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  1. I kind of like the white, Nike belts actually. I got one for Christmas that I'm waiting to wear until I can get some nice khaki golf pants to go with it. Here's a hyperlink to a picture of it.
  2. Well, Nike is extremely popular in the sporting industry. For example; the Ohio State Buckeyes have a deal with Nike, that Nike is the only company allowed to make replica jerseys, etc. Their name is just so popular, that people go for it since they're held so high in the sports industry.
  3. I don't blame you whatsoever. I chose Nike & TaylorMade.
  4. What's Your Dream Golf Sponsor? Choose from the poll, or specify.
  5. Well, I got it figured out now. I just didn't want it posting stuff to my wall or anything.
  6. Count me in. I've never done fantasy golf before, but I've wanted to.
  7. Lol, I like Facebook; but it won't let me take it off so it won't show up on the site.
  8. I think that you should keep the Scotty and the Odyssey putters.
  9. Brendon

    Hats suck

    I sometimes wear my Nike hat when I play, but I don't always wear it because they can get annoying sometimes. I like them though.
  10. I haven't tried playing with Callaway wedges at all; yet. But, I'll try to check em' out. I was also looking at those Adams Golf Tom Watson PVD-3 wedges as well. They're going for about $70 on RockBottomGolf.
  11. And, to add a signature; click on your name and go 3/4 way down and insert your signature!
  12. To me, it's never too cold to play golf unless their's snow.
  13. How Do I Disable Facebook on the Forum? I just wanted to tryout the Facebook thing with the website, yet it didn't allow me to take it off. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
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