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  1. Yep I agree LOL (im from melbourne too) Nah wonderful round of 61 by Adam - Can't believe it happened..first five holes were just amazing..he just looked so in control of his golf game but I hope he can keep continuing to reproduce this sort of form week in week out.
  2. Sorry I'm unearthing this... Think Justin is well on his way. Perhaps Badds then others like Jason Day/McIlroy and Flanagan! Sergio too I think if he starts to mature? And I hope Adam - just somehow needs to be more consistent with his putting and be more confident about it :S
  3. Nice to read all of the above comments. I really don't know whether Adam is the next big thing...I was thinking someone younger than him like a Jason Day or Nick Flanagan? I saw him at the Australian PGA on TV and his putting was TERRIBLE! I seriously couldn't watch..so I don't know how he could go about it but he needs to fix it up quick - it was painful to watch! His ball striking was magnificent as always though and hopefully the disappointment of 2007 can carry him on to make up for it in 2008. Not sure whether he can win a major next year but hopefully sooner rather than later. Justin has been solid for a few years now and this year has come right through - he has a fantastic record in majors and now ranked higher than Adam so I think he could definitely go close to winning one next year!
  4. Adam looks HOT in Burberry! And I reckon that's great for golf because it kinda has an image of plain boring people sometimes...
  5. I'm absolutely rooting for adam!! i wub him :D :D woooottt +2 isn't too bad but it's not good enough!! c'mon adam!!
  6. awww..sad to see adam losing in this poll but i guess sergio's been around longer and been consistent..having said that he just missed the cut last tournament :P GO ADAM for the Johnnie Walker!! :D :D
  7. I hope there hasn't been a thread like this already? i think the hottest male golfer is Adam Scott what about you?
  8. i pick adam scott i think sooner or later he's going to win one..i just hope it's sooner rather than later..he has all the qualities to become a major winner..he just needs to get his putting right
  9. i basically only have one and that's Adam :D but Sergio's pretty kool as well
  10. yeah certainly is interesting... even dimarco and singh missed out too :o
  11. yeh damn scott lost :( and now he's +1 after round 1 of the Chrysler Classic!! c'mon adam!!!!!!!!!!
  12. hehe..totally agree iacas!! adam's playing the singles tomorrow against furyk!! geezz it'll be tight but i really hope he gets a point for the internationals!! he's been putting really well these 3 days so far..i hope he continues!! come onnnn...
  13. hahah..totally agree aceadair!! Did anyone see him win at the Singapore Open...came off a 3 wk break and scored a win over there..not the strongest field but still a pretty impressive win in the end dealing with the heat/humidity plus a tough course..in the end a 7 shot victory was exactly what he needed to get his confidence up!! now to the presidents cup :D
  14. yeh what pairings there are!! the sergio/scott/mickelson one i think is the most interesting coz of the 2 young guns..i wonder how they'll all go!! can't wait!
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