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  1. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Went out the other day with the kids is a nasty wet day. Actually did fairly good considering. Super deep wet rough stopped any momentum club had. Good drives with okish iron play. I bet I struck the ball to my standards at least 60% of the time. Which 60 may seem like a small number, but it was a huge step up.
  2. Seems to be that I can crush the ball really well at the range. However when I get to the course it's a huge difference. I'm topping the ball, slicing like non other, just hitting terrible shots. Is it all in my head? I know it is. How or what can I do to solve that issue? Any help is gladly appreciated.
  3. Well according to the picture for the ball path.. lol My flight is E... then in 50 yards it turns quick to a I I'm checking out prices for lessons and one course here has 3, 1hr sessions for 75 bucks. I may have to jump on that.
  4. Makes me wonder then how much my feet move when I swing in my regular shoes... I guess the good thing is I was planing on getting some over the 4th. Thanks for answering my question and I too will keep those shoes in mind for my purchase.
  5. Im not meaning to hijack a thread here.. What are the benefits of having golf shoes compared to street shoes?
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/12pk-6-free-18-D...item2307fd0ebf Ive hit those, I liked em.
  7. My guess would be swinging too hard also. I have a bad tendency to do that as well.
  8. Thats great to know. Now here is another question... Is there anyway to fix that by myself or should I just get lessons?
  9. I was just meaning to get a different angle for the video.. I dont wanna do anything drastically till I have a good idea what to fix. I was actually thinking about a lesson or 2 or more lol.. And Thanks Sean
  10. I will try to make it to the range again and have a different view. Thanks so far guys!
  11. I know the quality is not very great, but we are in the middle of buying a house and our HD cam is packed up. I also dont know how to make a copy of it in slow-mo. So hopefully from this angle you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  12. My anti-slice drive.. I need to post my video and get some help.
  13. NICE! I totally lol'd at that one.
  14. Well I'd love to... 1, Cure my slice 2. Putt better, damn them 3 putts. 3. Get out and golf more.
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