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  1. I received mine today. My son and I worked through the day 1 protocol. I can see that this will help, but my son did better than I did hitting balls (plastic ones in the basement) than I did. He hit almost every one crisply, whereas I mishit several. He said he noticed me doing some kind of weird double clutch takeaway that was probably affecting me. However when I took it off and hit with the ghost feels, I everything well. Looking forward to the day 2 or maybe repeating day 1.
  2. I would go with a 1.5 based on the abandoned bunkers and the eroded cart paths down steep slopes that makes it downright scary when it is wet out. It is also very hilly in spots which as led to some short 90 degree dogleg par 4s. But the greens and fairways are decent bent grass, so maybe it is a little better than a 1.5. That light green area between the blue and white stakes is an abandoned sand trap. Big Beaver Creek Golf Club
  3. I was playing at a resort course with a road through the middle to access cabins on the other side of the course. While preparing for a shot a minivan stopped on the road near us to let 2 kids out to run across the fairway to go feed geese on the course. Those parents are idiots.
  4. I am supposed to receive mine on Tuesday. We haven't had much winter so far in S. Ohio, but it will probably start Tuesday.
  5. Only on vacation with the family.
  6. A local course here seems to be drawing more golfers by have more money games such a 9 hole random draw scramble every Friday night and twice on Sundays and a Tuesday evening 9 hole par 3 contest which also sets up nice for kids and newbies. They also have a winter indoor simulator league. But no high end amenities and they also abandoned the bunkers to save money. The manager makes it sound like they are doing better now. This in a poor, rural area of S. Ohio.
  7. They want your money, not your display of skill.
  8. The last thing I want to do is spend more money or time at the course for the most part. Of course that is part of the reason golf is struggling. If anything would make me spend more time/money it would be better practice facilities. It is certainly not food/drink/entertainment.
  9. Will the Mevo + still setup with a down the line view like the first Mevo? With my son being a lefty and me being a righty, I don't want to have to change the location of the launch monitor when we both use it, which I believe is what we would have to do with a SkyTrak?
  10. What is an average player? What is a great player? It is all relative. Are we talking scratch golfer vs bogey golfer or touring pro vs non pro scratch golfer? Or something else? For the first comparison it is probably best left at just ball striking. For the second you can get more into the short game and putting, but ball striking is probably still at the top of the list.
  11. Would You Rather…? #11 Would you rather shoot a 67 the 1st day of Spring 2020 or win a $1000 lottery the same day while shooting a 95? Shooting 67 would require supernatural intervention. It would not be me shooting a 67. What good is that? I'll take the money and keep working on my own game.
  12. I was watching my son play in a high school tournament and one of his teammates hit a drive that landed in the cart we were driving, although we were stationary at the time. It came to rest on a fender for lack of a better description.
  13. Sometimes I will offer a mulligan to someone who hits a particularly effective shot.
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