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  1. Unkynd

    Hoverboard & golf

    Darn, I haven't seen one in person; only the videos online. Based on what you saw did it not look stable enough to push a cart? Wonder if it could take the weight of carrying a bag on my back.... I know they are rated to 250 lbs and I'm 180, so shouldn't be over the weight limit.
  2. The segway technology looks like it's making a leap to a 2 wheeled board that is self balancing. Recently the companies have started releasing off road models. I wonder if these things have enough horse power to carry a rider that is pushing a push cart. Here's an example of one : http://leviboard.com/product/leviboard-off-road/ What do you guys think? Seems like a much cheaper option to the Golf Board that came out about a year ago, and much less likely to lead to having to pay a trail fee.
  3. Played 18 today and broke 80. Only chipped before the round, not putting. Putter was on fire on the course.
  4. Ranged a bit and then played 18 holes. Ball striking is coming along and the putting wasn't awful today.
  5. Played 9 and practiced putting before it. Playing a 9 hole scramble tonight
  6. Played 17 holes... Quit on 18 because there were 3 groups on the tee box and 1 in the fairway when I got there. Played 17 holes in 1 hour 45, didn't want to spend another hour on the final hole. Not sure how everyone gets stacked up like that on the final hole, it's not even that hard of a hole.
  7. Played a 9 hole scramble today and practiced on the first 4 holes with a few practice shots. Must have helped because we finished in 2nd place.
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