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  1. As the old saying goes...Youth is wasted on the young.
  2. I went with the standard graphite shaft (all GolfSmith had). I'm just getting started and was looking for an inexpensive hybrid. I've got 90 days to swap it out so I figure it will work for at least that period if not longer. They didn't have any in the store, so I went ahead and ordered both the regular and stiff flex. My irons are R, but the fairway woods are stiff, but have an active tip. I'll see how these feel when these come in and keep one of them. Maybe both as they were each about $50.
  3. Thanks. I ended up ordering a 3DX RC Hybrid 3. Looking forward to trying it out.
  4. Thanks. Guess GolfSmith just labeled the different series a little differently.
  5. Looking to add a 3 hybrid and see that Nickent is a great value. But in searching online, I'm a little confused by the models/designations. The 3DX RC, 4DX and 5DX come labeled as hybrids and the 3DX and 4DX also come in ironwoods. What's the difference? Do the ironwoods lean more towards a fairway wood replacement than an iron?
  6. I've been using a set for about a month and really like them, though the Mizuno MX-300s are in my head. I've got another month and a half before the GolfSmtih 90/90 policy runs out though.
  7. I was looking for a Nickent hybrid and was wondering what the difference is between their hybrids and ironwoods.