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  1. rilo

    Putting Ban

  2. rilo

    Putting Ban

    I just called the USGA and canceled and asked for a refund on my membership to the USGA. I don't want to be a part of an organization that is being bullied by the R & A... I think the USGA should stand up to the big bad R & A and listen to it's member's and the US PGA tour. If everyone that was a memebr of the USGA took a stand and canceled their membership as well maybe the USGA would grow a pair... Thanks, Rilo
  3. rilo

    Online handicap

    Yes they have the course rating and the slope, I really was looking for a free website to input my scores and get a legit handicap Thanks
  4. rilo

    Online handicap

    I'm looking for a free site to to get a handicap, my home course is not on the USGA Handicap Index... Thanks Rilo
  5. this is my first post! here are a few vids of my Driver. I would love to get some input!!! Don't be to harsh Thanks Rilo full speed swing Slow mo swing
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