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  1. I am currently using an R9 Supertri with a stock stiff shaft. I want to switch to the RIP shaft but most of those have the "TP" sleeve. I was wondering if I could still use that shaft in my driver or is the sleeve different. Thanks for the help. I also swing around 110 to 115 mph should I get an x or just a stiff.
  2. Hey Everyone I am looking to get a shaft puller but not looking to spend a whole lot of money. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks
  3. JWILL203

    World Cup

    They made a good run...unfortunate to see them out.
  4. I will look in to that sounds like I might have to try that. Has anyone ever sharpened groves before? I was looking into that for my wedges but I also might have to try that with her clubs. Just wondering if it is worth it or not.
  5. The good thing is if i screw up..... who cares their not my clubs haha.
  6. Hey thanks for the help do you guys have any suggestions on what type of grips and kits I should get.
  7. Hey everyone my girlfriend bought a set of clubs at a garage sale and the grips are pretty bad. I was wondering how difficult it is to re-grip clubs on your own. I was also wondering what i would need and if there are any tips on re-gripping. Finally is it worth it or should I have someone do it for me thanks.
  8. The Michigan State Sparty. Go Green!
  9. Overall I thought it was a pretty good set up. It seemed like everyone had some birdie opportunities but no one capitalized.
  10. Not at all...some of the best golfers I have played with use their 3 wood off the the tee and only use the driver on par 5s. If you can keep it in play and on the fairway you will for sure lower your scores.
  11. My favorite course is Eagle Eye in Bath Michigan. Really great course and has an island green like the one at sawgrass.
  12. JWILL203

    Tiger's Back

    I don't think Tiger is back yet, but I think he should be ready for the British Open.
  13. My first two drivers were the Nike Ignite and SQ I hit them far but not very straight. I then switched to a TaylorMade driver and between the two i really like how I hit the TaylorMade. I have been curious about the Titleist drivers. I was wondering if anyone has hit both the Titleist and Taylormade drivers and which did you pick and why thanks.
  14. It was really unfortunate to see Dustin melt down the way he did, but McDowell seems like a really classy guy and I was happy for him.
  15. JWILL203

    World Cup

    I usually don't watch much soccer, I have enjoyed watching the U.S. hopefully they can make a run.
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