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  1. The game of golf needs to "evolve". So I am looking for input from the Sand Trap members to help me create a viable alternative to USGA golf. I am looking for your input criticisms, modifications, advice or alterations. The ultimate goal is to create an alternative golf game that is fun, fast, and plays real shots on a real golf course. Do not compare to USGA golf -- this is supposed to be different. Objectives 1. 1. Play 6 holes in 60 minutes or less; faster game 2. 2. Make a golf game that is easier and more accessible for AL
  2. Tiger diagnosis – has not mastered Swing Key #5 club face control Cause -- POWER ACCUMULATORS 2 AND 5 – Tiger has too much #2 and not enough #5 resulting in loss of Swing Key # 5 club face control just a fraction before impact at P7 ranging from 1 degree closed to square to 1 degree open. Translation -- Tiger is uncocking his left wrist too much just before impact (think of the left thumb moving toward the ball causing the left wrist too be completely uncocked or arched down). This turns the club face. The fix – Less uncocking of the left wrist before
  3. Makes sense. If you stand straight up, hold the club straight out in front of you at shoulder height with wrist cock; rotate your shoulders simulating a back swing, rotate your forearm 90 degrees, and then side tilt towards the ball then you end up in perfect position. I saw that on a video somewhere. I would not have guessed that there was 90 degrees of forearm rotation. I wondered when you see Jason Dufner practice a back swing with his driver. It looks like he simulates flipping the back of left wrist to the sky to flatten the swing plane. Lots of rotation. So does for
  4. What is the proper method of rotating the hands/wrists/forearms? If you do not rotate, then your flat left wrist would be at a 90 degree angle to the club head arc and the club face would be shut -- right? Somewhere after P2 it seems either the shoulder, forearm or the wrist seem to have to rotate. The weight of the club head should cause a rotation - right? I do not think I have ever heard you discuss this point.
  5. If you just started playing on 6/2/2012 then it is unlikely that you have an equipment problem. Although most golfers do love to blame their equipment for their bad swing results. You have learned this in a short period of time. There are many excellent articles on TST about ball flight direction. The ball starts in the direction of the clubface and curves based on your swingpath. A single digit handicapper could both draw and fade the ball with your clubs even with the offset. I would suggest taking a swing lesson from a qualified instructor before you invest any more money in e
  6. Arguing with a fool proves there are two . At the risk of engaging Patrick57 on his topic: my “PLAYING CONCEPT” is much simpler and one I too often ignore to my own detriment. It is simply AT&T.; AT&T; translates to: Alignment – defined as alignment of stance and clubface Target – pick a reasonably precise target for the club selected Trust – trust your decision and swing like an athlete.
  7. You would think that all golf instructors would know their As and Ps and use them to communicate with their students. Few do. Anyone contemplating taking lessons should probably print this post out and give it to their instructor so that you both on on the same page when you are talking about different segments of the swing. Golf pro, golf instructor, golf coach -- whatever you want to call yourself -- it really comes down to golf teaching and communication. You need a common language to do that succesfully. The instruction you are giving may make perfect sense to you, but if we
  8. What would be the estimated ball park cost of this sample dream vacation? Is it one of those cases where -- if you have to ask about cost then you cannot afford it anyways?
  9. I see no problem. Spraying is regulated by your state EPA. The golf superintendent would be following the state EPA regs in terms of what is permitted to be sprayed. Now, they can not even use chemicals that will kill earthworms. Also, OSHA would govern the employees safety in applying the chemicals. I have never seen a golf course worker on a tractor wearing a respirator. I am going to guess that they are probably applying some sort of nitrogen and weed killer and/or fungus preventor this time of year. You could always ask the golf super for the MSDS sheets if you are seriously concerned.
  10. Keegan Bradley -14 Tiger Woods -13 Hunter mahan -12
  11. I would suggest that you send one to the forum creator -- IACAS -- to do a product review. I am intrigued. Most golf training devices can be duplicatted by some homemade materials in your basement. Not this one. I could see how this could be useful if it told you about the position of the club at impact.
  12. PP3 is an essential ingredient to both TGM and the Ernest Jones golf swings by giving you a feel for the clubhead.. For TGM I recommend reading http://golfingmachinist.com.au/article.php?id=66 Pressure Point #3 senses the Inertia of the Lagging Clubhead. This is Clubhead Feel . You must Feel the Clubhead, not the Clubshaft. This my Readers is what is "Clubhead Lag". http://3jack.blogspot.com/2009/09/3jacks-translation-of-tgm-part-7c.html The clubhead lag pressure point is right where the #3 Pressure Point is. In fact, the #3 PP is considered the c
  13. Steady head + weight forward + better flying wedge from P5 to P6 + hard work = conference championship
  14. Tricky My guess is that your swing is already "repeatable". Just not the kind of repeatable that you are lookiing for I like the fact that your pro did the interview. I would be more impressed if he asked about your ball flight, what your swing and playing goals were, how much time you can spend practicing, how committed are you to making a swing change, how many lessons do you see yourself taking and how long a period you want to work on your swing, i.e 1 month 3 months 1 season etc. You should answer these questions yourself. Making swing changes can be a bumpy road -- full of fa
  15. Confessions of a serial flipper. This is how am I attempting to overcome the flipping problem which for ME -- I describe as an early (before P7.5) downward cocking of the wrists which destroys your flying wedge that should be maintained to impact. My flip occurs between P5 and P6. FIRST I have attempted to read all that I can on the mechanics of the swing and flipping. I recommend 3Jack and The Machinist instruction on their blogs as follows: Example of hands slowing down and quitting: http://3jack.blogspot.com/2009/09/3jacks-translation-of-tgm-part-6g.html
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