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  1. I enjoy playing alone. I have a small group of golfing buddies, and none of them have the bug quite as bad as I do.
  2. I'm always very conscious of other players on a practice area...but when I show up and there are literally 75-100 balls on the green (generally clustered on one half, with odd ones randomly throughout) I find that to be "hogging it up" especially when after they are picked up with said shag bag, he dumps them all out and continues to use the entire green.
  3. At my local course there are two chipping greens. One of which is tucked away across the parking lot from the clubhouse. You can park your car right next to it and practice away. When I practice there, I generally play 5-10 balls and play the whole perimeter of the green. My question is do you consider it rude to play an entire shag bag and scatter balls all over a (fairly large) green? The last few times I've tried to join these people on the green I end up losing some of my balls with their shag balls, which end up everywhere. Is there a polite approach to this? Oh yeah, this is my first thread, although I have been an avid lurker for a couple months now. Cheers!
  4. 43 on a favorite little 9 hole track... with an epic par 3 birdie putt over a hump with fringe...
  5. I want to feel confident hitting every club in my bag, and lose any skepticism I have with my own golf game.
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