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  1. 19° hybrid Putter 7-PW LW On a good day, thats about all I swing, anyway. Just replace the hybrid with the driver.
  2. I enjoy waiting for that perfect moment when someone is hitting a blind shot so they say "watch this for me to see where it lands"..then they hit it so fat it only goes about 10 yards....."I see it!...good layup!" Then Karma smacks me and I do the same dang thing! when someone knocks a ball off the tee I sometimes can't stop myself from saying "stroke" like a rowing captain.
  3. keep the parking lot and clubhouse area tidy and thats good enough for me. My home course has daffodils that grow in the spring but thats really it. They freshen up the mulch every year and keep it looking "maintained" but its really maintenance free other than mowing the clubhouse grass. As far as a clubhouse goes..it doesn't have to be fancy, either. A good selection of hot and cold snacks, well stocked drink coolers...we're good to go!
  4. yep, still hate those little 20 yard tight lie pitches....I can't ever seem to get them right! wish I had a place to practice them
  5. can someone kick the baba booie guy in the nuts?
  6. Meltd, thats what ended up making me think about it. The young girl seemed kind of rushed but I wouldn't have thought it'd been any better if we joined them. My dad also has issues with playing with strangers so I always decline invites when playing with him even though I hate coming off like a tool-bag.
  7. which do you think would affect your game more....playing in front of another group or playing WITH two strangers? The other day a dad and his daughter(maybe 12-15 years old I would guess) were the tee time ahead of my dad and I(31 year old for clarification) The father approached us and said we could join them that they were newbies and would probably take a while, but I declined because I didn't want them to feel pressure.
  8. 20-40 yard pitches from a tight lie(I seem to always hit it fat in this case) ball below my feet( I somehow can manage to pull hook a shot from this lie with great regularity)
  9. Brent is a baller and will win this show no contest.
  10. Paradox

    Winning money

    are there actual "tournament entry fees" for PGA tournaments? What do these fully sponsored players actually pay for on tour? I'm guessing their sponsors probably get some kind of return on their investment from winnings(for the smaller guys)? BTW, I play a few times with a guy who is basically a touring amateur but not a pro..and the difference between him and me at a 9 handicap(he MIGHT be a + but I think he's still not quite scratch) is astronomical. His drives very rarely miss, his iron shots don't miss by much IF they miss...its just insane to see. Swing looks so smooth but he
  11. most sporting goods stores around here remove the actual sleeves from the boxes of higher priced balls. Some just use double security locks on the higher priced balls. Any time I buy balls from the store, I always check to make sure whats in the box is what I'm actually trying to buy. Worked in retail before(at a dollar store) and you'd be surprised what people would actually steal. Things that cost as little as 50 cents or a dollar, they will still pocket them. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, all sorts of "beauty" products, switch bar code stickers, load up totes or coolers with various
  12. I need to take 72 strokes...no more, no less.(at least, on my home course)
  13. Tiger would have to give me 16 strokes and play left-handed..and I MIGHT be able to stay within 20 of him.
  14. I think the Q star is a great ball..especially for the price. I'm just so used to the action of the Z-stars that its hard for me to use them, really. I think they feel pretty much identical off the face of clubs but...I dunno what it is to me that makes them "seem" different.
  15. thats better than pros...the best pro hits 72% GIR and 70% Fairways..... And you're somewhere around a 25 handicap?
  16. any ball is gonna have a hard time spinning with that swing speed. You're kind of asking for a miracle ball...for what you're wanting I'd say stay in the Q-star, NXT Tour S, Bridgestone E series balls.
  17. I have changed my tone and went "sort of" spikeless. The last two times I've played(both were very dry conditions, though) I have worn my adidas trail runners which have a pretty aggressive "tread" and had no slippage issues and my feet were much more comfortable. Bonuses...they leave less prints on the greens, my feet don't hurt, and these types of shoes are usually cheaper than golf shoes.
  18. another option that I saw a friend wearing from the "natural motion" category are adicross pure motion
  19. shew..why do you people breathe when you're playing golf????? Whats wrong with you?? People eat because they feel the need something to eat. Me, I drink lots of water(with a powdered gatorade mix thrown in at some point) but every now and again I'll eat peanut butter crackers or something if my stomach is saying "feed me". I don't get weak when I golf and don't eat but when I work and haven't eaten....I get extremely weak and shaky and must eat soon or I'll be sick...but still don't eat a real meal if I'm gonna be back out in the heat. Heat and heavy food are a sure pa
  20. to shoot par...I need a tater gun with a long barrel, a ball with a hole in the middle of it and a pin that I can stick in the cup, and I'll be set.
  21. did you notice the ratings for Sawgrass during the players? Geez
  22. z stars are normally 45 bucks a dozen. Once the old stock runs out..so will the 30 dollar price tag. They didn't last a week in the stores around my town at that price.
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