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  1. I think its just something that happens with a new club. You need to go and demo any club more than once. You might hit it totally different the next time. I go on 3 different occasions. How long did you have the club? How many rounds? I just purchased the Covert myself. First demo I hit it lights out. Second demo was inconsistent at best. The third time I demoed it, I figured out how to hit it more consistently, and I bought it. I demoed the Covert alongside a few other drivers. It was between the Covert and the RBZ 1. The RBZ was a bit longer but more difficult to "nu
  2. HA! This must be an age old saying that stuck the wrong way or something. My grandpa says this all the time, I try to correct him and he doesn't quite understand what I mean - he's getting old. To elaborate on the obvious: "Indian or the arrow" would be more fitting if someone was questioning their choice/brand of ball. Whereas "Indian or the bow" would fit the club brand/type/etc. It's painful to me every time I hear Indian or the arrow.
  3. If you are a high capper, I would start with SGI irons. I'm painfully average, and thought I could handle GI clubs, I was wrong (even with lessons). There is a clearly defined line between having fun with golf, and not. The GI clubs made my whole season a mess. I had zero confidence/consistency from 160 yds and under. It gets very frustrating after a couple months of this, trust me. Fast forward to the SGI clubs the following season, and I was able to have fun again - I shaved 6 off my handicap from the previous season. Nobody cares about what clubs you are using when your b
  4. I have to vote for the Taylormade Burner Plus. As someone who was not good enough to hit Burner 1.0's, I switched to the plus (super game improvement), and shaved 6 strokes off my handicap from the previous season with 1.0 Burners. I'm loving' my game right now. I would recommend SGI clubs over GI for a beginner like yourself.
  5. I understand where you are coming from here. My fear is ending up with an instructor who tries to change my swing too much. I mean everyone deserves to be a little different, and every swing IS different. So do most good instructors watch you hit a bucket, and then tweak your style to make it work better for you? OR do they try to tell you "the right way" to swing the club (or "their" way)? Obviously I've never had a lesson, but I have been researching instructors in the Detroit Metro area. Trying to find some word of mouth reccomendations though ...
  6. I just want to say thanks for all the humbling advice and good wishes. Spending more time here will help me down my road to enjoying the game again. I also bought this: http://www.amazon.com/Five-Lessons-Modern-Fundamentals-Golf/dp/0671612972/ref=sr_1_1_title_0_main?s=books&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1326853374&sr;=1-1 based on another thread I read here, and I'm enjoying it thus far.
  7. Yes, the few times per round that I did get lucky and hit the Burner 1.0's on the screws, they were fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they are great clubs - I just lack the skill to hit them properly. I lose my swing on one type of club sometime every year (ie driver, woods, putter, wedges, irons) which I'm sure is common for a lot of golfers. However, it usually comes back to normal in a few weeks or rounds. But this thing with the irons was never in good shape for about 5 mos. I just checked my receipt, and it was actually in early June when I purchased the Burner 1.0's. So
  8. I was thinking the same here. I mean I've heard mixed reviews of lessons - some good, some bad. It depends on the student, and the teacher. At any rate, there are some variables there. Not to mention spending money to learn to hit clubs that you have zero confidence in, when I had confidence before. . I mean with the way I was hitting with the 1.0's, I was like a baby. I just felt "golf stupid." Now. with the way I have been hitting these, I feel like lesson are more worthwhile. Just returned from another demo comparison session with them, and had the same results. I'm gonna con
  9. I don't have an official handicap for 18, but my handicap in my league for 9 holes was down to 12 two seasons ago. After switching irons, it shot up to 18 last season. When I was comfortable with my irons, I would shoot between 97 - 108 for 18 on a consistent basis. My problems then were short game and errant drives. My irons/approach shots were my strong suit back then. Not saying that I could work them or anything like that, just that when they were off, it was just by a bit (aim, a bit thin or fat here and there). Otherwise, my iron striking was getting pretty good. Once
  10. I guess that's not really what I'm saying. Swallowing my pride was realizing that I was not as good as I thought. I figured since I was pretty damn consistent with my old offset clubs, that I could step up to more of a players iron ... boy was I wrong. Both sets of clubs are great looking in my opinion, and whats most important is how your shots look. I was just wrong in thinking I was "above" an SGI type club - I don't care what other people think about my gear.
  11. Yes, I was fitted for both. Also, I hate mats and always prefer grass. When I purchased the Burner 1.0's, I tested on grass on a few different occasions this spring. When I purchased the Burner Plus, I tested on mats because the grass isn't open in the winter (but I snuck a few grass hits in here and there). It's unfortunate that I could not try the Burner Plus on grass, however, mats or grass - its still the same medium when comparing two sets of clubs. Thus, what was super evident is that I could crack the SGI clubs really good 3 out of 4 swings, and they felt more comfortable ... more
  12. I totally understand what you are saying here, I really do. I just figure that if the new clubs can get me back to where I was (at least hitting it fair 50%-75% of the time), then why not make that purchase, and ALSO take lessons. Sorry I forgot to mention that in the OP. I still plan on taking lessons because I definitely need them. EDIT: So yes, in actuality, NOW I'm doing exactly what you suggested. Of course, in hindsight, and at the loss of $380. But hey, some of us have to learn the hard way.
  13. I just need to get something off my chest, and see if I'm looney or resourceful. Last year I purchased Taylormade Burner 1.0 irons which are game improvement irons (as you most likely know). I purchased them because I lost the 7iron of my previous set (Nike Pro Combo OS), and they were a great deal ($380). Plus I figured that since I was hitting the Pro Combo's so well, that I could benefit from more of a players iron. I did not hit the Burners well at the range, but also did not hit JPX 800's or any others that well in the game improvement category of clubs. I figured t
  14. Nice work. I hate camo but I love digital camo. Loosing the head aim when hitting out of a wooded lie might make it difficult to hit it on the screws
  15. Never been to Palm Springs, but the website you wanna use is www.lastminutegolfer.com I used this exclusively when I was in Destin Florida to save a bunch of money. You will usually be playing at the hottest times of the day, but hey, $80 at 2pm beats the hell outta $160 at 8AM.
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