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  1. I was playing at a resort course with a road through the middle to access cabins on the other side of the course. While preparing for a shot a minivan stopped on the road near us to let 2 kids out to run across the fairway to go feed geese on the course. Those parents are idiots.
  2. I am supposed to receive mine on Tuesday. We haven't had much winter so far in S. Ohio, but it will probably start Tuesday.
  3. Only on vacation with the family.
  4. A local course here seems to be drawing more golfers by have more money games such a 9 hole random draw scramble every Friday night and twice on Sundays and a Tuesday evening 9 hole par 3 contest which also sets up nice for kids and newbies. They also have a winter indoor simulator league. But no high end amenities and they also abandoned the bunkers to save money. The manager makes it sound like they are doing better now. This in a poor, rural area of S. Ohio.
  5. They want your money, not your display of skill.
  6. The last thing I want to do is spend more money or time at the course for the most part. Of course that is part of the reason golf is struggling. If anything would make me spend more time/money it would be better practice facilities. It is certainly not food/drink/entertainment.
  7. Will the Mevo + still setup with a down the line view like the first Mevo? With my son being a lefty and me being a righty, I don't want to have to change the location of the launch monitor when we both use it, which I believe is what we would have to do with a SkyTrak?
  8. What is an average player? What is a great player? It is all relative. Are we talking scratch golfer vs bogey golfer or touring pro vs non pro scratch golfer? Or something else? For the first comparison it is probably best left at just ball striking. For the second you can get more into the short game and putting, but ball striking is probably still at the top of the list.
  9. Would You Rather…? #11 Would you rather shoot a 67 the 1st day of Spring 2020 or win a $1000 lottery the same day while shooting a 95? Shooting 67 would require supernatural intervention. It would not be me shooting a 67. What good is that? I'll take the money and keep working on my own game.
  10. I was watching my son play in a high school tournament and one of his teammates hit a drive that landed in the cart we were driving, although we were stationary at the time. It came to rest on a fender for lack of a better description.
  11. Sometimes I will offer a mulligan to someone who hits a particularly effective shot.
  12. If I feel compelled to say anything, I usually just say that one didn't suck too bad, unless it really did and then I say nothing. That covers everything from great to mediocre. Sometimes I even break out the ole "that'll play" if I need to change it up.
  13. I completely understand the cost part. Most courses that I am familiar with don't include a cart in the annual rate. I also completely understand the not wanting to walk up and down a lot of hills. The value proposition probably depends on whether or not you plan to ride the nice flat course. For the courses that I am considering, the youth membership for my son is a better deal at the nicer course, but the adult price is better at the local course. I think I will buy him a pass for Christmas again this year and want him to get my money's worth out of it by playing a lot. If it was just me, I might pick the nicer course, but it throws another variable into the equation because it is close to where I work. Of course there is another course 200 yards from my office door. It doesn't have annual rates and is not as nice for the most part (crappy greens with a few bunkers but they are maintained and it is flat as a pancake.)
  14. I am waffling between these 2 options for my son for next season. This year it was convenience and it probably will be next year too. More play is better. As for me, I can't see playing enough to justify a membership. So I will pay the daily rate wherever I want to play.
  15. #10 Would you rather buy an annual pass or membership at the more conveniently located , but not as nice course (15 minute drive, bunkers not maintained, hilly and not walker friendly) or the less convenient but nicer course (35 minute drive, maintained bunkers, relatively flat and easy to walk)?
  16. The commercial to golf ratio is quite high.
  17. My local course has a couple similar holes. Good golfers might be able to go at the green, but I have to hit a couple irons to get there. The first one pictured has elevated tees and a good player can clear the trees, but you have to worry about going long into the woods and creek around the green. The second one has a significant rise (100 ft?) from the tee and tee shot landing area to the green.
  18. I second the BirdieBall putting green. We have a 2'x10' that we use on top of Berber carpet. It is the medium speed one, which seems a lot faster than the crappy greens on courses around here.
  19. My "home" course (only remaining course in the county) as well as the next closest course have abandoned their bunkers to the weeds. I believe this was necessary for solvency and it appears to be working. Their FB page suggests they are getting record plays this year, probably due to hosting a lot of weekly scrambles and other events. I play these abandoned bunkers as a hazard, but I have no idea what the course's intention is. There are no rakes and the edges are losing definition. The surface is almost completely covered in crabgrass or other weeds, with occasional pockets of sand visible. I assume they weed wack them at least once a week. It doesn't bother me much (not that I have much choice). My preference would be to fill them in and grow real grass there. It would be nice to have at least one maintained bunker (perhaps on #18 or somewhere close to the shop to make maintenance easier) just so you can get a little practice for when you go play other courses.
  20. Doesn't this just change your waiting place from the tee to the fairway? Does it really save any time? But yes I tee off as soon as the group in front is out of range. It gives me more time to look for my ball (doesn't save a stoke if it take more than 3 minutes, just a couple dollars).
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