save a stoke if it take more than 3 minutes, just a couple dollars).
  5. I don't think I have ever hit a bucket of balls before playing. From putting the car in park to tee shot is probably around 10 minutes. I should probably try warming up.
  6. Yes I followed your link to order it.
  7. I pre-ordered one as well. Wish it could get here before January.
  8. Our local Dunham's Sports has 24 packs of Srixon Q-Star for $32. You can always find a 20% off coupon which brings the price down to $26 which is $13 per dozen. I bought three 24 packs and might go back for more before the run out.
  9. My son is the only reason that I have started playing again, to help get him ready for high school golf. However, my kids are also a big reason why I quit playing as well. It remains to be seen how much I will play when we become empty nesters in a couple years.
  10. Results are here. 2019 Boys & Girls Golf State Tournaments Coverage My son's team's #1 player qualified for the Division II tournament for the second time, but didn't play his best. He shot 85-88 to finish T42 of 72. It is a tough tournament to even qualify for. The winner shot 72-78 to beat 3 others by 1. The best team had 4 players in the top 12. That's a pretty stacked team.
  11. The top 100 fitter near me charges $100 for the (driver or irons) fitting and gives you a $25 credit if you buy from him within a week.
  12. As a paid supporter, are we supposed to be seeing ads like this? I don't consider them obscene, but some workplaces might not like them. I assume you don't have explicit control over which ads are displayed.
  13. High school season is over so now is the time to work on his swing. Here are a couple of his better driver swings from last night. His better drives carry over 250, but obviously his average is less than that, as per his Mevo data from last night below. Shot Ball Speed (mph) Club Speed (mph) Smash Carry (yds) Launch Angle V (°) Spin (rpm) Height Time (s) Avg 146.2 101.7 1.43 236.6 16.9 2852 120′5″ 7 He wants to make changes, but he is kind of stubborn and doesn't want to take lessons. He wants to experiment and figure it out on his own. If he won't take lessons, maybe I can offer suggestions for his experiments. So I am looking for suggestions here on what he needs to prioritize in order to be more consistent. His misses are typically a low pull hook when he either yanks his hips through too quick and/or turns his hands over too quick. He sometimes hits the power fade as well. Other times he sets up right of target for an intentional fade and hits is dead straight, which puts him way right of target.
  14. I don't know. I am sure he would like to, but he is taking all his classes this year through the college credit plus program at a local university and has already missed 3 days for golf and another for a doctor's appointment. He will have to see if he can afford to miss more. Heck, I would like to go too.
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