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  1. They are holding up the people behind them, like all slow players do. One slow group impacts the entire field, whether in the pros or at your local muni. Slow play is one of the major issues in golf. It reduces enjoyment and deters a lot of people from playing regularly. One of the reasons that slow play by amateurs has grown is that they watch someone like Na spend excessive amounts of time lining up putts, getting lined up etc. He is one of the worst. The thing is, we don't even really get to see how slow Na or Crane or Furyk (putting) are because the TV producers only cut to them after them after they have gone through 80% of their convoluted routines. If they showed the lot, everyone would switch off.
  2. I used to think yes, but quite happy that Na is not getting a trip to the Masters for this win. I can't stand how he gets lined up, backs away and how slow he is. Don't even get me started on him and his caddy plumb bobbing (doesn't work anyway) 3 foot putts. The PGA should get serious on slow play, they are spineless on this issue. I would have voted yes in a second if someone else had won. I'll probably fill in the poll the other way next week.
  3. Tennis is much harder mentally? You have to be kidding! The key reason you can take a 13 year old tennis prodigy and predict they will be top 100 in the world - and usually be right is because there isn't the mental challenge to get in the way. Simply look at the results of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy Vs David Leadbetter (or any other academy). For every tennis choke (Jana Novotna) there are a thousand golfing examples - the reason? - mentally significantly harder. It is just too easy to get in your own way with minutes between shots relative to tennis. I know this is off topic...but please.
  4. I suspect they'll continue to do it on a case by case basis if someone asks for an exemption. There is no upside to lowering it. You could wind up getting the female version of Sean O'Hair with a knucklehead Father grinding them into the ground. I also suspect that there won't be too many exemptions granted. Michelle Wie's record pre 18 wouldn't have been good enough to get an exemption so I can't imagine anyone else getting one for quite some time.
  5. Norman, as expected has gone with 2 players who grew up playing the super fast greens of Melbourne's sandbelt courses. If Baddeley can keep it on the fairway he will be tough to play with a pure putting stroke on pure greens. Allenby can't putt anymore of course - but that hasn't stopped him winning there in the past.
  6. If you give DJ a Hall of Fame type career, that would be a very good earner for LaCava, but if Tiger can make a comeback (obviously views vary greatly here) then you get to experience golfing history as best you can without hitting a shot. He'll know the outcome in 3-5 years. He can hook up with the next young gun after that. Tiger has clearly been able to convince LaCava that he is phyiscally fit. The mental side - well you just have to take a punt on that.
  7. I don't agree with David Peltz's putting method, but he research and data is very thorough. If he says amateurs under read break then that is the view I am running with. As for the poster who is putting only inside left / right - I wish I had your greens. I can get a foot of break on a 5 foot putt where I play, driving me crazy sometimes.
  8. Qualified 5th for the 16 player matchplay. lost 3&1 in the quarter finals. 2 bogeys on 1 and 2 gave him easy wins and I was fitting to get back all the way. Missed 6 footers on 14 and 15 that would have swung the momentum big time - not to be. Was 3 over when the match finished so reasonably happy with how I played.
  9. Ultimately, the original poster would be better of having a crack at plenty of other guys - Pat Perez for example. Jason Day may have been a bit out of line (as almost all players have been at some stage) but he is also a guy he laughed at himself when he cold topped a drive at the start of the year. Plenty of other players would have had there driver smashing into the tee box.
  10. Here is a list of the US Amateur winners and runners up for the last few decades. While there plenty of champions of the pga tour on the list there are also plenty of people kicking around on secondary tours at best and these are the best amateurs in the country. How did the original poster go in the US Am this year? There are plenty of +2 and +3 players caddying at places like Kiawa Island andPebble Beach just trying to make enough money to give it a crack. I know the American attitude of "you can do anything you want" "don't listen to the knockers" etc has helped a lot of people make it against the odds. It also generates a bunch of people of who walk out of American Idol auditions in tears as the reality that they can't sing hits them in the face. The orignal poster should get out there are work his butt off. Either go down the serious amateur golf route (US Am etc) to harden his game or buy a van, turn pro and grind it out on the mini tours and see if he can work his way up. I'd love for him to prove me wrong, but if you have to ask how good you need to be, then you haven't played enough serious golf to know. If you haven't played serious competition then you don't have the drive anyway. Winners Year Venue Winner Country Score Runner-up 2011 Erin Hills Kelly Kraft United States 2 up Patrick Cantlay 2010 Chambers Bay Peter Uihlein United States 4 & 2 David Chung 2009 Southern Hills Country Club An Byeong-hun South Korea 7 & 5 Ben Martin 2008 Pinehurst Resort Danny Lee New Zealand 5 & 4 Drew Kittleson 2007 Olympic Club Colt Knost United States 2 & 1 Michael Thompson 2006 Hazeltine National Golf Club Richie Ramsay Scotland 4 & 2 John Kelly 2005 Merion Golf Club Edoardo Molinari Italy 4 & 3 Dillon Dougherty 2004 Winged Foot Golf Club Ryan Moore United States 2 up Luke List 2003 Oakmont Country Club Nick Flanagan Australia 37th hole Casey Wittenberg 2002 Oakland Hills Country Club Ricky Barnes United States 2 & 1 Hunter Mahan 2001 East Lake Golf Club Bubba Dickerson United States 1 up Robert Hamilton 2000 Baltusrol Golf Club Jeff Quinney United States 39th hole James Driscoll 1999 Pebble Beach Golf Links David Gossett United States 9 & 8 Sung Yoon Kim 1998 Oak Hill Country Club Hank Kuehne United States 2 & 1 Tom McKnight 1997 Cog Hill Golf & Country Club Matt Kuchar United States 2 & 1 Joel Kribel 1996 Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club Tiger Woods United States 38th hole Steve Scott 1995 Newport Country Club Tiger Woods United States 2 up Buddy Marucci 1994 TPC at Sawgrass Tiger Woods United States 2 up Trip Kuehne 1993 Champions Golf Club John Harris United States 5 & 3 Danny Ellis 1992 Muirfield Village Justin Leonard United States 8 & 7 Tom Scherrer 1991 The Honors Golf Club Mitch Voges United States 7 & 6 Manny Zerman 1990 Cherry Hills Country Club Phil Mickelson United States 5 & 4 Manny Zerman 1989 Merion Golf Club Chris Patton United States 3 & 1 Danny Green 1988 The Homestead Eric Meeks United States 7 & 6 Danny Yates 1987 Jupiter Hills Club Billy Mayfair United States 4 & 3 Eric Rebmann 1986 Shoal Creek Golf and Country Club Buddy Alexander United States 5 & 3 Chris Kite 1985 Montclair Golf Club Sam Randolph United States 1 up Peter Persons 1984 Oak Tree Golf Club Scott Verplank United States 4 & 3 Sam Randolph 1983 North Shore Country Club Jay Sigel United States 8 & 7 Chris Perry 1982 The Country Club Jay Sigel United States 8 & 7 David Tolley 1981 Olympic Club Nathaniel Crosby United States 1 up Brian Lindley 1980 Country Club of North Carolina Hal Sutton United States 9 & 8 Bob Lewis 1979 Canterbury Golf Club Mark O'Meara United States 8 & 7 John Cook 1978 Plainfield Country Club John Cook United States 5 & 4 Scott Hoch 1977 Aronimink Golf Club John Fought United States 9 & 8 Doug Fischesser 1976 Bel-Air Country Club Bill Sander United States 8 & 6 C. Parker Moore Jr. 1975 Country Club of Virginia Fred Ridley United States 2 up Keith Fergus 1974 Ridgewood Country Club Jerry Pate United States 2 & 1 John R. Grace 1973 Inverness Club Craig Stadler United States 6 & 5 David Strawn 1965–72: Stroke play 1972 Charlotte Country Club Vinny Giles United States 285 Mark Hayes , Ben Crenshaw 1971 Wilmington Country Club Gary Cowan Canada 280 Eddie Pearce 1970 Waverley Country Club Lanny Wadkins United States 279 Tom Kite 1969 Oakmont Country Club Steve Melnyk United States 286 Vinny Giles 1968 Scioto Country Club Bruce Fleisher United States 284 Vinny Giles 1967 Broadmoor Golf Club Bob Dickson United States 285 Vinny Giles 1966 Merion Golf Club Gary Cowan Canada 285 Deane Beman 1965 Southern Hills Country Club Bob Murphy United States 291 Bob Dickson 1895–1964: Match play 1964 Canterbury Golf Club William C. Campbell United States 1 up Edgar M. Tutwiler 1963 Wakonda Club Deane Beman United States 2 & 1 R. H. Sikes 1962 Pinehurst Resort Labron Harris, Jr. United States 1 up Downing Gray 1961 Pebble Beach Golf Links Jack Nicklaus United States 8 & 6 Dudley Wysong 1960 St. Louis Country Club Deane Beman United States 6 & 4 Robert W. Gardner 1959 Broadmoor Golf Club Jack Nicklaus United States 1 up Charles Coe 1958 Olympic Club Charles Coe United States 5 & 4 Tommy Aaron 1957 The Country Club Hillman Robbins United States 5 & 4 Dr. Frank M. Taylor 1956 Knollwood Club Harvie Ward United States 5 & 4 Chuck Kocsis 1955 Country Club of Virginia Harvie Ward United States 9 & 8 Bill Hyndman 1954 Country Club of Detroit Arnold Palmer United States 1 up Robert Sweeny Jr. 1953 Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club Gene Littler United States 1 up Dale Morey 1952 Seattle Golf Club Jack Westland United States 3 & 2 Al Mengert 1951 Saucon Valley Country Club Billy Maxwell United States 4 & 3 Joseph F. Gagliardi 1950 Minneapolis Golf Club Sam Urzetta United States 39th hole Frank Stranahan 1949 Oak Hill Country Club Charles Coe United States 11 & 10 Rufus King 1948 Memphis Country Club Willie Turnesa United States 2 & 1 Raymond E. Billows 1947 Pebble Beach Golf Links Skee Riegel United States 2 & 1 Johnny Dawson 1946 Baltusrol Golf Club Stanley E. Bishop United States 37th hole Smiley Quick 1942–45: No championships due to World War II 1941 Omaha Field Club Bud Ward United States 4 & 3 Pat Abbott 1940 Winged Foot Golf Club Dick Chapman United States 11 & 9 W. B. McCullough Jr. 1939 North Shore Country Club Bud Ward United States 7 & 5 Raymond E. Billows 1938 Oakmont Country Club Willie Turnesa United States 8 & 7 Pat Abbott 1937 Alderwood Country Club Johnny Goodman United States 2 up Raymond E. Billows 1936 Garden City Golf Club John Fischer United States 37th hole Jack McLean 1935 The Country Club Lawson Little United States 4 & 2 Walter Emery 1934 The Country Club Lawson Little United States 8 & 7 David Goldman 1933 Kenwood Country Club George Dunlap United States 6 & 5 Max R. Marston 1932 Baltimore Country Club Ross Somerville Canada 2 & 1 Johnny Goodman 1931 Beverly Country Club Francis Ouimet United States 6 & 5 Jack Westland 1930 Merion Golf Club Bobby Jones United States 8 & 7 Eugene V. Homans 1929 Pebble Beach Golf Links Harrison R. Johnston United States 4 & 3 Oscar F. Willing 1928 Brae Burn Country Club Bobby Jones United States 10 & 9 Phil Perkins 1927 Minikahda Club Bobby Jones United States 8 & 7 Chick Evans 1926 Baltusrol Golf Club George Von Elm United States 2 & 1 Bobby Jones 1925 Oakmont Country Club Bobby Jones United States 8 & 7 Watts Gunn 1924 Merion Golf Club Bobby Jones United States 9 & 8 George Von Elm 1923 Flossmoor Country Club Max R. Marston United States 38th hole Jess Sweetser 1922 The Country Club Jess Sweetser United States 3 & 2 Chick Evans 1921 St. Louis Country Club Jesse P. Guilford United States 7 & 6 Robert A. Gardner 1920 Engineers Country Club Chick Evans United States 7 & 6 Francis Ouimet 1919 Oakmont Country Club S. Davidson Herron United States 5 & 4 Bobby Jones 1917–18: No championships due to World War I 1916 Merion Golf Club Chick Evans United States 4 & 3 Robert A. Gardner 1915 Country Club of Detroit Robert A. Gardner United States 5 & 4 John G. Anderson 1914 Ekwanok Country Club Francis Ouimet United States 6 & 5 Jerome Travers 1913 Garden City Golf Club Jerome Travers United States 5 & 4 John G. Anderson 1912 Chicago Golf Club Jerome Travers United States 7 & 6 Chick Evans 1911 The Apawamis Club Harold Hilton England 37th hole Fred Herreshoff 1910 The Country Club William C. Fownes Jr. United States 4 & 3 Warren Wood 1909 Chicago Golf Club Robert A. Gardner United States 4 & 3 Chandler Egan 1908 Garden City Golf Club Jerome Travers United States 8 & 7 Max H. Behr 1907 Euclid Club Jerome Travers United States 6 & 5 Archibald Graham 1906 Englewood Golf Club Eben Byers United States 2 up George Lyon 1905 Chicago Golf Club Chandler Egan United States 6 & 5 Daniel Sawyer 1904 Baltusrol Golf Club Chandler Egan United States 8 & 6 Fred Herreshoff 1903 Nassau Country Club Walter Travis United States 5 & 4 Eben Byers 1902 Glen View Club Louis N. James United States 4 & 2 Eben Byers 1901 Atlantic City Country Club Walter Travis United States 5 & 4 Walter Egan 1900 Garden City Golf Club Walter Travis United States 2 up Findlay S. Douglas 1899 Onwentsia Club H. M. Harriman United States 3 & 2 Findlay S. Douglas 1898 Morris County Golf Club Findlay S. Douglas Scotland 5 & 3 Walter B. Smith 1897 Chicago Golf Club H. J. Whigham Scotland 8 & 6 W. Rossiter Betts 1896 Shinnecock Hills Golf Club H. J. Whigham Scotland 8 & 7 Joseph G. Thorp 1895 Newport Country Club Charles B. Macdonald United States 12 & 11 Charles Sands
  11. That is the rare exception. There are a number of threads on here that cover it pretty well but the best is a recent golf or golf digest article that analyses the difference between scratch and pro (estimated to be +6 or better). The difference is massive if you are playing a regular round at a regular course - even more on a tour setup. Any dispute, ask Jerry Rice. +1 handicap, used to crowds and the big show and missed the cut by more than 20 shots in a Nationwide Event. So there is a +handicap asking for 4 or 5 a side from guys who can't make the PGA Tour. The US Amateur is currently on. I am not sure how you would find out the handicaps of these guys but you need to be 1.5 or lower just to fill in the form and I doubt anyone made the matchplay is off higher than +2.
  12. All the equipment companies have their new wedges with 'micro grooves' etc to compensate for the new groove rule. There are still plenty of pre 2011 wedges around - are these still going to get the most spin? I can't see how technology is going create new wedges that can match these. I am thinking of stocking up while they are still on sale. In 5 years pulling out a new 2010 vokey wedge is going to be a benefit I think. Any thoughts? Anyone given the new wedges a go and prefer them to the old ones?
  13. i agree! i posted this days before there was anything announcements. give the sandtrap crew the inside word and what do you get, merged in with a press release...
  14. He's annoyed that the news appeared in this forum days before he even got a whisper
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