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  1. I can't say I blame you. When I leave my job for the day, weekend, whatever then I leave it. Don't bother me unless the building is burning to the ground.
  2. 6' 195lbs
  3. I started this year shooting around 120 at my local courses. I only played about once a month. Over the past couple of months I started taking lessons and playing 1 to 2 times a week and have dropped 20 strokes off. Although I did shoot 119 last week but I was trying a bunch of new stuff.
  4. I have a yoga for golfers video that I do a couple days a week. I just started it about 3 weeks ago though.
  5. After watching these I am noticing that I am not as flexible as I thought. Any advice on exercises or stretches to help with that issue?
  6. Brendon is my son. Thanks for the older brother comment :). He is definitly more flexible than I am. I need to work on my flexibility.
  7. Please critique.
  8. The xbox sensor sounds like its going to be the way to go. No remote, so you can actually hold one of your clubs. They are saying it has taken the wii technology 5 steps further. Lets hope it works with Tiger Woods 10 or 11.
  9. I watched this on the golf channel last night. They played the 911 call from the DR. They are saying the Dr. and her had an inapropriate relationship and they are in fact ruling it suicide. They arrested the Dr. for obstruction of justice. On a side note, a co-worker of mine's husband killed himself in front of her around Christmas last year. He called he in to the room and said to her "This is because of you" and shot himself in the head. Regardless of the situation any loss of life is just plain tragic.
  10. Small - 40 balls $5.00 Medium - 75 balls $7.50 Large - 175 balls $13.00 I have an Onion sack and usually hit in to my net in my back yard though. Not to good for seeing where your ball would go though.