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  1. lol @ iacus getting all touchy over people mentioning the divot. Dude, YOU missed it, so stop behaving like a butthurt child.
  2. Haha, Iacas really doesn't get it. "Not great etiquette" - is that the best you can come up with? Total Tiger Woods apologist. And yes, it is COMPLETELY different to someone behaving like that at their local 9 hole golf course; like it nor not, he SHOULD be a role model, as millions (probably billions) of people recognise who he is and will see that bad behaviour. But hey, what's the big deal, let him behave like a complete brat and pat him on the back for doing so... Great signal you're sending out there, and I pity the people you 'instruct'.
  3. Haha, I've read some apologetic tripe in my time, but that takes the cake.
  4. Seems spot on to me. Good luck on equating post count to intelligence and validity.
  5. I lol'd at that video of Bubba ripping in to Steve Elkington, haha. Prime douche, and apparently he was snapping at the crowd all day yesterday, too. Hey, but he's a good Christian!
  6. Personal? Nope. I couldn't give a monkey's about him, quite honestly. But I do get angry when I see such blatant cockbaggery.
  7. It still boggles my mind that people here can see nothing wrong with his behaviour at all. At the very least, he came across as surly and ungrateful, and at worst he was downright ignorant and a spoiled brat. It's nothing to do with him "being honest" either; he had the cheek to talk about areas not being roped off - that's isn't just being a sore loser, it's a downright lie. The French open has always been run professionally and you can see clearly the ropes on TV. What a tough life he has...
  8. Haha, yeah, it's the 'soft' Euros fault. Great generalisation, btw. Silly me, his behaviour was gracious, accommodating and he was generally a great ambassador for golf! Silly Euros being soft.
  9. I think that says a lot about you if you find no disrespect in his behaviour. Let's see: - Refused any interviews with sky prior to the tournament - Played on a beautiful course, in a beautifil city, yet looked and acted like he couldn't care less - I wonder if the first reserve felt happy watching this? - Complained about the noise, having to walk through crowds, even though everything was as standard (does he expect every event to be the same as a big US event?) - Disrespected said crowds by insinuating they contributed towards his poor performance - Disrespected the organisers by STRAIGHT AWAY claiming he would never come back - Disrespected his playing partners by looking like he'd rather be anywhere else, and this includes the many people who no doubt pandered to his every requierment - Disrespected the other Euro player who he 'snubbed' over the car I could go on, but if his behaviour is acceptable to you, we have very different ideas on what a well known/paid tour pro should act like...
  10. Haha @ you asking such obvious, diingenuous questions. How did he disrepect people? If you've watched the interviews, you really wouldn't have to ask that, unless you're either a fanboy or being intentionally contrary.
  11. No, it's not 'rumoured'. The sky team just confirmed it earlier, and Ewan Murray said how disappointed he was in his behaviour etc.
  12. As for "not saying anything disrespectful" - he couldn't emphasise enough that he would not be returning to the European tour. Ever. Good, I find him massively overrated anyway, an his "eccentric" schtick is zzzzzz and very forced.
  13. I thought his attitude and demeanour were nothing short of pathetic. I watched that interview live yesterday, and just came across as extremely rude and he'd rather be anywhere else. Homesick is one thing, but being blatantly rude is another; that courtesy car incident just takes the cake. As Wayne Riley said: "Maybe he misses people shouting "you're the man" on every down swing, but it should probably be "you're the child". Not only has he disrepected the organisers of this event, but he's disrespected the no doubt numerous people who came to watch him. They should apologise for getting in the way and paying his wages...
  14. Not well said. You're both gutless Tiger apologists. Like I said earlier, I've always been a big fan, but it can't be overestimated just how ignorant, selfish and shitty his behaviour was in KNOWINGLY doing that by the hole, KNOWINGLY doing it in front of many young spectators (who he couldn't even be bothered to sign any autographs for). Good golfer, pretty much a bellend though...
  15. No, we shouldn't accept it. That's a ridiculous, fanboy like statement to make.
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