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  1. That's a pretty poor generalization. I've bought several sets of clubs on Ebay and never had a problem. Additionally, there are several reputable mail order golf outlets like 3 Balls Golf and Dallas Golf that regularly sell on Ebay. Ebay does a fair job sorting out the scam artists from legitimate merchants and if you keep on eye on seller feedback ratings you'll do just fine.
  2. I don't know about previous years, but a 6 speed is available in both the R/T and the SRT8 for 2010. As for your next family car, you might want to aim a little higher than that SRT8 300C. I just read a few days ago that Chrysler built a concept 300C with a Viper V10 engine and a 6 speed. That might be a fun little family wagon!
  3. Just took delivery today of my new ride: a "plum crazy" 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 with the 6.1 Hemi. Apparently everybody wants automatics these days because mine has a 6 speed manual and for that reason it stayed around the dealership a lot longer than they wanted so they took $7000 of the sticker price just to move it out. I was obviously more than happy to oblige them at that price.
  4. For the most part I love single malt scotch and my preferred brand is Glennlivet. I also like bourbon and for years haf been drinking Maker's Mark until a friend recently introduced me to Buffalo Trace. It's as smooth and mellow as Maker's but costs less, so I switched. I always have beer in the house as well and it's usually Sam Adams Boston Lager or Red Hook ESB.
  5. Aside from my current driver and one set of irons about 10 years ago (Goldwin AVDP Oversize...yuck!) all of my clubs have been used. I've purchased most of them on Ebay and I have never been burned. I also own 8 putters - all Ping Ansers - of various vintages. They're like my babies.
  6. When I bought mine I figured I was going to have it a while so I splurged and got a Sony Bravia 46" 1080 LCD. No knock on 720, but I can tell the difference in resolution between 720 and 1080 and to me it's worth the higher price. When I bought my set, the price of plasma was taking a nosedive. They can be bought cheaper than LCD or LED sets and when you compare them in terms of picture quality the reason for the price difference is pretty obvious...at least it is to me. There is another HDTV type you might want to consider-DLP, which is made by Mitsubishi. I've seen a few of them and the picture definition and clarity is better than LED, in my opinion. The prices are also quite good. I saw a 65" set for sale that was priced less than $200 more for what I paid for my Sony, but it was too large to work well in my house and the store didn't have a smaller one in stock. I also didn't know enough about the technology at the time and Mistu has manufactured its more than its fair share of lemons over the years so I stuck to the tried and true.
  7. My criteria for "fast food" apparently differs from yours. I view it as anyplace where you can place your order and get it to go in 5 minutes or less, the condiments are already on your sandwich, you can get it in a bag to go, and alcoholic beverages are not served. Our Fuddrucker's doesn't meet any of these conditions so to me it's not a fast food restaurant. To me it's more like Red Robin than it is like McDonald's or Hardees (no experience with 5 Guys or In-N-Out). By the way...here's one you might want to avoid:
  8. We have both a Red Robin and a Fuddrucker's. I agree with you on Red Robin but I would hardly call Fuddrucker's fast food. I can't think of anytime I've ever been there that I haven't had to wait at least 8-10 minutes for my order...just as I would at Red Robin.
  9. I don't have a particular favorite when it comes to fast food although I do think Hardees (or Carl's Jr., depending on location) makes a better burger than most of their competitors. There are three places I avoid when it comes to fast food: (1) Taco Bell and (2) Fazzoli's, because the concept of fast food does not work well with either Mexican or Italian cuisine; and (3) Chik-Fil-A, because I think they're overrated and overpriced. Just about every fast food company in America makes a chicken sandwich that is as good or better for less money.
  10. I agree with Boyder for the most part. To me it makes more sense to buy a condo in a golf community that has nice weather year round. Let somebody else worry about the maintenance, taxes, etc. and just show up to play golf.
  11. Golf Digest for me. I never pay attention to the tips and I take the equipment reviews with a grain of salt. Aside from that, the rest of the magazine is pretty entertaining. The November 2010 issue, which I have in front of me now, has a very good article about the last days of Earl Woods.
  12. Although Ping has used color codes on it's irons for well over 30 years, the company didn't use it for their putters until 2002. Before then, all Ping putters were at the factory's "default" lie angle, which with the advent of the color coding system became black dot. I have an Anser 2i like the OPs and it does not have a color code since it was manufactured before 2002. The picture he posted looks like mine and I have no reason to believe it's counterfeit.
  13. I never listen to music when I'm playing but I usually have the soundtrack to "The Legend of Bagger Vance" running around in my head. I love the work of Rachel Portman who composed and performed the music for this film, and this is some of her best work.
  14. I read all the comments on this thread and I must say I'm a little surprised at a few of the responses. To those who would actually commit an assault upon some miscreants blowing an air horn I would only point out that someone blowing an air horn at you while you're teeing off does not give you provocation to commit an assault upon someone. The only way you'll beat the rap for something like this is if your attorney goes for jury nullification and that jury of your peers includes several golfers who don't put up with that sort of thing...not exactly a risk I'd advise any client of mine to take. As for the question of someone blowing an air horn on a golf course causing someone to have a heart attack and subsequently die, the question is not one of intent so much as of forseeability. More simply put, is it reasonably forseeable that blowing an air horn on a golf course will cause someone to die from a heart attack and does the person who blows that horn act with reckless disregard of the possibility that his action would create someone's death from a heart attack? I am inclined to answer that question in the negative but I cannot discount the possibility that it could happen, although it would be a relatively rare occurrence. From my point of view, the best possible thing to do would be to notify the clubhouse staff and let them take appropriate action. Others have pointed out that the offenders could be prosecuted for disturbing the peace or trespassing and this is certainly true. Additionally, many municipalities have "disorderly conduct" ordinances on the books that are frequently used in this sort of situation. Unfortunately they usually don't carry any jail time...just fines.
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