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  1. @Pat007 Well thanks for that reply, which was completely unrelated to the original question. I'll be sure to come straight to you the next time I need some sort of appraisal (I'll also elaborate on the rest of my equipment, which was newer and more expensive than the irons, but that's another story). To the posters who actually addressed my question, thanks for your input. I'm going to go hit the Nikes tonight and see how they feel. Thanks again!
  2. Hi there, My clubs (Taylor Made 300s) were damaged in a fire last fall, so I need to replace them. The insurance company didn't give me as much as I would have liked for them, so I'm looking for a used set to keep it cheap. A little about me: I played in high school, but since then (I'm 25), I've only had time to play 5 or 6 times a year. I'm typically a 20 handicap or so. I'm 6'5", right handed, and I tend to fade the ball a bit. My short game used to be a strength, but lately has turned into a bit of a disaster. I've found two sets of clubs on Craigslist, and I'm trying to figure out w
  3. It's hard to say with all of the equipment advantages Tiger has, but I'll give the edge to Tiger. Jack was probably more consistent, and the jury's still out on how Tiger will end up after the fiasco in his personal life, but I think he'll eventually beat Jack's record. I'd certainly rather have a beer with Jack, though.
  4. Following a fire that destroyed our house last fall and the birth of our first child in January, I haven't had much time for golf lately. In fact, I hadn't played since last Father's day. So my brother and I decided to get up early and play a few weeks ago. We booked a tee time at 6:34 at a course we had both played once or twice in high school. On the first hole, my approach shot was a little short ... probably because the head of my 5-iron flew off and landed about 40 yards down the fairway. My dad cleaned up my clubs following the fire, but apparently the heat weakened the epoxy. I had no
  5. I work as a magazine editor for a group of B2B publications. Oh, how I long to escape my cubicle and not sit in front of a computer all day. I'm currently in grad school to become a teacher (high school English/journalism).
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