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  1. hero419

    Speed golf

    Sunday I did my first nine (paired with stranger) in 1.5 hours second nine by myself in 50 min. 5 strokes less (46 V. 51) End of day, no one out. Loved it.
  2. I like the firm grip idea, should be easy to relay. how about cupped hands? I too think the club is wide open. I have had him try 100 things, I think he tries to change his swing, it is just the same every time. I mean if he has the same result ever time, he must be doing the same thing.
  3. he tried that (aiming left), it comes off his club 45 Deg. There has to be something that can straighten him out a bit.
  4. Let me start by saying I suck, play casual, shoot 50 for 9. usually only play 9. I golf with a good friend that always hits to the right. dead right, right off the club face, with a slice right. No matter what he tries 95% of the time it goes right. Is there anything you can suggest without seeing his stroke? I really want to make this game more enjoyable for him. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, here and there. typical stuff: head down, swing through the ball, step a little closer.
  6. We have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, we got her dad to watch them. She called me just now and asked if we can go again tonight. She said she was thinking of the strokes that she could have done better on. I hope it does not rain!
  7. It cost 7 bucks for me to walk 9. 125K just to join? How do you sleep at night?
  8. It went great. We did 9 holes in less than 2 hours. It was the best game of my year so far. Nobody behind us, sunny day. she shot a 56. Many times her T shot from the ladies T box was near mine. On hole 9 her second shot hit my ball in the fairway. I started with a par, bird, par and ended with a 45. Felt great. If we didn't share a six pack, I may have not fallen apart in the end.
  9. It's her first time in years. She has been out 3 or 4 times years ago. Any tips? I'm a duffer myself and would hate to steer her wrong. Do I just stand back and attempt to let her figure it out herself?
  10. hero419

    2 Iron

    I love it. It is my favorite club in the bag. I have been thinking about picking up a 1. Anybody else use a 2 or 1?
  11. about 5-6, more than the last 3 years combined. A three year old and a two year old will do that to you...
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