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  1. update on the ap2s. Great high flight, spin isnt much different as far as i can tell. The ball probably spins less but the higher flight trumps it. Iron shots into par 3s and spinning back more than not. I can also knock these babies down when i need to. Also shot a 71(par72) last saturday and i have had a few impressive 9 hole scores in our league play. I would recommend these to anyone. If you make contact, these will help. These are equally workable and for me the long irons are long. For the first time i have been able to take more club make an easy swing and still hit the ball high enough to stop. Great clubs!!!
  2. good to hear. And just because an e6 isnt 40/box doesnt mean it isnt premium. I recommend an e6 to everyone, but thats another discussion completely. Thanks for the info, i was hoping the higher flight would offset the less spin.
  3. So i pulled the trigger on buying new irons. I really wanted something more forgiving and something that launched the ball higher than my cg1 tours with s300s. Ended up getting 5-pw standard loft and length, 3* upright, kbs tour stiff shafts and golf pride tour velvet cord grips. Carry distance on the cleveland 6iron was in the 195yd on a good strike. Probably hit this club 185 on average. Slight thin mishits were 15yds short and slight toe contacts were probably 20ish yds short. The ball also had a very low ball flight, lower than what would be considered good. Carry distance on the ap2 was roughly 10yds longer on a good strike and i would only lose about 5 yds on slight misses. The ball would also launch way higher, and given my swing this was resulting in an increase in distance. Had a few pure contacts carrying 215+ when i went after it. One thing i am worried about is the grooves. My current irons have the tour zip grooves that cleveland offers and the titleist have v grooves. I tend to be very long off the tee and as a result i dont hit alot of fairways, not way off the fairway but slightly off the fairway. I have always played well out of the rough but i had grooves that would allow more debris. Do you guys think the v grooves will hurt me alot? I guess ill just have to start hitting fairways. Also anyone who has switched from a blade to something like a ap2 please comment of how it has improved your game or hurt it. Thanks.
  4. to my knowledge the grooves i have are conforming. They are what is currently offered in clevelands cg16 wedges as far as i know. Now....the results/observations Was hitting my cg1 6 iron approx 190 on a center contact. Off center hits were 20 or so yards shorter. And i really have a hard time judging the height but it was very low trajectory. Hit it on the board and we decided to try the 2* upright head. As far as lie goes he said it was close but he would go 3* and see where we were at but theres no 3* head in the cart. Shafts....hit a s300, x100, nippon(not sure which), kbs tour, and PX6.0. All were alot higher than my cleveland irons with s300s. We decided the kbs tour was very very good for me. A close second in my mind was the x100. the ball flight was great but a bit lower than the kbs and slightly shorter. The nippon shaft was alright too, launched high but i perfered the feel of the kbs. My sneaky pro decided to hand me a 710cb with the kbs shaft and wouldnt you know i pured 2 in a row. Not knowing the head was a cb, lol. Ended up hitting it about 10 times and my contact patch was a little too inconsistant so he still recommended the ap2. I would say the higher launch not only gave me the trajectory i wanted but also gave me MORE length. Center contacts were flying 205-210 and slight off center hits were going in the 190yd area. I will be very excited to order these. Im not concerned at all with the spin anymore as my ball flight is atleast 50% higher than it was. I was still able to hit a light cut or a draw pretty easily, Feedback was almost nonexistent which is a bummer. Im sure it will become more detectable as i get used to the clubs. Im still really wanting to hear from people switching from a muscle back to an iron like the ap2. Also anyone with experience with the kbs tour shaft. thanks
  5. I really like the look of them also. Was hoping for some insight on ball flight and workability. As well as groove comparo. thanks.
  6. The two clubs are quite a bit different that is why i also asked about the cb710. Im really wanting something a little more forgiving and something with a cavity will also promote a higher ball flight. I will deal with any loss in length. I am also considering keeping exactly what i have and trying to learn to hit the ball higher. If my current clubs were fit for me, lie and shaft, more than likley i wouldnt be so eager to switch but due to the fact that they arent i feel like i can gain some performance and have a set that is ideal for me.
  7. Ok, super short notice but im getting fit today for new irons, I currently play cleveland cg1 tours with dgs300, standard l,l,l. I have been told by several people including club pro and other fitters that i need something 2* upright and i also want something that i can hit a bit higher. Currently playing to a 4.6 due to some driver issues but that should soon come down to a 2-3 as my putting has really improved since last year. OK... More back info and my logic.... My current irons, cleveland cg1 tours. I hit them well but i really want something a touch more forgiving. A slight thin contact or slight toe contact will result in a 10-15 yds loss. I also really want to have a club that launches higher and have a club fit for me. One con i am concerned with is going from my current zip grooves to the v grooves. But if the face launches higher and i can get a high launch shaft maybe that wont be an issue. Reason for wanting higher flight is because my current flight is really bad low. I have trouble holding a full 7 iron on a green. What i have ended up having to do is hit a cut to get them to hold but this is a real pain when the hole doesnt set up for a cut. My 7iron carry distance is roughly 180yds. I am definately a digger. If the ap2s or even a 710cb launch higher with the proper shaft should i order irons or try to change my swing to get a higher ball flight. Also anyone who has went from a blade to a more forgiving club please post comments and if it improved your game. I am concerned with not getting the feedback i do with my current irons. I am a little concerned with workability but im sure if tour pro play the ap2s then they must be workable. I am also concerned with the look at address. I love a thin topline but i would rather shoot lower scores than look down at a visually pleasing club. Also any insight on the cb710 vs ap2 710 is welcome. Sorry for the book, lmk your opinions.
  8. I hate the new look. Took longer to load and i am completely lost
  9. Last season was my first year(2010) actually caring and taking golf seriously. Prior to this year i was a once/twice a month player and didn't care about my game. I was getting out there to hit some balls relieve some stress and just get away for a few hrs. Well this year the bug bit me hard. I cant honestly give a guess to what my handicap was at the beginning of the year but i have shaved it down to a 4.8. It i had to guess i would say i dropped 15 strokes this year. My goals are going to be pretty steep. I play enough and practice enough and feel like i can be dedicated enough to achieve these goals. I feel that if i can achieve my first goal the rest will fall right into place. I know the strokes will come off! 1) Get my head in the game!!! I struggle with ego. And need to play smarter. Dont aim at every flag. MANAGE!!!! 2) Get to a
  10. Im not going to go back and read the previous pages but I just watched this episode and he clearly states that "when putting on bermuda you have to worry about grain"(might not be exactly correct) But...then he obviously rubs the green. With no doubt in my mind he was testing the surface and should have been penalized...otherwise next time im in the sand im going to reach down get a handful and say my hands needed something to help my grip.....whatever. I will be testing the sand but it will be no penalty!
  11. I feel like the mark on the iron is a tad bit low. I know there have been many people on here saying it isnt but i have never hit a pure shot and looked at my iron and the mark been below the lowest groove. Shots coming from this club however have been trapped and he has had to control spin and things like that so that may be why the mark looks low to me. My wear mark starts a tad bit above the lowest groove and is a bit less tight.
  12. I had an xls 3 wood and ended up trading a friend for his titleist 3 wood the other day. I was having serious control problems with mine. Mine had the fit on gold in stiff flex. I would hit about 1 out of 10 toward my target. Slowing the swing didnt help. However he hits it perfectly. Im guessing the shaft just didnt fit my swing. The 3wood i traded him for has a ture temper s300 and i hit it great but its a lot heavier shaft. Make sure and get one with a shaft that fits your swing. Great looking club and great sound(much better than the xls driver sound)
  13. 348yds middle of the fairway, caught the backside of a ridge and kept on rolling. This was at Cherry Blossom in Georgetown, KY. The carts have gps and they measure distance from the tee boxes. My average distance that day was 294yds. Of the 11 drives i noted.
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