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  1. Well my posts do carry quite a bit of weight, didn't you know?
  2. Give the man a cart. He qualified for the us open with an honest disability for crying out loud. Shouldn't golfs governing bodies send a positive message every now and then? Even if he won, it wouldn't be because he got to ride in a cart. He already has the odds stacked against him.
  3. So any bets that Mcilroy blows his wad this week vs. Next week? Or can he tame the beast and try for a back to back?
  4. I'm surprised McIlroy is in the field. He's my pick for the open, even after the stream of missed cuts. World #2 can't be slumping this hard, can he?
  5. When I was first getting in to practicing a lot, I had to use tape during range sessions, or I would get all sorts of blisters. Now they have turned to callouses and tape is a thing of the past. Put the time in and you will get golfer hands.
  6. Rory McIlroy (-2) Tiger Woods (E) Hunter Mahan (E)
  7. "Ping" is clearly trolling. (Eldrick, lawn chair, etc.) Give it up, dude. Anyway... I love the US Open for the simple fact that it makes the players sweat every shot. That video posted in this thread "Mickey mouse golf" is a great example of the power of the USGA. Everyone still has to play the same course, even if it's considered a beast, it isn't like these guys don't all have the same chance to go out there and win it. It might not make everyone happy when their ball is buried in 6" rough, or decent putts are rolling away from the hole. But IMO the USGA can choose to make it a golfing dystopia if they want to. And that being said, the players should embrace the challenge, rather than ridicule the governing bodies. Crank the stimp up to 14, grow out that rough, tuck the tees and pins...it will make great TV.
  8. Why bother to get fit if you won't listen to the fitter? Sounds like he's trying to set you up with the right clubs.
  9. Another factor that exists more in golf than any other game is the age of the players. Not gonna find many crabby 70+ year old baseball or football players. Whereas golf is multi-generational. Rules and traditions are kept in tact because the old folks are still on the course with the likes of the Fowler types. It sounds like you have a respect for the game and those resposible for making it available to you. I wouldn't stress out about the old curmudgeons kicking around out there or on these forums for that matter. Go play golf. Wear whatever you want, fix your divots and ball marks and have fun.
  10. At least now we won't have the controversy of tiger having to be a ryder cup captains pick. I'm glad to see more american players breaking in to the top of the owgr.
  11. That's how you get it done folks. Tiger now has won arnie and jacks tournaments this year. Both had solid fields and great moments. I would say tiger is stepping in to stride. 2012...the year of awesome golf.
  12. I play 3 Scratch wedges. My 51* and 60* are cast 8620's but my 56* is an older JLM forged model. I like having the JLM in the bag because the head is heavier, and the leading edge is a bit flatter. I find it a bit better out of heavier rough. I originally bought 3 8620's as a set, but dropped the 56* in favor of my old JLM SND for the sake of versatility.
  13. Well we've all seen how Spencer Levin handles himself on Sundays. So I'm gonna go ahead and write him off... ;) I would have to say that Sabbatini, Woods, or Fowler all have equal opportunities to win at this point. Tiger, especially knows how to go low on a Sunday.
  14. I always recommend beginners or casual players to try to find an Adams Tight Lies set of clubs. IMO they are the best bang for the buck as far as a basic complete set goes. Decent stuff in that bag that you can grow with for a while and won't break the bank. I bet you can get on Craigslist and find a set in your area, buy it, and still have a big chunk of your budget left over for balls, tees, green fees, or even a lesson. Link: http://www.adamsgolf.com/products/irons/tightlies_set_1012.php
  15. I generally shoot in the mid 80's to low 90's. I'd really like to break 80 this year.
  16. I found a warm beer and a smashed-to-powder breakfast cookie in my bag today. Consumed both upon inspection.
  17. Looks like you need an i20 3 wood to finish it off. If those were my set of clubs, and I wasn't passionately in love with my old 3 wood, I would go nuts knowing that I didn't go all out and get a new 3w. Beautiful clubs tho. You have great taste.
  18. Looks like you got a square deal. I just picked up a 9/10 Ping G15 driver for $86 shipped to my door. eBay rocks. Just don't be a moron and do your research before bidding/buying.
  19. Paid $90 for 18 @ Chambers Bay in Tacoma, WA. My first and only links golf experience. Paid $90 to have the course make me look like a fool. Yes, I would do it again.
  20. Yet another reason to walk. But yeah, cooped up in a cart is a little different.
  21. not bad for being bewildered by half of the questions... I like how even if you fail, you still get a nice little e-certificate. Everyone's a winner!
  22. This might help. It looks like he arches his back dramatically.
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