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  1. I have a problem with coming out of posture on the take-away. My head drops down vertically and forward, often a number of inches. I've also got a nasty tendency to shank for the past month. I can control the vertical and practice keeping it up but I struggle with the forward. Any suggestions or drills on how to keep the head and upper body from diving forward during the back swing, most noticeably at the top of it?
  2. I'm not a very good player but it seems like your weight is on your heels at address and that your hands are quite close to your thighs. It's tough to tell because the camera is so tilted. You're take-away seems great with the exception of your head diving down and forward at the very top which might be an ?over-rotation?. I do the same thing but to a greater degree than you and its causing me all kinds of problems. I'm trying to fix it by increasing my upper body rotation with the fix your body fix your swing book. Great job driving your weight toward the target. My swing has a happy fo
  3. I'm working on fitness and full swing accuracy. I believe these two go hand in hand. My short game and putting are relatively solid and I'm losing all my strokes to penalties and counter-productive long shots. I have a nasty case of the shanks too. The good news is I hosel-rocketed a hole-in one the other day.
  4. I'm not suggesting he roll them back and forth. The rolling motion I suggest is in the same direction on the take-away and the downswing. Honestly its more a feeling for me than an actual motion. Going from a flat wrist at the top to a slight bow isn't that much movement. I would love for this to happen naturally for me, but much like the initial poster, I am unable to get my wrists to bow like the pros seem to without consciously manipulating my wrists. I use a slightly strong varden grip with overlapping fingers. I've tried shifting that to weak and swinging the club all kinds of ways
  5. I am able to gain a flat left wrist at the top and a bowed one at impact by exerting what could be called a rolling or twisting motion on the grip. Take the club by the grip and hold it. Twist or roll the grip with your hands so the club face closes. If you roll on the way back it will likely result in a flat wrist and if you roll hard through impact (same direction) it will result in a bowed wrist you're looking for. I've had decent results with this as my usual swing is inside-out swing with an open club-face. The move tends to close my club-face enough to straighten out or slightly d
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