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  1. My 17 year old son is really my only partner. I joined a league last year just to play more and with other people. It will be weird when he goes to college in the fall. Definitely need to find new partners.
  2. If PR did anything remotely wrong it would be all over the internet instantly.
  3. I hope his time off for his legs to heal also lets his back heal better and he is able to be competitive again.
  4. It is above freezing for the first time in 2 weeks. I shoveled snow off the hitting mat in order to hit a few balls. It was too cold hit a lot.
  5. I think 3 weeks for him, 2 for me.
  6. I know someone who has had both shots and currently has all the symptoms. I don't know if he has been tested yet. I was next him a bit on Wednesday, his last day before quarantine. We had masks on and are both vaccinated though.
  7. I'm just curious. I am a ChemE by degree although I haven't worked as an engineer in a long time. I am in environmental and safety compliance now. I am just wondering how fluid power engineers compare to ChemE. I know I earn less than I could as a true engineer, but reasons got in the way. I know that my current employer wants to pay entry level pay for an experienced engineer and then wonders why they can't attract anyone. Generally when you can't fill jobs it it because you don't pay enough.
  8. How much do fluid power engineers make, both entry level and experienced?
  9. The one that is my accomplishment instead of someone else's.
  10. 1. I'm jealous. 2. I appreciate the level of research that you did . I am driving a 2007 Taurus with about 235,000 miles. I have 3.5 years left on my mortgage. My wife's car will be paid off around the same time. I hope the car lasts until the mortgage is paid off because it will allow more options on the purchase of a new car.
  11. I now understand how Q-Anon exists.
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