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  1. -12 is pretty good. It has been topped, but still impressive. Just too bad it was Westwood. Oops,
  2. I don't find anything wrong with the FedEx cup playoffs or the system of how it is determined.....I think some people just don't like it because they don't know how it is broken down. If you would check out this link, maybe it would fill you in (by "you" I am talking to all who dislike the FedEx cup) http://www.pgatour.com/2008/fedexcup/11/25/2009changes.chart/index.html If you don't like how it is run, contact the PGA Tour. They are the ones that have control over this kind of stuff, not people on an internet Forum. Thanks.
  3. Saratoga National is the best place I would suggest.
  4. If you don't mind my asking, how did you get that pattern like that? That is very cool and good job on it! Varsity_Golf
  5. Why? I think it's good that Tiger won't be in the field. I'm not bashing Tiger, but It'll be a "Different experience."
  6. I think that Luke Donald is absolutly worthy of being the world #1. While he may not be a long driver, he is an ARTIST with the irons and his putter (Has not had a 3 putt in something like 115 holes). Go Luke Donald! I sincerely hope that Westwood doesn't become #1.
  7. 1. Drop my HCP to around 4 by August 2. Finish near top at atleast 1 of the JPGA events I plan on Playing 3. Beat my friend from Florida (Only played him once ever, and I played bad.) 4. Fix Putting stroke
  8. I actually had to select "Other" because my preference falls with the mid mallet. absolutly love how they feel. Nike EverClear E22s are really nice, along with Odyssey White Hot Rossie
  9. It's Icing here right now.....and two weeks ago I was hitting balls in my back yard.....oh well bring on April, eh? Welcome, btw
  10. I agree. As long as you can actually hit the golf ball you should be able to hit both....:)
  11. I personally am starting P90X next week, along with trying to run about 1-2 miles a couple times a week. It will be hard running when theres snow here in NY! Will let everyone know how it turns out!
  12. So, after a lengthy time away from TST, I am back. Mostly because I couldn't remember my password. Anyhow, for christmas, I got a new set of irons. I have it narrowed down to a few, but I want some outside opinions as to what might be a good set. My list currently is (in order of most liked to less) Bridgestone J38 Forged Cavity Nike VR Pro Combo Mizuno MP-53 Titleist CB/AP1 I am about a 10 Handicap and a very good ball striker. Just not QUITE good enough for Blades...:( THANKS, Varsity_Golf
  13. Carlton Fisk Wade Boggs Carl Yazstremski Kevin Youkilis Dustin Pedroia Any questions? JK GUYS
  14. I hope to try one out next season....not sure If i'd go with the fatso or the slightly slimmer one.......
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