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  1. I wear Biofinity multifocal contacts and they are great for the most part. They are nothing like bifocal glasses other than the ability to see both near and far. The focus zones are concentric circles, not a top/middle/bottom. Your eyes just adjust naturally to whatever you need to look at. You don't need to look through a certain area of the lens. My only problem is that there is a compromise and it is harder to get both perfect near and far vision. I need -6 distance correction plus I have a little astigmatism which are hard to balance with the near correction. So I am set up with a
  2. Par 5 #5 playing about 450 yards from winter tees with hard dry conditions and lots of roll. Bad (slice) drive left me about 220 out from the right rough and I hit a 4H to about 3 feet for my first ever eagle (not counting scrambles). Making the eagle putt was the second best shot. I also hit a drive 255 based on GPS and then hit another 4H about 220 over the green on the other par 5. We won't discuss the rest of the hole.
  3. Rare combo of winter tees and hard, dry course led to my first eagle today. Does it still count coming on winter tees? #5 on Forrest E Everhart Memorial Golf Course. Scorecard claims 500 yards, but I bet it was about 450.
  4. My son and I played as a twosome today and got stuck behind a clueless slow foursome. There was another 2some in between us and the 4some and they actually let them play through. But then they sat on the tees and waited for the 2some to get off the green before teeing off. This was on a par 4 with a 90 degree dogleg. It is practically impossible for non tour players to hit that green. There is no reason they shouldn't have teed off and been waiting at their balls when we reached the tees. We ended up waiting several minutes for them to tee off and then we skipped that hole and never saw them
  5. Last week I walked 9 in 1:20 as a single with no one in front of me and a single in a cart behind me. This week I walked 9 in 1:40 with a couple riders in front of me that I actually played the last 3 holes with and a single rider behind me. I probably was "slower" last week than I was this week because I could have let the single rider play through last week. The single was usually in the fairway while I was putting out. I would have let him play through if he asked or even looked like he wanted to. The single this week looked he hung back and practiced on the green and never was right on top
  6. I think the rule should be changed to allow the ball to be teed up anywhere other than a hazard or the green.
  7. In Pike County Ohio almost anyone can get a shot if they pay attention to the health department Facebook page and see when they announce they have extra doses available. Sometimes younger people can even get scheduled for it. It seems like they announce 100 doses available each day and a first come first served basis. My 17 and 21 year old kids have already been vaccinated. Of course Pike County probably won't have more than 50% of its residents get vaccinated, so they are more like to have extra doses available early on.
  8. New study finds slow walkers four times more likely to die from COVID-19: study
  9. Both of my kids got their first Pfizer shots yesterday.
  10. After a long week of work, I snuck out early and beat the crowd and was able to walk 9 in an hour and twenty minutes, which isn't too bad for an old, fat, bad golfer.
  11. It is beautiful out this week, but I have a big audit going on at work and have to work late, so I won't be able to get out and play. At least I got to play 9 on Sunday when it wasn't quite so nice out.
  12. This reminds me of youth baseball forums discussions about Mike Marshalls pitching technique (that he developed after he was out of MLB) and how it is the safest way to pitch to avoid Tommy John surgery, but has never produced an MLB pitcher.
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