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  1. Thank you for doing these Erik. They are very helpful. Day 5 is one I need to work on as stalling hips is a huge flaw of mine. I was going to video today, but it started raining so I chose not to, but did the drill with my whole shag bag and a 6 iron. I found that if I concentrated on my hips I didn't do as well as if I concentrated on slamming on the brakes on the follow through. When I did that the contact felt really good and I found that I rotated up onto my back foot toes well. In my normal swing I frequently only get onto the ball of my rear foot. Later on I hit a shag bag with these drill and my LW and felt like I made good contact most of the time, although my distance control was not great. I noticed that it felt like the toe dug into the ground a bit. IDK if this is my swing or my clubs not being fitted properly.
  2. No video of day 1. It was pretty similar to some of the Planemate drills.
  3. If you followed the link and read the comments, you will see where the owner of a local driving range and club fitter/builder asked about that. The health dept and owner apparently exchanged some private messages, but there were no other public comments on that.
  4. IDK. But 4.5 hours from Detroit IIRC.
  5. Coronavirus Pandemic: Neil Ferguson Didn't Walk Back His COVID-19 Predictions | National Review From the beginning he has said that lockdowns work.
  6. https://www.ohiosuperintendentnetwork.com/features/2020/3/26/heres-what-we-know
  7. The Ohio golf course my son played yesterday was forced to close today.
  8. My son walked 9 holes with a friend here in southern Ohio today. He said they only saw one other group when they teed off around noon. Must be something about most of still having to go to work. But he said there were several others there when they finished up. He shot a 39 which is tied for his second best ever 9 hole score.
  9. I'd like to know how they got confirmation that golf courses can remain open. Did they receive documentation they can share or was it just a phone call. I have seen one Ohio course share similar info on Facebook, while another Ohio course said the local health department won't let them stay open. It would be nice to have documentation from the state.
  10. 1. Yes. I work at a hospital. 2. No, but I figure walking the golf course is pretty good social distancing, so I plan to do more of it. I wonder if the courses will be less crowded.
  11. As a point of reference, my son went from playing maybe 5-6 times as a 14/15 year old in 2018 where he could't break 100 to playing a lot as a 15/16 year old in 2019 and getting his index (according to The Grint) down to about 12 I think by Christmas. He doesn't take lessons, but does practice a lot on his own and probably watches way too many YouTube videos. Based on MEVO data, his drives have an average carry of about 245, although the last time he used it he said he was getting over 255 more often. He plays on the HS golf team, but is probably hindered by also playing HS baseball which takes away a lot of possible golf time as well as possible swing conflicts between the 2 sports. So I think it is entirely possible for a young golfer who is motivated to practice and has reasonable athleticism to get to close to a single digit within 1 year. YMMV
  12. Shawnee State Park Golf Course - Portsmouth, OH Waverly Golf Club - Waverly, OH Running Fox/River's Edge Golf Course - Chillicothe, OH Caddy's Memorial Golf Course - Chillicothe, OH
  13. Baseball players don't need touch for the most part. They believe in hitting it hard somewhere. There is no penalty for hitting it too far. A change of ball would affect all players equally. However, most good baseball players use wood bats somewhat frequently, playing in youth and HS travel wood bat tournaments and college summer wood bat leagues. My son's HS team does all winter BP with wood bats. But that is more about developing skill since even BBCOR composite or metal bats have a larger sweet spot than wood bats. I think a change in equipment would affect golfers more than in baseball. The best players in any sport will adapt quickest.
  14. About 5 times what it is on my third putt.
  15. I am playing Adams Idea A3 irons, whenever those came out. Driver and 3W are newer though, recently replacing my original Big Berthas.
  16. They have a video showing the short band on the driver. Claims that Darren Clarke told them that he likes the short band on the driver.
  17. After a couple weeks of playing with this in the basement with plastic balls and half swings I got to use it outside hitting real balls into a net. Full swings with the planemate on a PW felt good and even better when I took it off and hit a 9I. When I put the long green band on a 7I it was hard to make solid contact. That could be why they suggest using a tee which I was not doing. However when I took it off and hit a 6I, it felt good. The short band on the driver was also hard to use, but it felt ok without the band. I feel like I am pivoting and finishing better. This is one of my bigger faults, so it is good to see it help with that. I need to be more deliberate with my practice with it. Today was the first time that I have ever hit balls in February.
  18. Would you rather...? #17: Make a hole-in-one by hitting a perfect shot - one of the best strikes you have hit in your life - while playing alone. It is witnessed only by a complete stranger playing on another hole. Make a hole-in-one in front of your best golf buddies, but completely by dumb luck - a thinned shot that happens to roll all the way up to the green and in the hole. #2. It is dumb luck if I hit a perfect shot. I might as well have the witnesses.
  19. My father was an every Saturday that the course was open kind of golfer, but didn't play more than that until after he retired. I had a set of hand-me-down clubs from my grandfather, but I didn't play a whole lot as a kid and only a handful of times in college. When I moved away for my first real job I joined the company golf league because I didn't know anyone and it was a great way to meet people. I played in leagues for 9 years or so until I took a job at a company that didn't have a league and I also had kids around the same time. So I didn't play golf much until last year when my son started taking it serious and now we play together, but I am still not an avid golfer. I hope to play more than ever this year and make this one of my hobbies as we approach empty nest status.
  20. Sub 300 is a pretty impressive high school team. The winner of my son's district tournament in Ohio was a 342 and the winner of the state tournament was over 308/307 over the 2 days of the tournament.
  21. I received mine today. My son and I worked through the day 1 protocol. I can see that this will help, but my son did better than I did hitting balls (plastic ones in the basement) than I did. He hit almost every one crisply, whereas I mishit several. He said he noticed me doing some kind of weird double clutch takeaway that was probably affecting me. However when I took it off and hit with the ghost feels, I everything well. Looking forward to the day 2 or maybe repeating day 1.
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