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  1. Yes i know what they are called. And once again you completely glom over the intent of my statement. I said there is a problem with the dress code not with shorts in general. I guess I am the only one who has thought about it. The fact it offends people means it must be correct or it would just be dismissed. I asked everyone to think how stupid it is to have a dress code and allow shorts. That is all. I gave my opinion on the look and that should be no reason not to wear them. I truly feel that the dress code will be a thing of the past relatively soon and that is fine by me. I hate the fact that someone is turned away for not wearing proper attire and the fact that these same people (you evidently) will do so while wearing the epitome of laid back, super casual, beach cruising attire is pathetic.
  2. This is what i was talking about, there right up there above me. He just said he wears shorts then bitches about the dress code not being enforced. The ridiculousness of that statement is appalling. No i don't think shorts look good nor do I think they are inappropriate, however they do not fit in with any dress code ever designed. You can't even wear them to work. The fact people know you went golfing without asking lends itself to how ridiculous you look trying to pull of a "dressy" look with shorts on. Get it now? If you are going to allow shorts then by my estimates you have to allow other forms of casual clothing such as collarless shirts. I have some that are polo shirts without the collar yet i cant play with those on. This is my gripe. I don't wear shorts with polos because that look is ridiculous to me, and apparantly everyone who doesn't golf since you never see it done anywhere else. A fanny pack is very handy but i refuse to wear one.
  3. Most swing flaws come from sequencing. Hips go then shoulders then arms.
  4. It does somewhat thow my game off but its much more fun to play with those guys. I hate playin with people around my handicap because they all think they are a putt away from fame and riches and throw hissy fits when the inevitable happens. It happens everytime they play so why the animosity? I dunno.
  5. I had an old wooden 3 wood that split on my right at the hoseld, head juction. It was old, it was light blue, im pretty sure it was a womans club, it had a steel shaft, and I loved it....tear
  6. That looks like he just parachuted in with those xxxxxxl clothes on. It could be a cultural thing i suppose. Men don't wear shorts around here much. My opinion is a (non-casual) dress code in any other area of life will not allow shorts, ever. So saying they are classy is just skirting the social norm of shorts=casual. If you can argue with that then there is no hope for you. You guys just keep hammering me as an eliteist while I am actually laughing at eliteist behavior. Basically i am saying that golf company's invented "formal" shorts haha can't even say that without laughing, because people want to play with shorts on. Fine i don't dig the style myself but whatever. However they invented these shorts so that they could keep their dress code relatively non casual. Yeah polos are in the same boat. If i had my drothers i would play without a collar, but i can't however they allow you to wear shorts. The fact i have had to explain this is disheartening. It is my opinion that they look ridiculous. You don't see people getting ripped for talking about ugly clubs or terrible shoes. whats the difference?
  7. Sarah is a biatch. If you can't stand someone doin some gloating and that shakes you up then quit competitive sports of any kind, right now. A great player will find your weakness and exploits it.
  8. Herein lies the answer to this debate. Shorts are allowed for the sole reason that alot of people won't play in pants in the really hot places. They aren't allowed because they look appropriate or "classy", they don't, hence the ban on the PGA tour. Cutting the legs off a pair of golf pant does not create "nice" shorts. At least aknowledge that they are a "wink" at the rules.
  9. This topic is basically how to get effortless power which louis clearly has or he has fooled alot of people who have been commenting on it. Jeez you guys just look for something to argue about. Yes he hits the ball hard but it doesn't look like he is as opposed to tiger, phil, jb holmes, all the long drive guys etc etc.
  10. Like who? Ernie? He is the only one even close to Louis' laid back tempo. Everyone else takes a rip at it.
  11. Only if he is polishing his shaft. The club is ok hahaha
  12. What he said. I don't like that people make rules then alter them at their whim while maintaining a derrogatory attitude towards people who also don't follow the rules. That is my point in a nutshell.
  13. I think the reason people are talking about it is because he has a very smooth, non aggressive and relatively short swing and still hits it miles.
  14. I am no troll, i have been attacked for stating my opinion. Over dress code i might add. Its rediculous to get angry because someone dislikes a certain trend. I would never make fun or attack someone over it. Never even mentioned anything to the popped pink collar dude in my previous post. Just observations.
  15. How are they not the same? What makes one pair of shorts different from another? Material? It is funny the lengths people will go to justify blatant disregard for the dress code, which as i said i don't care for in the slightest, but to say that there i such a thing as formal shorts is laughable. You get a clue. Show up at another event that has a dress code in your "nice" shorts and see if you get in. Just to prove a point who here thinks cargo shorts are appropriate?
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