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  1. I don't think being DQ'd for cursing would go over too well with the Tiger Woods camp. His dramatic reactions make him stand out (that and he's a decent golfer?). He's not the only one cursing, he's just the only one that is zoomed in on after impact, and then his ball shown. With others, they show the ball in flight and then glance at them, and then show tiger walking the fairway.
  2. Not looking too good for my man Adam Scott, but Luke Donald had a good round today (-3). I thinl the field is very stond this year, lots of young talent. I was dissapointed to see Jonathan Byrd pull out, though. Looking forward to a great tournament!
  3. I see so many tour players using these orange, and occasionally yellow rods for alignment on the range. Does anyone know what company makes these, or where you can get them? Also, can you keep them in your bag legally during a round by USGA standards? Thanks!
  4. I'm eager to get my Varsity golf season off to a good start! Yesterday I played because of the MLK holiday, and was happy with the results. I shot a +10 82 on the Wildcat Course (see below). I putted lights out with only 28 putts. I hit 9/14 fairways, and only 5 greens:( It was very cold (for SC), never reaching 40 degrees, so I was very happy that I could even shoot a respectable score... Just need to keep working on my mid and long-irons and I should be seeing a very good result in scoring.
  5. The question is "which do you prefer", not which one do you use.
  6. I have been a member of this forum for a while now, but have just recently started getting into it. However, I am very big into tour player, club info and photos, and have noticed every time I search for prototypes or future product lines on Google, GolfWRX comes up with photos. I just joined GolfWRX earlier this evening, and am still waiting to be "approved" so I will have posting and searching privileges. I think I will still use this forum a lot, but with my focus more on the "what's in the bag" and other tour talk GolfWRX seems like it would be more enlightening. How many of you use G
  7. Well, I would NOT reccomend doing this yourself. Especially with a bore-thru. The best thing to do is call around to the golf shops in your area, and also check your home course. Make sure to specify that it is a bore-thru, a lot of people don't have the machinery for that. If you find a good price it should be around $30 for the removal and intallation.
  8. I am wondering if any of you have wondered the same as I have. I have noticed, after watching a lot of golf, that many pros on tour (mainly Tiger Woods) simply drop/toss their coin on the green. I have always been one to mark my ball, and take my time doing so, making sure that the coin is right behind the ball, and right on line with the hole. I was wondering if there is some kind of a rule I am not aware of, like: the ball must be marked, and replaced within an inch of where it was marked, and no closer to the hole.
  9. I have been looking at the Titleist and Cobra blogs, and am wondering if any of you know what kind of spikes the pros use on the bottom of their Footjoys? Here is a pic of them on Ian Poulter's shoes. (I know that they aren't SoftSpikes) http://www.cobratourblog.com/# If that link doesn't work, just go to cobratourblog.com and go to the third post, 'Offseason work with Ian Poulter' click on the picture, and images 2 and 11 will show you what I am talking about. Thanks
  10. favorite: medium trajectory draw with a driver least favorite: slicing a driver hardest (to control): 30-80 yd bunker shot
  11. I have searched for a thread like this, and didn't find one, so here it is. The title is pretty self explanatory, so everyone just follow my format. Longest Drive (flat hole) - 265 yds Longest Eagle Streak - 1 hole Longest Birdie Streak - 2 holes Most Birdies in a Round - 2 (many times) Lowest Number of Putts - 28, 12 for 9 holes (don't count putts from fringes) Lowest Score - 76 (par 72), 37 for 9 holes (par 36) Longest Hole-Out - 182 yds Number of ACES - 1 (12/20/2007) 182 yds Number of Double-Eagles - 0 Please, add more categories if you think of them.
  12. I live in South Carolina, the state Tommy Gainey is from, and I have the ability to look up his handicap through my clubs online handicap program. I just searched for it, and found it. It's only a +2.4, but the course has a rating of just 68.9. So, he doesn't get much for shooting a really low score at that course. For example: he shot 63 on June 29, 2007, which only put +5.6 towards his handicap. It's a par 72 and it plays to 6,900+ yds. I was also suprised to see that he shot an 89 on September 10, 2007! I sure hope he won't blow up like that on tour. Other than that though, most of his sco
  13. Mizuno MP-32 irons are the best that I have hit. The most consistant soft feel, and clean look throughout the set, plus it won several awards from all the magazines.
  14. ram22592


    Why, on TV, does the ball look like it is going way right off the club? does anyone know, or have you noticed the same thing? Thanks
  15. I have checked some sources as well, and some say "golfing" is the verb form and others say "to play golf" is the verb form. see this link for reference: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/golf
  16. This has been something that bothers me for quite some time. I say NOT because: -"Golf" is a noun, not a verb (you can't go baseballing or basketballing, you PLAY baseball and PLAY basketball) -I have noticed that most people that actually play golf say they "play golf", those who do not say: "are you going golfing?" or "Did you go golfing today?" or "Do you like to golf?" *** -Things that confuse me are things like: Golfing Magazine, which has very knowledgeable writers, who have to have picked up on the title of their magazine. Let me know what you think...
  17. This year I have made great progress. I am 15 years old and working on being competitive in several big tournaments in the coming year. I broke 90 for the first time the first day of summer vacation (June 1) by shooting 86. And on October 16 I broke 80 for the first time shooting 76. Both on the Old Hickory course from the blue tees, 70.2/133 (black tees course ratings are in my signature). Since then I have broken 80 3 other times, and am working on my consistency. I am still a short hitter, only about 220 average, and have been working on strength to improve this, as the tournaments I will
  18. I have golf pride tour velvet grips. They are used on tour by most pros, and are non-abrasive to your hands. I highly recomend them to all!
  19. ram22592

    The Masters

    I am wondering how many of you: 1. Have attended The Masters (practice rounds included) 2. Are attending in 2008 3. Have played August National I will start... I have never attended I have an invitation lined up for 2008 It is a life goal for me to play Augusta National
  20. You have to remember that these guys on tour are playing courses with ratings of 75.2 or even 77 at times, and they still shoot under par on those very difficult courses, which would (if you averaged this) make them about +7 or so. So, I would say that you would have to be able to play the toughest and longest courses in your area averaging under par to think about going pro or becoming competitive on tour.
  21. i just got a titleist 585.H 19 degree with an aldila NV 85-S shaft
  22. i havent used a hunting one, but i have the bushnell pinseeker 1500 and the pinseeker technology would be the main difference. you can focus in on the flag, or on a tree or lip of a bunker. i highly recomend it to anyone, even for the $400 it goes for. very accurate and fast.
  23. Hey guys, I've looked at the statistics, listened to the experts, and now I want to here what you guys think. I currently have the Titleist 904F 15 degree 3-wood with the Graphite Design YS-6 FW+ R flex (68 grams) shaft and am looking to replace it with the newer hotter face of the Titleist 906F2, as well as a stiffer shaft. Keep in mind that I am 15 and growing; muscle and height. 5'7" 120 lbs, currently. I have just returned from hitting the Titleist 906F2 in 15 degrees with the UST Proforce V2 85-S (90 grams) shaft, as well as with the Aldila VS Proto 'By You' 85-S (87 grams) shaft. I h
  24. I just find that i hit (vokey SM60.08) under it so much that i lose a lot of distance. that's why i use the 58 degree model. it gives me plenty of spin, and i am less prone to chunk it or catch it too far under the ball.
  25. Thanks guys. Now, does anyone know about the differences in performance and feel of the 3-pieces of the Pro V1 and the 4-pieces of the Pro V1x?
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