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    The Flush

  2. I just ordered this for my son who will be trying out for the high school golf team this fall for the first time as a junior. He is athletic enough (plays baseball, soccer, and football) and enjoys golf, but has not played much. He has a medical condition that has him on blood thinners and the doctors won't clear him for contact sports. I am sure that LSW will help speed up his learning process. I will be reading it as well. We plan to play a lot more golf this summer to help get him ready and more importantly just to have fun.
  3. I took my new RBZ Black to the range for the first time today. I think I am going to like it. After working some kinks out, I was hitting some pretty nice balls. If I can consistently duplicate that on the course it will make a big difference.
  4. After a few unsuccessful bids on ebay to get the type of deal I wanted, I went ahead and bought the TM RBZ Black from DSG. With a $10 coupon and $10 scorecard reward, I paid $130 ($139 with tax). I was uncertain of what flex shaft to get. My closest DSG only had stiff shafts available, so I hit some with it. Based on their monitor my swing speed topped out at 90 with a carry around 230 and total distance around 250. Average was obviously lower. They recommended that I get a regular flex instead of the stiff. I had to order it and won't get it until next week. This gives me a decent club under my budget price with the security of whatever the warranty is on it. I am sure it will be adequate for my needs. Thanks for all the advice.
  5. I assume that the clubs you have listed are considered better than the TM RBZ Black from DSG? If I bump my budget up by another $20-30 it looks like a could get a new M1 or 917 D2 from ebay. But I really don't want to spend more.
  6. I am an infrequent high handicap golfer who might play 10 times a year and currently use an original steel shaft Big Bertha driver (although I have newer (10 years old) Adams irons). I would like to upgrade my driver to see if it helps me get off the tees better. I have set a $150 budget, although lower is better. I have limited options for demoing clubs and my rural area makes for a lesser used market. Left to my own devices I might buy the TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver from DSG which is currently on sale for $150 plus I have $10 DSG cash to use. What else should I consider in this price range?
  7. The guy selling the new Strata clubs accepted my offer of $100 for the set. I can't lose at that price. I hope to go pick them up this weekend. This will be a Christmas present for my son, so he won't get to see them for a few weeks.
  8. Without showing him the clubs I am looking at, I ask my son if he preferred a used, but more complete (and possibly better quality) set or a new less complete set. He prefers a new set, which means he would prefer the Strata over the Lynx. It just so happens that his cousin that he plays with just got a new 16 piece Strata set. I think that I can't go wrong with getting him the Strata set, so I will make an offer on this one set. I am still interested in other options in case this set is no longer available.
  9. The Lynx set includes D, 3W, 5W, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6I, 7I, 8I, 9I, PW, SW, and Putter plus the Warrior D and 3W. Includes a bag and couple dozen golf balls. In pictures the the clubs to be in good condition. I assume these were made when Lynx was owned by Golfsmith, but before Dicks/Golf Galaxy bought Golfsmith. The seller is responsive to questions and appears eager to sell. If this is what my son wants, I might make an offer of $100. The only concern with the Strata set is fews reviews that talk about heads breaking off. Overall they get good reviews. The seller of this set has not responded to my request for him to verify which clubs are included. I would probably offer him $100 as well. How does the quality of Strata clubs compare with Topflite clubs. Doesn't Callaway make both of them? Craigslist is hit or miss, but I do have a search saved for left handed clubs. My biggest problem is that I live 1.5 hours from the bigger cities that will have the most postings. I have to factor the drive into the cost of any CL purchase.
  10. My 14 year old lefty son has out grown his US Kids Golf set and needs a new set. He is really just starting to grow and is now about 5' 5" and 135 pounds. I am 6' 1", but I think he may end up being shorter than me. He swings hard enough to have snapped the heads off some of his old clubs. He is relatively athletic and plays baseball, soccer and kicks on the football team. If he was done growing or was on the HS golf team, I would consider spending more money and get him fitted for a higher quality set. But since he really just plays a few times a year for the fun of it, I need to keep to a budget of around $200 for now. I am looking for advice on what specific brands and models to consider given his circumstances. I am willing to look at used clubs. Are there good sites to look at for used clubs other than ebay? There is a good local club fitter that I will check with to see if he has any trade-ins for sale. Are the Callaway Strata 12 piece sets that are $189 on Amazon junk or will they last a few years without the heads coming off? There is a guy an hour away that has a brand new set of these offered on Facebook Marketplace for $125. Are they worth it at that price? Another FB Marketplace offer is a used set of Lynx Blackcat XC12 Left handed with a Warrior driver and 3 wood and a bag for $162. Are these significantly better than the Strata clubs? What else should I be looking at given my budget?
  11. I just ordered it yesterday for $12 with free Amazon Prime shipping.
  12. That makes sense to me, but for whatever reason I can't get the right feeling for it. I have never taken video of my swing and think that would help me see the problem and help me visualize the corrections. Does anyone have any drills I can work on? I plan to take some lessons and get fitted for a driver soon. Does it make sense to take a couple lessons before getting the fitting?
  13. I make decent contact with my irons and hydrids/fairway woods, but whenever I tee off, I tend to hit off the top edge of my driver unless I only tee it a half inch or so. What are the likely causes and cures for such a flaw?
  14. I almost wrote that I knew I should have added 2 strokes instead of one, but for some reason I think the league only required a one stroke penalty.
  15. I tend to treat lost balls and OB more like water hazards and just take a drop near where it dissappeared with a one stoke penalty. The leagues I used to play in had this as a rule in order to speed up play.
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